Globe silently revamps DSL plan data caps

Globe silently revamps DSL plan data caps

We have learned that Globe Telecom has made quick fixes on their new consumable DSL Plans, according to their new website image detailing monthly data caps for Tattoo DSL, Wireless Broadband, and Platinum Broadband subscribers.


According to the new image, New Platinum broadband subscribers at Plans 3479 and up will be able to experience unlimited data as opposed to monthly caps starting at 100GB. The ‘unlimited’ data mentioned is still being governed by the telco’s Fair Use Policy (FUP).


Meanwhile, Globe has split up data caps for both LTE Broadband and DSL Broadband subscriptions, thereby increasing the monthly data allocations for wired DSL subscribers when compared against the monthly caps we first reported. To give you a quick idea on how it will be, here’s the chart:

(Click to enlarge)

Perks and additional features bundled with the DSL plans, as first unveiled on our report a few months ago, were seen to be still intact. The change was apparently done last April 30, according to the image filename hosted on their website. The plans are intended for new subscribers, and may be offered to old subscribers in case of an upgrade or re-contract.

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48 Responses

  1. lolwut says:

    nakakatawa talaga ang globe, biruin mo DSL line may data cap hahaha

    • sheena castillo says:

      Talaga? Globe lang ba? Atleast nakaindicate sa site ng globe. E sa PLDT ang dami din nilang dark secrets

    • Drew says:

      ????TAMAAAAAA si sheena. At least nga ang Globe may initiative na magdagdag ng data allowance at the same price ng plan as before. Maswerte lang ako at incoming subscriber ako ng Globe dahil napakawalang kwenta ng pldt pagdating sa customer service. They left their customers with connection problems hanging. iwan ba sa ere. nagkaproblema yung dsl namin sa kanila, tapos after more than 2 weeks lang sila pumunta para ayusin. Worse, sa halip na umayos, lalo lang nilang sinira ung connection, and never return for a second repair. Gosh, sa telephone lang sila magaling.

    • concerned citizen says:

      ????TAMAAAAAA si sheena. At least nga ang Globe may initiative na magdagdag ng data allowance at the same price ng plan as before. Maswerte lang ako at incoming subscriber ako ng Globe dahil napakawalang kwenta ng pldt pagdating sa customer service. They left their customers with connection problems hanging. iwan ba sa ere. nagkaproblema yung dsl namin sa kanila, tapos after more than 2 weeks lang sila pumunta para ayusin. Worse, sa halip na umayos, lalo lang nilang sinira ung connection, and never return for a second repair. Gosh, sa telephone lang sila magaling.

    • lolwut says:

      I’ve been a pldt subscriber for years now and most of the time their service is satisfactory in my area. There are mishaps but it’s expected and they fix it immediately for me. I really don’t get the bashing pldt is getting. I had worse experience with globe when they suddenly enforced data cap on my cellphone postpaid plan. Let’s be honest, DSL lines should not be capped, that’s like having a Ferrari running less than 50kph, it’s stupid.

      Btw, nobody cares about your internet connection problem here, this is not pldt customer service. @drew

    • mvp_matakaw says:

      Kailan ba umayos ang Customer Service ng PLDT? Lalo na sa pag attend nila sa mga problema ng customers nila? Kawawa talaga mga subcribers nila kung out of service ang mga internet o telepono nila. Manigas at magdusa ka! Kahit ilang linggo pa yan na walang service, magtataka ka may dumarating na billing sa iyo.

    • lolwutkarin says:

      just sharing experiences. who says anything about caring? duh. oh well, the fact that you noticed that post and reacted to it means you cared one way or another. so, jokes on you.

  2. anonymous says:

    Kawawa nman ung mga business na may required dsl line ie internet cafe, small businesses Everyday business nila requires data then suddenly magkakaroon ng data cap sa dsl. Eh di lagi na lang cla excess bw every month. Di nman makatarungan eto..

  3. rabbitkun says:

    haha whatever, still bad pa rin, buti na lang maayos pa pldt dsl sa min..

  4. Easy E says:

    Mahal naman sobra ng plans.

  5. xedman says:

    kaya ako iniwan ko yang Globe n yan… wala sa ayos, kudos kay PLDT :D

    • Loise says:

      Sigurado ka ba dyan sa kudos mo sa PLDT? Di mo alam niloloko ka na di ka lang aware!

    • v says:

      if he left globe DSL and switched to PLDT DSL or fibr and he’s happy then what’s the problem?

      just because some PLDT subscribers have problems doesnt mean ALL pldt subs have problems.

  6. lestat says:

    Pldt is next to implement the cap. They are already testing the cap on other subscribers.

    • PLDTsubcriber says:

      Yeah. I hate PLDT, we have 5.5 mbps dsl line and there was a time that my DL speed was only 0.7 mbps and ping at 15ms at speedtest in PLDT makati server. WTH!!!!

  7. Dicube says:

    as per reading and as per complains above, it’s answerable in the last paragraph. I had been using DSL and I never go beyond 50GB as a normal user who streams and browse for personal use.

  8. Capman says:

    Ayan binago na nila. Buti naman. May upgrade plans na yung old users.

  9. Blue says:

    What a hoot, data caps. If PLDT will follow suit, there’s no point in getting a fast connection or their higher data plans separate from the landline. Puro ung P999 lang na landline and dsl combined. Napakabackward. Ganito talaga pag oligarchy, no true competition and the consumers always lose.

  10. Zobel says:

    Stupid telcos. The future is video on demand. Di na ako manonood ng sine kasi nalalabuan na ako. Mas masarap pa manood sa 5 inch HD phone. Ayoko rin mag subscribe sa cable kasi gusto ko na po pause or ma rewind ko yung pinapanood ko. as long as i get my favorite shows I’m a happy camper.

    • rape says:

      Hi Zobel,

      What you said just gave me cancer. Asan ang utak mo sir?

    • Zobel says:

      putang inang bisaya to

    • Calvin says:

      Gets kita kuya. Pero dito sa pinas hindi pa accepted yung ganyang para paraan kasi nga diba BULOK ang internet natin. Buti siguro kung walang data capping pag nag strea stream ka ng movie kaso hinde eh. Kahit saan ka mag subscribe parehas bulok ang internet pwera nalang kung mayaman ka. Sa Globe may data capping Sa PLDT walang data capping pero unstable ang internet.

  11. Bert D says:

    Buti nga ang Globe naka-indicate sa website e, e ang PLDT? may capping din naman ang internet ng PLDT pero patago, magugulat ka na lang ang bagal na ng internet mo or hindi ka talaga makagamit. Kung hindi ka aware kung ano ang FUP, mastalo ka sa kagagawang yan ng PLDT. At least ang Globe, honest, kahit hindi nila in-announce; available naman to sa website nila, di ba?

    • v says:

      pldt dsl/fibr except for a couple of capped plans has no cap. Its perfectly possible that the problems you mention could be caused by congestion, maintenance or traffic shaping.

      To prove its a cap you have to show that such problems occur only after downloading/uploading a certain amount of data.

      At the end of next month try not using the net for a couple of days, then try it on the second day or third day of the month. That way any daily or monthly cap would have been reset. If you still have problems then its not a cap since your data usage is low at that time

  12. nata arrellz says:

    Okay na ang may cap, sa totoo lang. You can’t have it all naman e, buti nga merong mabilis na internet na nagagamit e. Kaya naman “FAIR” use policy ang tawag di ba – para lahat ng tao makagamit FAIRLY.

  13. cath concepcion says:

    Makapagreact kayo kala niyo di kayo nakikinabang sa net ng globe!?! Sige nga sa PLDT ba satisfied kayo? Kung FUP lang ang usapan, mas panalo pa din ang globe. Kaya manahimik na lang kayo kung puro lang kayo nega!!

    • v says:

      PLDt fibr plan 1299 here. Its not perect but since its uncapped, I can recommend it to heavy users. As long as you live in an area where its OK

    • rape says:

      PLDT user here since 2007, they have some issues here and but never had a major problem with them in my area. plus wala pang data cap so i can download anything i want

  14. Miguel says:

    Real talk ok lang ang may cap. Mabilis naman ang net at tsaka hindi naman lahat ng gusto mo masusunod sa panahon ngayon!!!

  15. Kim E. says:

    Malamang may kanya kanyang strategies ang mga telco. Atleast ang globe, well informed ang mga subscribers. Unlike sa pldt magugulat ka na lang sa mga kapangitan ng serbisyo nila #justsayin hayy nakakasira kayo ng araw

    • Larry says:

      Hindi totoo na well informed ang subscribers ng Globe.

      Una nabasa mo na ba ung FUP Details nila ? Lumang luma na.. As in hindi naka detalye yung FUP ng mga unlimited plans nila… walang nakalagay na ang unlimited 25 Mbps nila for example eh capped to 4 GB per day…

      Kung informed talaga. dapat updated ang FUP Details. From what I can see, it’s the reverse. Wala silang sinabing detail ng FUP so ang akala ng tao is unlimited 25 Mbps ung plan sa platinum, pero di pala, capped ka to 4 GB per day…

  16. Ela says:

    At least ang Globe naka-outline ang details at changes compare mo sa PLDT! ????

  17. allen reyes says:

    Well ang masasabi ko lang iba pa din ang service ng globe compared sa pldt kasi ang globe di spoiled ang services. Ang pldt gamit na gamit na. FUP ba? Pakiremind ang Pldt dyan!

  18. Keith says:

    Mas maganda sa Globe Kasi naka indicate sa website nila! Eh ang PLDT? Pwe!!! Yung globe honest kasi sinasabi nila eh ung PLDT tinatago nila ung baho nila ew

  19. JP Garmay says:

    1 and a half a year ago we enrolled from Globe DSL, So far I can say that my experience was quiet good the speed is stable and reliable although there were times that the service is down but it is a very rare to minimal cases also their customer service was pretty accommodating though the waiting times was quiet long, oh and about the data capping I honestly didn’t feel it was happening I and my other siblings consumes an average 7-20Gigs of data a day without even feeling the slowness of the said service we even opted upgrade our plan. So far I am very satisfied as of now. And I am saying this as a part of my experience. Though I cannot assure that my experience would be the same from other Tattoo dsl users.

  20. abuzalzal says:

    Mga PAKAWALA ng Globe nagsilabasan na naman!!!

    Taena ninyo mga hayup kayo

  21. Larry says:

    Actually may cap sya… I just called example 25 MBPS ka, ang cap mo 4 GB per day.. exceeding that would result to your speed reduced to 30% of your daily speed..

    So from 25, magiging 7Mbps ka…

  22. Windows iDroid says:

    Mag BayanTel nalang kayo at least Unlimited. Sana lang hindi sirain ng Globe kasi na acquired na nila yung Bayantel. Or mag Huawei B593s-22 LTE Router(6,999 PHP) kayo then use Smart LTE SIM then LTE 50(1 Day), LTE 299(1 Week), LTE 995(1 Month). Nakakaabot me 27 Mbps – 35 Mbps Unlimited pa.

  23. jm says:

    mahirap ung nasanay ka sa unlimited then magiging capped, i have pldt ultera plan 5mbps speed then throttled to 1.5mbps after reaching 600mb and thats per day. ang hirap nung sisigawan ko yung pinsan ko na “wag kang mg youtube macacapped tyo agad!!!”

  24. Jan says:

    Mobile Network providers are the only ones with capped data (except for PLDT ultera and Wireless internet). PLDT DSL and Fibr plans have no data cap. Throttling is present especially for P2P and torrenting but there is no data cap. Slow internet is caused by problems with the line or with the network (which usually happens once a month during maintenance).

    • Agreed. I don’t understand why there is even a data cap for PLDT Ultera. Their logic is 1 GB per day and they give you a Modem with WiFi features. Pathetic. They even say that ULTERA uses a different Network than the ones allocated to SMART. How is it that the Canopy (a decade old Tech) can have UNLIMITED while this piece of crap, LTE device can’t? Not to mention, the speed PLDT is offering is not even LTE standard. FUCKING PATHETIC.

  25. king says:

    what a big False advertisement…
    imagine 25mbs for P3749 sabi unlimited tapos may FUP na 3.5 GB PER DAY anong magagawa mo sa 3.5GB isang movie lang yun na 1080P tapos yung 25mbps magiging 1mbps na lang hahahah. 150 mbps unli daw tapos may FUP na 17GB PER DAY FOR P9,999 Pano kung youtuber ka tapos kada upload mo ng video na 4k or 1080p tanghali palang gapang kana kasi naubos mo na yung kota mo magbabayad ka again ng 300 for 10GB WTF…

  26. Miriam says:

    Gusto qng kumuha ng plan sa globe for internet connection..cnu may alam kng anung mga requirements na kailangan?hirap kumuha eh…di ba pdeng brgy.permit lng?kc tago nmn place q at 5pc lng nmn ung akn

  27. Justin says:

    Their previous released plans were unusable for a month of usage. Even their Platinum Plans has capping. WTF!

  28. prince says:

    to king (May 20, 2015 at 4:05 pm )

    25 mbps (3749) 3.5gb DAILY allowance (4gb sabi ng globe csr) once consumed capped to 30% original speed – so 7.5mbps unlimited
    same lang with other platinum plans
    (according yan sa online csr at globe store csr)
    1. 25mbps – unli 7.5 mbps
    2. 50 mbps – unli 15 mbps
    3. 100 mbps – unli 30 mbps
    4. 150 mbps – unli 45 mbps
    * sa mga high end subdivision lang ang platinum dsl ng globe
    * saan mo nabasa from 25 mbps to 1 mbps king?

  29. Alex. says:

    Well maganda na ngayon ang platinum service nila kc pede na itong pang negosyo or sa mga maarte na ayaw sa capping platinum nalng ang apply nio.. wala na kayong magiging problema sa pagbagal ng connection.

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