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Group hacks local, international government websites

A group called Pinoy LulzSec hacked multiple government websites, both local and international, for its April Fools’ Day prank.

Not only did Pinoy LulzSec hack government websites, but it also included a couple of universities and private companies. The group did not entirely deface the sites that they hacked; instead, they uploaded a dedicated page to the servers of the websites, containing a “congratulations” message for the admins and owners. In the message, Pinoy Lulzsec states that the websites were included and hacked for fun to celebrate “April Lulz.”

Some of the websites the Pinoy LulzSec have hacked are indicated in the group’s tweets below:


The group also leaked databases from a couple of sites, such as the Philippine Army, to demonstrate the lack of cybersecurity measures in them. More on this as it develops.

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4 Responses

  1. jobert_sucaldito says:

    Yellowtards for sure.

  2. Bibo says:

    They do this so the government can improve the security of the hacked sites

  3. wat says:

    siguradong lumobo ng 100 beses ang hitlist ng NPA dahil na-hack database ng philippine army

  4. 3ep says:

    LulzSec, please address the activities done by clownSec, they are overriding private facebook accounts that they held for ransom and blatantly sends disrespectful words to people who are in-members with these said groups. one that you need to take a look in to for proof is a certain KSK-COOP Cooperative Philippines account in Facebook that not only clownSec defaced but also hijacked and held in ransom. This shames and belittles the values that AnonPH is standing for. I know someone will see this from AnonPH, for we dont forget.

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