Huawei Sound X 2021 Wireless Speaker now official

Huawei Sound X 2021 Wireless Speaker now official

Huawei has officially launched its newest addition to its smart speaker lineup, the Huawei Sound X 2021.

Designed in collaboration with Devialet, the Huawei Sound X 2021 features a three-way speaker system including a one 4.75-inch woofer, four 1.5 inch full-range speakers, and one 1.25 inch tweeter. It also includes two passive radiators. In terms of sound quality, Huawei boasts the three-tone level system can bring about a deeper bass, a clearer midrange, and brighter and more transparent treble. 

For design, the Huawei Sound X 2021 has adopted a 360-degree all-metal sound hole and a 3D curved surface equipped with seamless technology – inspired by the classical design of tube amplifiers. It also sports 48 full-color LED lights that come pre-built with 7+1 magical light effects. All of which can represent as an indicator for Guidance connection, voice response, music dynamic effect, status indication, wallpaper mode, ETC.  


The Huawei Sound X 2021 also sports a 6 microphone ring control panel at the center top of the device. It supports functions such as volume increase and decrease, microphone activation, play and pause control, and light controls. 

In terms of smartphone connectivity, the Huawei Sound X 2021 is the world’s first smart speaker to integrate HarmonyOS 2. This means that a 3rd party app is no longer required and the smart speaker can be directly connected to partnered PCs or smartphones. Moreover, thilso enables easy voice integration as well as the option to create a home theater with one click. 

The Huawei Sound X 2021 is priced at CNY 2,199. It is now available for pre-order in China, and will go on sale starting August 12.  

Source: Huawei

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