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MediaTek announces Dimensity 1000+, a flagship-level 5G capable chipset

MediaTek has announced its latest 5G capable Dimensity chipset, the Dimensity 1000+.

• Mediatek Dimensity 1 • Mediatek Announces Dimensity 1000+, A Flagship-Level 5G Capable Chipset

Poised to compete with the Snapdragon 865, the Dimensity 1000+ is capable of providing users with a flagship-grade experience. It features:

5G-integrated SoC, with MediaTek 5G UltraSave

The Dimensity 1000+ has a host of 5G capabilities, including Carrier Aggregation, dual 5G SIM support, and MediaTek’s 5G UltraSave power-saving technology. This dynamically adjusts both the power configuration and operating frequency of the modem, depending on the network conditions.

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144Hz Display Support

Realme Philippines

The Dimensity 1000+ can handle display refresh rates of up to 144Hz. However, it did not include at what resolution.

Improvements to HyperEngine 2.0

In addition to all of MediaTek’s HyperEngine 2.0 features, the Dimensity 1000+ also includes an upgraded Networking Engine and the Rapid Response Engine. The upgraded networking engine enables call and data concurrency, as well as smart switching between 5G and 4G connection to minimize power consumption. Meanwhile, the Rapid Response Engine reduces the latency for multi-peripheral co-existence and avoids interference between Bluetooth and WiFi.

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MiraVision Video Playback Enhancements

Lastly, the Dimensity 1000+ includes MediaTek’s MiraVision technology, which improves per frame picture quality. Its features include:

  • AI-PQ – Dynamically adjusts per frame contrast, sharpness, and color levels to improve the picture quality of 4K videos and streams in real-time.
  • Better than HDR10+ – Dynamically adjusts the dynamic range and details of 4K videos and streams to provide picture quality that’s better than standard HDR10+.
  • SDR to HDR – Intelligently upgrades SDR videos and streams to HDR quality.
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Stay tuned for upcoming phones that sport MediaTek’s upcoming Dimensity 1000+ chipset.

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