PayID launched, a universal payment ID collaborated by over 40 companies

PayID launched, a universal payment ID collaborated by over 40 companies

GoPay, Ripple,,, BitPy, Brave, Flutterwave, Mercy Crops, and more have collaborated to launch PayID, the Open Payments Coalition by industry leaders.

Partnered with over 40 global companies and nonprofits, PayID has reached over 100 million consumers worldwide. It seeks to simplify the process of sending money globally across any payment network. It’s the first global solution to unite closed payment networks existing today. It features an easy-to-read address, turning the process of sending money similar to sending an e-mail. Head of International Growth Lisa Kienzle said, “We are excited to support the launch of PayID, which is in line with our shared vision of making financial transactions simpler and more accessible for everyone. PayID is a significant step in driving interoperability in the financial ecosystem and simplifying the process of sending and receiving money through multiple online platforms worldwide,”

PayID is designed for any business that sends or receives money. Thus it is easy to integrate and implement in any system. This allows companies to access a broader, global network to expand their business.

To learn more and start using PayID, visit their official website here.

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