Philippine Stock Exchange launches PSE EASy mobile app

Philippine Stock Exchange launches PSE EASy mobile app

The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE) has launched a mobile app called PSE EASy. The app allows local small investors (LSIs) to purchase the latest IPO shares in the stock market.

The PSE EASy app was first introduced in June 2019. According to PSE, the app was made to “increase participation in IPOs among LSIs and to expand the reach of the program.” With its website and mobile app, PSE is seeking to expand to more investors beyond its reach of 60 provinces and nearly 20 countries at the moment.


Interested investors must first register through the PSE EASy website, after which they can start using the app and subscribe t0 shares whenever there is an IPO.

PSE President Ramon S. Monzon also noted that “For now, the website and app are for subscription purposes of IPOs only. We hope to maximize this digital solution to incorporate a payment facility and to utilize the platform for other types of offerings.”

Currently, the PSE EASy app is only available for Android users. PSE has stated that the mobile app will soon roll-out on iOS as well.

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