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Pornhub traffic blows up due to coronavirus

Pornhub recently released its Coronavirus Insights, showing how the pandemic is affecting the porn-viewing behavior of users in various parts of the globe.

• Pornhub Coronavirus Insights Cover Image • Pornhub Traffic Blows Up Due To Coronavirus

According to Pornhub’s data, worldwide traffic increased as people were spending more time at home. On March 17, Pornhub traffic was up 11.6% compared to an average day.

• Pornhub Insights Corona Virus Italy • Pornhub Traffic Blows Up Due To Coronavirus

One example is Italy, the first European country to close it’s borders and put into effect a nationwide quarantine. Pornhub traffic in Italy was up 57% on March 12 when the company offered free Premium service. The biggest jump is in Spain which was up 61.3% as of March 17.

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Realme Philippines

• Pornhub Insights Corona Virus Spain • Pornhub Traffic Blows Up Due To Coronavirus

Other countries as of March 17, 2020:
France – up 38.2%
United States – up 6.4%
Canada – up 7.2%
Australia – up 5.2%

Corona Virus searches

According to Pornhub, searches containing “coronavirus” and “corona virus” first appeared on January 25 and continued to grow. In the past 30 days, Pornhub statisticians recorded more than 9.1 million searches containing either “corona” or “covid”. Searches peaked on March 5 at 1.5 million.

• Pornhub Insights Corona Virus Searches Worldwide • Pornhub Traffic Blows Up Due To Coronavirus

Looking at the countries, Slovakia visitors are 119% more likely to search for Coronavirus on Pornhub. This is followed by Bulgaria and Ireland at 88%, Malaysia at 84%, and Serbia at 80%. The Philippines, on the other hand, is 49% more likely to search.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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