Samsung showcases concept devices in leaked video

Samsung showcases concept devices in leaked video

Samsung showed off their concept devices in what appears to be a leaked video. In the 1-minute video, individuals are shown to be using what Samsung’s future devices may look like, including a foldable smartphone.

The beginning features a child playing around the house, with drawings appearing on the walls of their home. The drawings seem to be animated and displayed by the Samsung phone in his bag. In the next scene, we see a fashion designer creating clothing through the use of screens that can be controlled through gesture. We also see a tattoo artist drawing on a tablet, with the tablet appearing to connect to a robot-like mechanism tattooing the shoulder of a woman.


One of the devices featured in the video is a foldable phone, with a woman opening the phone up like a book to reveal the secondary screen. Other devices include a smartphone with a peripheral attached to the bottom, acting as an ultrasound for a couple, and teens holding up their smartphones to simulate a video game in real life.

Are these devices the future of Samsung? Stay tuned.

Watch the video below:

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