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Samsung trolls Apple’s iPad Pro ad with UnCrush video

Samsung just trolled Apple’s controversial iPad Pro ad with their ‘UnCrush’ video posted via X .

We’ll leave Apple’s video below, which is essentially creative tools being destroyed to showcase the freshly-released M4 chip-powered iPad Pros.

The company has recently issued an apology for it, vowing not to air it on television. It was seen as dismissive by the creatives that the company typically tries to court.

We also have Samsung’s ‘UnCrush’ ad for your viewing pleasure, coming with a caption taking aim at Apple.

As Apple’s ad is universally hated across the internet, Samsung’s line ‘We would never crush creativity.’ produced polarizing responses. Presently, it’s not a good look for either brand.

While Apple intended to demonstrate their product was able to cover a plethora of creative tools, it missed its mark. As for Samsung’s trolling, it’s counterintuitive to the message and controversy they wanted to capitalize on.

Their video featured a set with what appears to be the aftermath of Apple’s ad, while featuring their own destroyed guitar. It ended with Samsung bringing up their upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series with Galaxy AI.

Who do you guys think produced an effective advertisement? Let us know if you’d much rather purchase the new iPad Pro or the Galaxy Tab S9.

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1 Response

  1. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    Samsung’s tactic of trolling Apple comes off as cheap—utterly cheap! The more they troll Apple, the more it shows they aspire to be like them. Samsung might as well make their logo green.

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