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SSS implements ‘all salary loans must be filed online’ policy

The Social Security System (SSS) has announced that it has begun implementing its ‘no web registration, no salary loan’ policy. Under this policy, all salary loan applications must be filed online.

The policy was first implemented on November 11. Under the agency’s Real-Time Processing of Loans (RTPL), SSS members must first register for a My.SSS account online to avail of a salary loan. If a member already has an account, all they have to do is log-in and file for their salary loan. SSS has stated that those without internet access may proceed to the nearest SSS branch and use the agency’s e-Center facility for registration and/or loan application.

SSS has also noted that Calamity, Emergency, and Educational Assistance loans will still be filed at SSS branches due to documentation requirements. However, a My.SSS account will be a mandatory requirement for application.

To register for a My.SSS account, click here . For more information about SSS’ Real-time Processing of Loans (RTPL) guidelines, click here.

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