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Twitter intros Birdwatch to fight misinformation

Twitter has recently launched Birdwatch, a program that encourages users to do fact-checking.

The company’s latest program aims to fight misinformation. Users may identify misleading tweets, allowing them to write notes to provide informative context. These notes will be only visible on the Birdwatch site, where pilot participants can also rate the Notes added by other contributors.

According to its blog post, the separation of the notes from Twitter has been intentional as the program builds its reliability and confidence in providing helpful and appropriate context to people.

Twitter also mentioned that Notes would not its system recommendations and the way people see tweets.

All data contributed to Birdwatch will be publicly available and downloadable in TSV files from this link.

The company’s goal is to build Birdwatch openly, develop a reputation and consensus system, and shape it by the Twitter community.

Twitter encourages experts, researchers, and the public to further participate in Birdwatch to recognize its opportunities or flaws further and build an effective community-driven solution from misinformation.

Currently, Birdwatch is available in the US.

Source: Twitter

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