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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh to go on sale tomorrow

Mi Philippines has a anounced that its in demand product, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh, will go on sale tomorrow. So if you’re one of those who are not able to get one last time, here’s your chance.

The Mi Power Bank 10400mAh will be on sale on Lazada tomorrow, January 27, at 12 noon, along with the Xiaomi Mi 3 and Redmi 1S smartphones.

The Mi Power Bank 10400mAh costs Php645 while the Mi 3 and Redmi 1S are priced at Php10,599 and Php5,599, respectively.

You can check out Mi PH’s page on Lazada by clicking here .


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38 Responses

  1. Avatar for Wafumey Wafumey says:

    11:56 palang po nag up na mga sir.. 4pcs po nabuy ko:) after siguro 20-30 secs out of stock na po.

  2. Avatar for Shiela Shiela says:

    Time: 11:58:47. Naging available ang ‘Buy Now’ button around 11:57am


  3. Avatar for Brian Brian says:

    Sabay kami ng wife ko nag refresh. Buti nalang at naging available ang stock 11:57 AM. then order kagad. naabutan naman :)


  4. Avatar for buyer buyer says:

    naging available siya around 11.58. naka-order naman ako ng powerbank nang matiwasay

  5. Avatar for faka sale faka sale says:

    tried at exactly 12:00 noon. wala din. haha

  6. Avatar for refresh refresh says:

    I’ve been refreshing lazada mi powerbank page for almost 2 hrs. And i’m at school. Nagbabakasakali lng. Magkakastocks pa ba mmya?

  7. Avatar for 1cho 1cho says:

    haay, swerte nanaman ang mga nakabili
    Congrats to you guys

  8. Avatar for argh argh says:

    Hey Yugatech writers, I think you should make a news about this one. Write something about flash sale and all the BS that is happening! Fair?

  9. Avatar for awts awts says:

    parang di na kayo nadala sa gimmick ng siomai, magpa pa flash sale pero 5 t0 10 units lang, saka na mag todo sale kung luma na

  10. Avatar for yonisoka yonisoka says:

    check this out.
    12:02 palang https://imageshack.com/i/ipdDVuLPj
    12:06 palang https://imageshack.com/i/idz427QSj

    may stock po ba talaga? Tanong lang

  11. Avatar for monkey monkey says:

    Nakabili ako 3 pcs! :) for real! but it was 11:59am on my clock! :D

    • Avatar for dan dan says:

      monkey business !!! buy at 11:57 not yet..refresh exactly 11:58 available and order it proceed to check out..out of stock how come ???

    • Avatar for monkey monkey says:

      Hi Dan! Gusto mo send ko pa sayo yung order confirmation ko e. naexcite ako sobra nung nag confirm.

    • Avatar for kayapala kayapala says:

      3 lng daw ang stocks. Lhat nabili ni monkey. :D kaya pla out of stock agad

  12. Avatar for dan dan says:

    naka order ako 11:58 proceeded to check out immediately. stock is not available ???

  13. Avatar for dan dan says:

    Sold out ??? 11:58 fake fake Lazada is fooling us

  14. Avatar for pekto pekto says:

    pinindot ko ng 12:00 exact yung Buy button. Pag refresh before 12:01 out of stock na. Ano to sold out in 30 seconds?

  15. Avatar for Jong2x Jong2x says:

    Where is your god now.??i can’t check out coz it’s already out of stock??

  16. Avatar for Signature Signature says:

    Already out of stock as soon as the clock hit 12 PM. This is BS.

  17. Avatar for Ed Ed says:

    I wonder kung ilang units kaya nabenta..? Nag-refresh ako at exactly 12pm, out of stock na haha

    On to other powerbanks I guess..

  18. Avatar for duh duh says:

    As soon as the “buy at Jan. 27, 12 pm” button changed to “buy now”, sold out na agad? so much for waiting.

  19. Avatar for xiami boo! xiami boo! says:

    Sold out agad ang powerbank! 12:00-12:01 wala na. anong kalokohan yan?

  20. Avatar for dyimmy dyimmy says:

    exactly. there are at par powerbanks out there naman if you’d do your homework

  21. Avatar for Welsh Welsh says:

    I am not going to spend my time again waiting for nothing….

    Sobrang pa asa ng flash sale ni Xiaomi sa Lazada… Lagging super limited stock lang naman pala….

    Mi3 old product na nila eh the same price pa rin….

  22. Avatar for gadget wise gadget wise says:

    hindi na ako umaasa, kasi mas masakit ma disappoint.
    just go on with your business and be productive, i’m not going to to waste my precious time with nothing.

  23. Avatar for victor victor says:

    Lost interest to Xiaomi after countless waits and repeatedly prayed that their products will have sufficient stocks.
    Too little, too late.

  24. Avatar for Mica Mica says:

    pero out of stock naman :(

  25. Avatar for ewan ewan says:

    Legit ung sa ZTE, kasi lahat kami ng mga kawork ko nakaabang. ung isa kong kawork sinwerte nakakuha. un ang gamit nya ngayon.

  26. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Aasa ba ako uli sa power bank? Haha…

    • Avatar for dothackjhe dothackjhe says:

      Legit yung sa power banks. Nakabili ako ng 2 nung first sale nila. Ang questionable yung legitimacy nung nagsale sila ng low-end HTC smartphone. Literally, parang walang nakabili dahil seconds lang tinagal (kung may stock at all). Madaling araw pa yung sale na yun.

    • Avatar for dothackjhe dothackjhe says:

      ZTE unit pla yun, hindi HTC.

    • Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

      I got three (3). Added to wishlist, then add to cart 3mins before 12nn. This is my 4th try (1st three failed), i deserve this.

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