Raven RV01 by Silverstone

Raven RV01 by Silverstone

This is probably the biggest PC case I have ever seen. It’s the Raven RV01 by Silverstone. And, it doesn’t come cheap either — just a little over Php11,000 for this one alone. Obviously made for extreme enthusiasts.


You get 7 expansion slots inside and supports motherboards up to extended ATX form factor. There are five 5.25″ external drive bays and 6 3.5″ internal drive bays. For cooling, there’s one 120mm exhaust fan on top and 2 x 180mm intake fan at the bottom. This PC case weighs about 15kg.

raven silverstone raven

The design is pretty nice and reminds me of the Stealth fighter plane (dare I say Starscream of the Transformers?). The dark finish gives an impression it’s made of carbon-fibre and though it’s actually just made of hard plastic. The polygonal shape is edgy with grills on top should allow for better ventilation.


raven raven raven

Silverstone is proud on their unique 90 degrees motherboard mounting (the rear part of the motherboard is available on the top of the case which makes for better airflow and better cable handling). The video below demonstrate the stack-effect cooling ability of the Raven RV01 case with a fanless system build:

It’s one kick-ass PC case if you asked me. You get more room inside, an innovative airflow-design and awesome design. And having bought several other high-end PC cases before (mostly Li-an and Gigabyte) I’d say the Raven is on top of the heap. The suggested retail price is also a premium. One has to shell out Php11,00 for this rig.

You can check-out more of these at Fine Upgrades.

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10 Responses

  1. iTechMe says:


  2. roberts says:

    I love the design “robotic something” very stylish and modern.

  3. I like the drive bay positions. This would really work well with full ATX motherboards from MSI. I’m planning to buy an i7 paired with an MSI mobo with OC genie next week.

    This might fit well in the budget of 60k.

  4. Jhay says:

    The cases from Alienware are still sexier if you ask me. :D

  5. quezacolt says:

    15kg? wtf!

  6. aldrin says:

    did you say 15kg? that’s heavier than a split-type aircon. hehe…

  7. Angelito says:

    it’s not wise to buy it. 11thou can be wisely spent for a a god mother board. having so much expansion slots is useless because i dont know of any motherboard that can support that enormous number of slots.

  8. yuga says:

    @angelito – in the uber-enthusiast market/category of PC cases, I think “wisdom” does not compute. As one commenter would put it (and I’ll paraphrase) — “if you’re wife/girlfriend were a PC case, how much would you pay for her?” :D

  9. iceman says:

    yeah! the heart of an enthusiast wont think twice to buy this case, and there is a motherboard that can support that expansion slots, EVGA Classfied 3X SLI, i think, i want to buy this case soon…

    thanks yuga…

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