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ARM announces Cortex-A77 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU

ARM has announced a new CPU and GPU for next-gen premium devices, the Cortex-A77 CPU and the Mali-G77 GPU.

The third-gen DynamIQ ‘big’ core Cortex-A77 CPU was built on last year’s 7nm Cortex-A76 CPU template and boasts 20% more single-thread performance and 35x increase in Machine Learning (ML) performance over the Cortex-A76.

It is built for the next generation of smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices that handle complex use cases like AI Cameras, Visual Scene Detection, 3D Scanning, Biometric user ID (face recognition), Voice Recognition, ML in gaming and ML in AR. In addition, it will support the range of 5G-ready devices set to come to the market following the 5G rollout in 2019.


As for the Mali-G77 GPU, it uses the brand-new Valhall architecture delivering a nearly 40% performance improvement over the previous Mali-G76 in devices today. The Mali-G77 also boasts key microarchitecture enhancements including engine, texture pipes, and load store caches, which achieve 30% better energy efficiency and 30% more performance density.

In addition, the Mali-G77 also brings a 60% improvement to machine learning performance, which significantly boosts inference and neural net (NN) performance for advanced on-device intelligence.

In a nutshell, the ARM CPU and GPU will provide next flagship chipsets with more power which users can experience in future flagship smartphones.

source: ARM

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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