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CPU Rating: Windows Experience Index

For the longest time, we’re all still confused about the performance of a lot of netbooks and CULV ultraportable notebooks sporting low-power CPUs. Though not very accurate, I’d say the Windows Experience Index sub-score of the CPU gives us a good perspective on the processor’s capabilities.

First, let’s look at the line-up of CPUs currently being used on netbooks and ultraportables in the market. We have four (4) from AMD and ten (10) from Intel.

Cpu Chart Thumb • Cpu Rating: Windows Experience Index

You will notice that a lot of factors do affect the WEI sub-scores of the CPU. I’m looking at Instruction Set (32/64-bit) and number of cores as significant factors that affects the scores.

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Realme Philippines

Likewise, the TDP (thermal design power) clearly draws the line between what CPUs are for netbooks and which ones are for CULV. Likewise, the TDPs will also give you an idea on how efficient in power consumption each CPU performs which consequently affects how long a standard battery will last on the units.

Netbook Cpu Thumb • Cpu Rating: Windows Experience Index

You will also notice that the Atom N450 has the highest TDP of 5.5 watts among the Atom series (yet Intel claims the platform is 20% more power efficient). This is because the graphics chip is already integrated into the CPU. The old Atom series (N280 and below) does not have that feature.

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The old 945GSE/ICH7M combo has a TDP rating of 9.3W and add the 2.5 watts from the Atom CPU and you get 11.8 watts. Compare that to the new set-up with a total of 7 watts (5.5 watts for the CPU and 1.5 watts for the chipset) and you get a 41% decrease in power consumption.

Note: Most of the WEI data on the charts were personally taken by me from various netbooks and ultraportables that I’ve tried over the last months. I then compared my results to other results published online. Of the lot, the only significant discrepancy was with the WEI of the Intel Core 2 Duo Su7300 1.3GHz. My test gave me a 3.9 sub-score but others recorded a 4.0 and a 4.1 so I adjusted the figure on the chart to 4.0 (since the SU4100 has almost the same specs).

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10 years ago

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10 years ago

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Island Life
11 years ago

I find the post very useful more so that I intend to buy a new laptop as replacement for my Satellite M100 with Intel Core Duo. Though I still find my unit to be workable but I’ll acquire the unit based on the study results mentioned herein.

12 years ago

this is nice! but there’s one missing.. Atom 330?

Processor Benchmark
12 years ago

Sweet…. This is what I’m looking for

12 years ago

i am a proud and very happy owner of MSI 210 with the AMD x2 l335 – mine has nine cells to resolve concerns on battery life. i’d be running multiple apps – still wont notice any lags even when though computer uptime is almost equivalent to 7 days. battery pack elevates my laptop and helps on ventilation. battery pack protudes when placed in sleeve. Not complaiming though since mine had 320 gb hard drive, 2 GB RAM, and bought for 21.5k :-)

Mr. 0
Mr. 0
12 years ago

The INTEL cpus are rubbishs!AMD万岁!!

12 years ago

Also in some Acer 1410s

Intel SU2300 (Celeron dual)

1.2 GHz, cores 2, 64-bit, 1MB L2 cache, FSB 800 MHz, threads 2, TDP 10 W, WEI 3.8

12 years ago

I just bought an Asus UL80 with SU7300 processor(Price @ 41K) with 64bit windows 7 home basic OS. Performance is excellent so far… except that I cant find a windows 7 upgrade to home premium in order for me to install a photoshop cs3.

12 years ago

what about dual core atom like 330 ?

12 years ago

Had an AMD notebook once. I could have fried an egg on the processor metal cover. Thats “power” I felt right on my lap. Never again for me.

12 years ago

ang taas naman ng TDP ng amd.. titirahin nito ung battery pero in exchange with the performance.

12 years ago

Surprising that AMD chips performed quite well in the tests. Now it’s time to take a second look at AMD-powered netbooks.

12 years ago

Wow, I didn’t know an AMD X2 L335 tops Intel’s C2D SU7300.

Very informative indeed.

12 years ago

Can’t see the charts from my ipod touch. :(
-Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

12 years ago

this is very helpfull.. :)

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