HP 2133 Priced and Specs

HP 2133 Priced and Specs

The HP 2133 mini-notebook PC announced last February this year is now out and on sale. Units went out this week in HP retail stores. See final specs and unit prices after the jump.

At 8.9 inches, the display is one you’d expect from an HP laptop — bright and crispy. The model runs on a Via C7-M 1.2GHz processor with standard 2GB of RAM and 120GB of HDD (it has HP 3D DriveGuard, which sends a signal to shut down the hard drive upon sudden movement or shock by using a three-axis digital accelerometer chip).

hp 2133 mininotebook


There’s WiFi but no Bluetooth (optional), a built-in webcam and comes with a standard 3-cell battery (optional 6-cell available). The laptop is a little thicker than the Asus Eee PC and weighs about 1.2kgs (the Eee PC 900 weighs about 0.98 kg).

hp 2133

Operating system is Windows Vista Home Basic. No indication of a Linux version as earlier reported. The HP 2133 mini-notebook is selling for Php29,990 (they got 0% deferred payment for 6 months).

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55 Responses

  1. Marco says:

    I’m thinking… should I buy one now or should I wait until HP replaces the CPU with an Isaiah or an Atom processor…

  2. Erin says:

    if you can still live without an ultraportable, then wait. the actual usage review on that configuration is just 2 hours unless you will get the 6-cell battery which will probably double the time you can squeeze out of it.

    Pics of the eee 901 has just surfaced but there is still no confirmation if it will carry an atom processor. it it does and it comes out by september then only the price and harddrive option will be the defining factor whether i will wait for a 901 over the msi wind pc that will start shipping on june.


  3. For P30,000, you can purchase a full-blown laptop. I mean no disrespect to the ultra-portable makers (since I too have an Asus eee PC) but for that price, I think I can spend it on a better PC with more features and frills. Of course, one of the reasons why the unit is expensive is because of its size. Typically, the price depends on the size. The smaller it is, the expensive it gets. You’re purchasing the convenience of not dragging around something heavy.

    Personally, if you will be buying an ultra-portable computer, it’s mainly for chatting, document creation or emailing. You don’t use that for Adobe Photoshop or Video editing.

    P30K is still P30K. If you got this to spare, use it wisely.

  4. DJ says:

    Vista Home Edition? I guess you meant Home Basic.

  5. Ade says:

    Kinda expensive, though.

  6. ralph says:

    i would definitely go for this one than asus ee pc

  7. Erin says:

    @rodney: still the new (and most of the current) batch of ultraportables would be sporting a processor that is rated at 1GHz. even if that is the theoretical speed, it can still perform cpu-intensive tasks but a user should not expect the same performance from a full-blown laptop or desktop. i think these machines can still run the 3+ year old games. :)

    like what the MSI sales director said in an interview, ultraportables is not meant to be your “first car”. they are meant to be the second or third.


  8. I agree w/ (Ate/Kuya)Erin.

    Most people see UMPCs as an expensive piece of Milk Machine when compared to other laptops in the price range. Spec-wise, a UMPC won’t be able to compete with said laptop nor a full pledged desktop but then again, can you carry it anywhere without the hassle of lugging around a 3+kg package? The answer is no.

    UMPCs are meant for people on the go who needs portability more than processing power.

    @HP 2133
    I think I’d go with the Wind PC. It has Atom, 5.5 hrs of battery and Windows XP which are roughly the summary of what I’m looking for. Same price range too.

  9. Kiven says:

    will to get my hands on one to test how it runs as a complement to my standard dual core lappy.

  10. -anton- says:

    off topic, but do you know when the black ee pc 900 would be available here in the Philippines?

  11. Andre says:

    via 1.2ghz processor = something much slower compared to the celerons from what i’ve read. HD space is nice and windows vista. Hows the keyboard compared to the eeePC 900?

  12. Andre says:

    CNet has some reviews, though from April, says the keyboard is larger keys so thats a plus, though the processor and price are the downsides:

  13. yuga says:

    @Dj, yup, Vista Home Basic. Vista flavors are confusing.

    @anton, I asked them, they couldn’t say when.

    @andre, keyboard is A-OK. Pads are as big as my Compaq Presario.

  14. bnycastro says:

    Isn’t the 1.7Ghz w/ Vista Business and BT available here? Where would be a good place to get the 2133?

  15. Erin says:

    @sylv3rblade: im male but i don’t think you would want to call me your kuya. /lol

    @andre: its is bigger but being better is going to be relative. the keyboard of the 2133 is said to be cause less strain on the wrists due to the size and spacing but for those with relatively small hands they can type faster on the eee keyboard since their hands has less space to travel.


  16. I suggest you either wait for Intel Atom UMPC’s or VIA Isaiah (a.k.a. CN) UMPC’s.

    The CN processor will perform 2-4 times better than the current C7 processor while consuming the same amount of power. It is already being considered as the processor for the HP Mini-note refresh.

    Here are some benchmarks – http://xtreview.com/addcomment-id-4996-view-Intel-Atom-vs-VIA-isaiah.html

  17. yuga says:

    @bnycastro, nope, not yet available in stores. This model just went out this week.

    @lucien, talked to the guys from Asus and tell tell me that Intel Atom will increase the price of UMPCs. My guess is that the Atom will add Php3,000 – Php5,000 on the current price.

  18. bnycastro says:

    I emailed hp support and they responded as such :( I guess I wait

  19. Yuga,

    I figured. But I’m really looking forward to VIA Isaiah powered HP Mini-Note

  20. Patrick says:

    This laptop is much better than the Asus EEE PC 900.

  21. dave says:

    I have two questions:

    a.) I need a small laptop which I will use primarily to type documents and surf the internet while on the outside. I am after PORTABILITY and LONG BATTERY LIFE, which one should I choose? HP mini-note 2133, ASUS EEE PC 900 or MSI Wind?

    b.) Is the HP-mini note 2133 6-cell version already available here in the philippines? What’s the total weight for the 6-cell version and how much does it cost?

    b.) Is the MSI WIND already available in the philippines? Where and how much does it cost?

    Thank you!



  22. yuga says:

    Hi Dave,

    The MSI Wind is not yet available in the Philippines so that’s out of our line-up.

    Between the Eee PC 900 and the HP MiniNote, price difference is Php5,000 but the 120GB HDD, 2GB RAM and 1.2GHz Via CPU will compensate for that.

    That means, the HP 2133 will give you better bang for your buck. The 6-cell battery will last you max 4.5 hours and is sold separately around Php5k to Php8k.

  23. the only thing that matters to me was its sleek design.. :D

    i want to buy this if i had extra cash.. :)

  24. mitch002 says:


    where did you saw this unit?
    im interested to look at the actual unit of the hp 2133


  25. zaxarive says:

    is it already available at local stores? how about the unit running the linux os?

  26. yuga says:

    One of the HP stores in Mall of Asia (Accent Micro). They say all HP retailers will have this unit. They only sell the Windows Vista version but you can reformat and install your own OS.

  27. Alfie says:

    Is it biodegradable to Win XP?

  28. Alfie says:

    Sorry.. Is it DOWNGRADABLE to Win XP?

  29. mmx_gundam says:

    of course it is downgradable. but not with the help of HP. and you’ll loose the recovery PARTITION (not recovery DVD, since there are no recovery DVD creator provided) in the hard disk. from what I heard, HP will release an XP version maybe on June.

  30. zaxarive says:

    how much will it cost at the local stores?

  31. Deb says:

    I just bought one last night from silicon valley at SM cyberzone, for P29,950. Absolutely better than asus eepc. Great look (brushed silver), larger screen and huge memory! imagine 120GB HDD, 2GB Memory! Not to mention that this is HP…

  32. yuga says:

    @zaxarive – costs between Php25k to Php35k depending on which model you get.

    @deb – congrats to the new purchase! I already sold my Eee PC 701 and will buy the HP 2133 myself.

  33. i like how major computer maker compete in the ultra portable market.. BUT i guess 8.9 monitor aint just anough… i’d rather go for 13″ super slim and light laptop.. like the Air.. :-)

  34. rosman says:

    wonder.. amd TL 60 / 4Gb fill-in this umpc …go run like MITS V8 not APV

  35. rosman says:

    jangan-jangan UMPC ini cocok buat ngelempar bos gua jika belum juga complit downloding attacment category photo max 8 mb dalam tempo 5 menit.

    some body tell us how FAST this umpc run by via C7?

  36. I got one!

    good for a photographer on the go.. and it also has the best screen resolution among the available umpc’s in the market..

    ive seen one loaded with lightroom and it works!

  37. aLps says:

    MSI Wind or HP 2133?! Heeeelp!

  38. macky says:

    i just have a question: which is better? the msi wind or the hp 2133?

  39. Jay says:

    if it isn’t Intel i aint taking it. period.

    via sucks. Atom is much cooler. hyperthreaded 1.6Ghz procie… 2133 @ 1.2Ghz it’s like running a rusty 800MhZ Pentium III overclocked. HP shame on you guys. when time comes and you actually realized you should’ve integrated an Atom N330, i’ll have to reconsider my options. as for the moment, this netbook sucks period.

  40. nagcc sa hp2133 says:

    worst laptop ever .. i got one … the touch pad is worst ever… ang dali pa uminit … may issue pa sa video playing.. ang baba ng frame….bagal as in

  41. msi wind notebook for the win! says:

    the best pa rin ang msi wind!!!!!!!! napalitan ko na yun bugok na hp na yan!!!! binalik ko sa may shop yun hp 2133 dahil wala pang isang linggo super hang siya (4x a day) yun nag dagdag ako ng 1049 pesos napapalit ko ng wind notebook, so far mas maayos at mas maganda tong wind.

  42. vhan says:

    how can u install a program here w/o cd rom?

  43. Bob Reyes says:

    @nagcc Install VLC Player, it should do the trick for video playback.

    Question: Anyone who had seen a 6-cell battery for the HP Mini 2133? The 3-cell battery that comes with my unit is just not enough for my mobile computing needs. Saw at eBay that there are even compatible battery packs for the HP Mini 2133, but are they available locally? I asked HP already, but the battery + shipping will cost me around PHP15K — enough to buy another UMPC.

  44. Greco_11 says:

    How much is this laptop…it’s so chic and sleek…please do reply to this message:)

  45. rastom says:

    Before you guys buys this HP 2133, think again. Please see forum below from HP.


    Few months after the warranty period, it will breakdown. You’ll have to bring it to HP Service center and I bet your brain will be blown away with the part, repair cost. It’s going to be twice the price of a brand new HP2133.

    You’ll be sorry. Many from around the world is complaining for this problem and it seems that HP is not doing anything. And still selling this model when they know this problem ever since.

    I am one of the many victims of HP 2133 and this is a very deceiving unit. It’s beautiful in the outside but cannot describe by negative words from the inside.

  46. joe says:

    Buti nlang nag-research ako,. meron kc binebenta d2 skin 2 HP 2133 may box pa na kasama 4mos used at actually ang ganda pa no scratch whatsoever,. P21,000 yung dalawa… what,. Should i buy it or not?

  47. rastom says:




  48. Bob Reyes says:

    I was one of those early adopters of the HP Mini 2133, and the unit is still alive and kicking as of this writing (being used by my wife; now running on Windows 7 Ultimate).

    I have a couple of friends who also bought the HP Mini 2133 almost the same period I acquired mine, and they, too are still using their units whenever they are mobile.

  49. rastom says:

    Lucky for you sir. your laptop is still working. Production do not make few unit. They make tons of it. The problem is many are complaining around the world for this issue of breaking down, 3-4 months after warranty period. same problem. Unfortunately one of the many victim is me. The worst part is when I brought it at HP service center for repair, they are charging me twice of a brand new 2133 just for the repair. They told me “GANUN DAW TALAG ANG PRICE” Meaning, when your 2133 is broken, you’ll be surprise to know that the parts of 2133 is very expensive. I am not wishing that your laptop gets broken soon to know. I am sharing to you a fact that the parts for this 2133 is not cheap. HP do not repair it per components. They repair it as an assembly. Like 1 whole assembly of mother board even if IC is the only part that is not working.

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  51. Broadmind says:

    if something happens to your mini-note and needs a cheap 2ndhand HP 2133 parts on tipdpc.com and suli.com

    check them out..




  52. charmainne says:

    How much is this mini laptop this 2013

  53. i avail hp 2133. and it was actually used for almost 3 years. still working.. the only defect i found is the scratch.

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