Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3

Holding an event in New York City, Microsoft has announced the next step forward for Surface which is the Surface Pro 3, boasting to be lighter, thinner, louder and in a lot of ways better with a Core i7 CPU inside without much compromise.



The pen and the multi-position kickstand is still here and improved, but when it comes to design, Microsoft shaved off a lot of weight from the last Surface Pro. It’s now at 9.1mm, 800g and the 12-inch screen is of the 3:2 aspect ratio, making it look entirely different from the previous ones. Also, the resolution of the display is high at 2160 x 1440.

On the inside, Microsoft has managed to pack in a Core i7 CPU even with the fan inside. Accessories still include the docking station and the new type covers with improved touchpads and “lapability”. The event also showcased a lot of their new software features.

To top it all off, the base model Core i3 variant has been priced at $799 and is going on sale in the US immediately. Core i7 models with internal memories up to 512GB will also be available at higher prices, topping at the two thousand dollar mark.


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13 Responses

  1. phonebuddy says:

    Almost perfect device..

  2. Freeje says:

    All the right adjectives except cheaper. Not going to sell a lot.

  3. rene says:

    zdnet confirms price $2,128.00 lol

    • phonebuddy says:

      Just in line with the macbook pro or lenovo x1 carbon. Reasonable price for an all in one device. Compare it to having a macbook pro + ipad + a note taking device.

    • aki says:

      Or any ultrabook and a samsung note 10.1. This is /the/ device to answer every need as what I think Microsoft wants to address.

  4. micron says:

    •Intel Core i3 / 64 GB / 4GB of RAM / $799
    •Intel Core i5 / 128 GB / 4GB of RAM / $999
    •Intel Core i5 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1299
    •Intel Core i7 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1549
    •Intel Core i7 / 512 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1949

    • theo says:

      These prices don’t include the smart cover/keyboard
      which will set you back another 130 dollars

    • theo says:

      $130 approx PHP 5,675.80 for the smart cover keyboard which is not included in the base package

  5. bern says:

    Still expensive to get one but for sure it will become cheaper as the time goes by. I’m kind of satisfy with my phone for media consumption and do reading books and articles but I still looking for some good portable device to do tasks that powerful smartphone can’t provide with. I usually tinker unix commands in virtual machine and obviously this device allows you to do so on the go.

  6. fo' shiz says:

    This thing is sleek man. If only I can afford it.
    If only…

  7. elron says:

    Though I’m satisfied with my current Surface RT, I’m looking forward for Pro 2’s price drop once Pro 3 is fully out in the market.

  8. aki says:

    Basically the tablet pc I was waiting for all this time. Not to undermine the ipad and other android tablets and those who cater to them but I was very disappointed with how tablets are marketed as a media consumption device as popularized by the ipad and thought how it stunted the growth of tablet pcs. I believe the samsung note series was a step in the right direction as far as pc evolution goes. I was going to buy the MS Pro 2 but /might/ hold out and *gulp* save a few more to buy this.

    • Mino says:

      I agree with you. I use the iPad, and it does hold true to its promise. It used to lack the ability to process documents, presentations, etc. the way you would on a laptop. Now we have the MS Office apps (where you can edit your docs via an annual subscription), but now you lack the storage flexibility. You can’t expect everyone to rely on cloud storage, especially on documents that hold highly confidential information.

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