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Genius G-Shot HD501 HD Pocket Camcorder

Was doing a series of article contributions for a travel magazine (with a tech-travel section) so I got a bunch of nifty gadgets to check out. One of the items was this HD pocket camcorder made by Genius, the G-Shot HD501.

• Gshot Hd501 • Genius G-Shot Hd501 Hd Pocket Camcorder

I know Genius makes a lot of accessories from pointing devices to keyboards, speakers and all but this is the first time I saw a camcorder from them (Flip is getting some more affordable competition).

• Genius Hd Camcorder • Genius G-Shot Hd501 Hd Pocket Camcorder

Realme Philippines

The mini camcorder looks like a toy at first but it’s a actually a tough one and weather-resistant so you can take this out on a rainy day (or winter) without any worry. Of course, it’s not completely water-proof so I didn’t even tried tossing it into our aquarium with the fishes.

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• G Shot Hd501 • Genius G-Shot Hd501 Hd Pocket Camcorder

The Genius G-Shot HD501 takes videos up to 720p (1280x720p) at 30fps. It can also take still photos but only at 3MP resolution. All the files are stored in an SD Card (max 16GB) sealed tightly with a rubber cap. It’s even got a 3.5mm audio jack so you can listen to music with the built-in MP3 player.

I wasn’t able to get the exact price but I reckon it could be somewhere around six or seven grand.

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12 years ago

how much is this? Kinda interested. Can you suggest other camcorder? Good in quality with cheap price. thanks in advance.

12 years ago

“I just wished they put more thought into naming this product. Sounds kinda like something else. *wink wink* ;) ”

hahahahaha, actually after reading the title, that’s the first thing that came in my mind too.

12 years ago

Wow! I wish you took a little sample of the video quality sir.

I’d like to get one too. Imagine, its just around the price of your mid-range cellphone!

I just wished they put more thought into naming this product. Sounds kinda like something else. *wink wink* ;)

12 years ago

price seems decent. Hope it implements anti-shaking features (which was absent IIRC with some CDRKING based hd camcorders).

12 years ago

Cool! Where can I buy this?

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