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To Boracay, Contest Prizes and a new PhotoBlog

By this time, we’ll be in Boracay for an early summer get-away. That means I won’t be able to send out the giveaway prizes by this week-end.

I’m tagging along with a bunch of travel and photo bloggers to Microtel Boracay. Big thanks to our sponsors Microtel, SeAir and Zuzuni Boracay for this blogger excursion.

Summer Boracay


So, while I’m out, I’d like to apologize to those who won the last giveaway winners. I won’t be able to send your new year’s gift by the week-end. Will do that on Monday. Also, reminders to everyone else on that list to email me before Friday, 5:00PM. Otherwise, we’ll re-raffle them again.

To those who won the Auction.PH eMoney Contest, please email Manu Ofiaza ([email protected]) of Auction.PH so you can have your accounts credited with the 300 prize. Send him your Auction.PH username/email. Don’t make him wait any further or else we won’t get any more prizes from them in the future. *hehe*

And lastly, I’m launching my very own photo blog — the Abe Olandres Photography. It’s just a hobby blog by a really amateur photography enthusiast (please take it easy on me in the comments). I’m hoping I could post one picture each day for the entire year. You can subscribe to the feeds here too.

Ah, and yes, I got my domain (abeolandres.com) back. Apparently, they were domain tasters as some of the commenters hinted. The domain was released 5 days later and I grabbed it right away.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. mrniceash says:

    wa! I thought you were raffling a Boracay Getaway.

    God be with you on your trip.

    Your Photoblog Site? Never mind it. It’s surely another success already. Congratulations!!!

  2. Enjoy your Bora getaway……

  3. wanna be there too… enjoy!

  4. calvin says:

    honga kala ko papacontest ka ng trip to boracay. hehehe. kelan balik mo? kita pa rin tayo sa monday?

  5. asdix says:

    i always wanted to see what that microtel looked like. hehe..

    Enjoy your trip sir abes, thanks for the shirt. emailed you already bout the address.. hehehe
    sory for the late email.


  6. manu says:

    Congrats Abe and good luck!
    To all Auction.Ph winners!
    Please email nyo na ako! kunin nyo na Prizes ninyo utang na loob…hehehhee! Watch out for upcoming premium prizes!

  7. GOOD to hear that you got your domain name back. LOL!

  8. ralph says:

    can i go with you too? please please please lol

  9. jay says:

    don’t forget to take a pic of those girls wearing bikini.

  10. KC says:

    Junket journalism.

    I used to read your blog a lot until I noticed all you do these days are go to junkets and “review” products by sponsors etc. Goodbye integrity.

  11. yuga says:

    Thanks for the candid feedback KC. I knew I was doing a little bit more sponsored-related blog posts than before. And to think I was already avoiding 90% of them PR-related activities. But it was nice to know that I had that impression on you before.

  12. ambilis ah! ill post my boracay entry later….

  13. The great wise socrates once foresaw this taking place

  14. maica says:

    ..boracay is my dream place
    ..it’s so wonderful and nice

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