Pinoy Top Blogs

This page will serve as an ad-hoc blog for the Pinoy Top Blogs Project.

What do we hope to accomplish with all these?

Well this is a two-pronged project and I hope most of the pinoy bloggers would agree with me on these points.

For Individual Bloggers:

  • Provide an independent public metric system to compare blog traffic among fellow pinoy bloggers.
  • Enable a feedback system independent of the individual blogs.
  • Promotion and additional exposure.
  • Independently verified bragging rights. :D

For the Blogging Community:

  • We can show everyone that the pinoy blogging community has the numbers and traffic.
  • Enable us to collect verifiable metrics to profile the average pinoy blogger.
  • Provides an avenue for commercial exposure and potential local revenue for bloggers. (under study)

What you need to do to be included and tracked by the system?

You need to register first, then add your sites. You can have as many as 10 blogs as entries to the system. Generate the HTML code to paste in your blog. Remember, that only pages that have the code will be tracked so it is possible that your own stats will differ with our published stats.

On the technical side, here are some explanations about the rankings.

  • Rankings are based on unique hits or visitors. This is tracked by the system using the IP and the cookie. The same goes for voting or ranking a blog.
  • Rankings are refreshed back to zero on midnight at the end of each month. This will allow potentially popular blogs that have only been included later have the chance to get on top of the list. Thus, the time you joined the system will not be a factor in your rating.
  • Rankings will monitor all blogs but will only display the rankings of the Top 100.
  • Ranking cycle at the moment is set monthly. Once the number grows, we can reduce it down to a weekly reset.
  • All blogs are allowed a banner of 234 x 30 pixels to be displayed along with the listing. Maximum file size is 30 KB.

What do these stats mean?

Votes – number of votes made by the public by clicking the PinoyTopBlogs button from your blog. This is refreshed monthly.
Total Votes – total number of votes made by the public by clicking the PinoyTopBlogs button from your blog.

Unique Hits Today – number of unique visitors on your blog for the month cycle.
Hits Today – number of (non-unique) visits on your blog for the month cycle.
Total Hits – total number of (non-unique) visits on your blog for the month cycle.
Total Unique Hits – total number of unique visitors on your blog since start of tracking.

Out – referrals from PinoyTopBlogs to your blog. Refreshed monthly.
Total Out – total referrals from PinoyTopBlogs to your blog.

Rating – blog rating made by the public on your blog.

For private communication, email me at [email protected].

Abe Olandres

62 Responses

  1. Avatar for sporlun sporlun says:

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  2. Avatar for Guian Yeo Guian Yeo says:

    hey…nice space.. cool

  3. Avatar for peachy peachy says:

    hi abe! how do i delete one of my registered sites? its says suspended and i realized i cant have it registered coz basically its just a duplicate of my main blog?

  4. Avatar for Ike Seneres Ike Seneres says:

    hi pls send instructions on how to join

  5. Avatar for nep nep says:

    HELLO, JUST NEW HERE. mind if i ask how to get the Pinoy Top Blog button? i registered and i don’t know where to find its code?

  6. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    This is for all suspended blogs in PinoyTopBlogs: What IS valid traffic?

  7. Avatar for talksmart talksmart says:

    Hi. Just wondering why traffic exchange is not allowed here. Isn’t it a dream of every blogger to gain traffic to the site, at least on its first weeks of launching? I think this has to be resolved because lots of members are in fact into traffic exchange.

    My plan is to stop this traffic exchange (you know how troublesome it is to surf sites to gain credits) once i gain regular audience from other bloggers.

  8. Avatar for Reyna Elena Reyna Elena says:

    Ey, wonder boy!

    What does this mean?


  9. Avatar for jhezper jhezper says:

    ey, i registered a week ago, but i can’t log-in again … checked my registration details and im entering the correct username and pass but i can’t get it … is the server down or was my registration blocked? … ahuhuhu

  10. Avatar for airwind airwind says:

    i registered my blog just a few days ago. today, i found out that my blog has been suspended from the system. i’m relatively new to the blogging community. may i know the possible reasons for such suspension? if so, can you please lift the suspension so i can be counted in the rankings? what do i have to do to remove the suspension of my blog? hoping for your immediate reply to the above queries. you can email me at the above address. thank you in anticipation and god bless..

  11. Avatar for Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2 Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2 says:

    Pinoy BigBrother Fantasy Game Season 2

  12. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    All new blog submisisons will have their entries suspended. I am manually checking each one and approving them if they qualify.

  13. Avatar for Michele Michele says:

    This a great project! Sana sumikat kayo!

  14. Avatar for MAGIcAL MAGIcAL says:

    Hi! I just joined.

    When I checked the User CP, why is it my site is suspended? That is, I don’t have an active site.

  15. Avatar for nico-tiro nico-tiro says:

    hi i just registered!
    but i cant seem to generate or find any code to put in my blogger template! is it because i am on a mac? when i go to log in and go to my user cp,i hit on HTML and the blox is blank! is that where i am supposed to get it? i dont get it :(

  16. Avatar for she she says:

    me too my sites are suspended, why? i’ve added two new blogs, my old blog is active while my new ones are suspended..

  17. Avatar for euian euian says:

    I’ve just joined and it says that my site is suspended. Does this mean my site is under review or is in violation of something?!??

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