6 Best Free Video Editing Softwares

Admittedly, we are all are getting bored being stuck at home because of the whole lockdown situation. We tend to explore doing other things, including getting into baking, painting, online selling, and some people are trying to explore the opportunities on YouTube by creating home-made vlogs and videos to help other people cope with their boredom.

So if you are an inspiring content creator, then you’re in luck. In this article, we have listed down some of the best free editing software for both PC and Mac to kickstart your YouTube career.

Davinci Resolve (Windows, Linux, and Mac)

If you are looking for flexible editing software, Davinci Resolve got you covered. It features all the tools you need for basic and advanced editing, support for 4K UHD videos, color grading tools, transitions, and more. As a bonus, it doesn’t have a watermark when you export videos. Do note that this software has a paid version, so keep in mind that there are specific tools inside the app that will require you to pay a one-time fee of  USD 299 to use the tools like the advanced audio tools, multiuser collaboration, stereoscopic 3D tools, and such.


Shotcut (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac)

This video editing tool supports all software, from Linux to ChromeOS. It supports 4K files, FreiOr, a video plugin with 88 color filters, and manual color grading tools. Shotcut also has built-in creative transitions in video and audio, auto-tracker, and more advanced tools available for free and no watermark.


HitFilm Express (Windows and Mac)

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

HitFilm Express is one of the best software you can download for basic editing with professional-grade visual effects. Its UI looks almost similar to Adobe After Effects. It has a masking tool, animation tools, support for UHD footages, and more. Do note that if you don’t have a specced-up system, you might want to skip this one because it may cause app crashes and lags, but if you do, this software is one of the best free editing software available.


Olive (Windows, Linux, and Mac)

Olive is the newest editing software in this list, and even with that, it also packs a lot of features like masking tools, keyframing, green-screen effect, varieties of transitions, and more. By the time of the publishing of this article, this software is still in its early stages. This software may lack some features and quite buggy, but overall this is one of the best open-source video editing software you can download for free.


Kdenlive (Windows, and Linux)

The Kdenlive has been firstly available to Linux, but the company recently released a new version of its software to support both Windows and Mac. Kdenlive is the most advanced free editing software on this list. Even though the UI is not user-friendly and takes some time getting used to, if you get the hang of it, you can take advantage of its features since it is the most fully-featured editing software list. You can do green-screen effects, hundreds of animations are available, color grading tools, and more. One of the advantages of this software is that it doesn’t need a specced out of the computer to run smoothly.


Blender (Windows, Linux, and Mac)

Most people are using Blender for 3D modeling, but this software has some powerful video editing capabilities baked into it. You can work with multiples track, a lot of compositing effects, color grading tools, multi-camera tool, and of course, 3D modeling.


And there you go. Do you know any software that should’ve been on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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