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‘Clickjacking’ malware affects over 500M Android devices

Mobile security company Skycure has announced that there’s a new form of malware in Android that can affect over half a billion devices in the world.


Called ‘Accessibility Clickjacking’, this new form of vulnerability that tricks a smartphone user by clicking on something that is not even seen on the screen. This is done by operating on a rather benign, invisible layer that would not be harmful at the first look, but in reality is an hidden accessibility activation. Once done, there will be a function to unknowingly record all your text information as you press them on your phone’s keyboard, and will be transmitted to the hacker as soon as you send them.

Here’s the scary part — the company has replicated this vulnerability among 65% of Android operating systems currently being used around the world, mostly on the KitKat platform.


Skycure says that this malware can be implemented on any device even without rooting, since it basically uses your phone’s accessibility options which has been present since Android 1.6. You can read more on the source for more information.

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6 Responses

  1. Mattbrix02 says:

    Clear browser cache will fix this.

    • Tomokachan says:

      Nope, check Accessibility options periodically .
      Remove any unwanted apps checked ( or apps without your permission)

      Browser Cache will not fix the problem.

  2. Easy E says:

    Skycure. Magbebenta lang yan ng security software for android.

  3. arvin aquio says:

    They develop this malware and then announced to the public for their product will be utilized. A very nice strategy!

  4. Jude says:

    Maybe factory reset will do the trick. I do this 2x-3x a month. A little tedious at start but you will eventually get over it. Ginagawa ko ito parati kasi habang tumatagal, lumuliit RAM ko. Factory reset will clear all, and no exceptions, unwanted and hidden apps together with your downloaded apps. But before I do that, gumagamit ako ng cleanmaster to back up all my installed apps on SD card and re-install them again after.

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