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Coming soon: Android 4.1.2 update for GT-N7000

Now here’s something I’ve been waiting for. SamMobile has recently reported that they got a hold of an almost complete Android 4.1.2 test firmware for the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note.


Realme Philippines

According to our source, the software build N7000XXLSA will boast features similar to the SGSII and SGNII. Here are some of the nifty features they’ve uncovered so far.

• Improved performance and stability, thanks to Project Butter
• Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking) like on the Note II
• Page Buddy
• New Additions in Notification Panel; Notification Panel can now be customized
• Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
• Continuous Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
• Samsung’s Cloud services integration
• Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
• New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
• 2 Home screen modes
• New Notifications bar
• Google Now

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We’re not sure when Samsung will release the update, but from the looks of it, it seems that we won’t have to wait too long before they do. In the meantime, for those of you who want to try out this test build on you device, you can head on over to the source link below to see how you can manually apply the update to your SGN1.


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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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9 years ago

has anyone downloaded the N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE rom for globe? If it is alright, could you share it via Dropbox or Sugarsync or torrent? Anything that does not involve Hotfile. :D

I flashed mine with the Germany 4.1.2 rom and it kinda hangs/restarts and Kies sees it as an already updated firmware, so I can’t download the Philippine version through kies. My first option is to download the globe rom manually, which is basically the same for all South east asia countries but HotFile sucks, I already made 3 attempts and it gets errors on the middle of the download, and to wipe and install the firmware manually. My second option is to downgrade my firmware to Froyo and let kies update from there.

Jay Louise Prieto
Jay Louise Prieto
9 years ago

4.1.2 official update for GT-N7000 out now!

9 years ago

i’ve been a big fan of yugatech because u want to be always updated regarding whats new with the technology..

i have a galaxy s 3 running on JB 4.1.1, i was just wondering if it will have this update.. because i want to have the multi-tasking feature..


9 years ago

the leak is already at lsc dump… 4.1.2 has been here since cm10 for the note

9 years ago

Samsung took too long to release the updates =/

I’m already happy with the ROM I’m using right now, I’m even planning to remove samsung’s bloatware to see if it’ll improve my phone XD

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