Fast Five: Top Alternative Facebook Apps for Android

Fast Five: Top Alternative Facebook Apps for Android

Tired of using that resource-heavy Facebook app on your device? We’ve got you covered! In this Fast Five, we list down the top alternative apps you can use to maximize the most out of your Facebook browsing.


It’s no secret that Facebook has taken the world over by storm — and that has definitely changed the landscape of our everyday lives. That includes checking the social media’s official app on your smartphone by the minute, but that consumes a lot of RAM and storage space. Here are some alternatives you can use to save those for other apps while still enjoying browsing on the world’s largest social networking site.



First up on our list is a mobile wrapper app we call Tinfoil. It’s basically an enhancer of the site’s mobile version, and that includes bumping up a ton of security features in tow. Check out the app here.



Do you wish to have more time away from FB? We know that it’s quite a distraction to check out notifications every now and then, and Metal realizes that. Here’s the thing — it doesn’t have notifications, so you can get into the day ahead without checking who commented on your latest profile photo. Just check on the site anytime you want, and the updates would still be there for you to see. It also has a dedicated quick toggle on the notification bar for quick posts. Download the app here.




Like Tinfoil, Toffeed is a wrapper for the mobile Facebook webpage, touting additional enhancements in tow including a 2MB storage footprint and no background app processing. It’s decorated in Google’s Material design, should you be a fan of the visual language. Link to the app is here.



Fast has been a long-time alternative to the official app that’s available in the Play Store, and since then has undergone a lot of changes. The most recent version has its own customized look and feel, and promises lighter battery and bandwidth consumption. Check out the app here.

Facebook Lite


Rounding up our list is, of course, a lighter version of the official Facebook app. Eating just 2MB of your precious internal storage space, who couldn’t say no to this? This app is loosely based on Snaptu, which the company had acquired a few years back, which explains its web-based response and actions. Not yet aboard? App link is here.

And that’s it for some of the top Facebook app alternatives you can check out on the market today. We know there are more, so hop in the comments section below and tell us your preferred apps.

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6 Responses

  1. Repol says:

    You can also use UC browser. It has a built in push notification and shortcut button for facebook.

  2. Easy E says:

    In my case: no Facebook, no problem.

  3. Gabs World says:

    I am currently using SlimSocial. It also has Google’s Material Design, also about 2MB, and has no notifications. There is an option to arrange the news feed in chronological order, it has a “dark mode” (especially of AMOLED displays), there is an option for “fixed status bar”, and you can also disable sponsored posts too.

  4. the other says:

    You guys are worth a lot to facebook. I deleted the companys built-in app from my phine a long time ago.

  5. sylv3rblade says:

    Swype is also great

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