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Microsoft to acquire GitHub

Microsoft was reportedly acquiring GitHub, a software development platform, and could make an official announcement soon.

Microsoft has been in talks with acquiring GitHub, last valued at USD 2 Billion back in 2015, which was first reported by Business Insider. The details and terms of the acquisition are not disclosed in public.


Microsoft once opposed GitHub’s open-source software development but is now one of the biggest contributors to the company. It is also seen that the company has been moving towards an open-sourced platform ever since Satya Nadella took the Chief-Executive-Officer position.

GitHub is a software development platform that is being used worldwide by various kinds of institutions and companies. Even Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google use its services as well, to push repositories.

Source: The Verge
Via: Bloomberg

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  1. corei7 says:

    time to move to gitlab, oh wait, i already did years ago!

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