Samsung offers 'Galaxy Gifts' when you buy a Galaxy S5

Samsung offers ‘Galaxy Gifts’ when you buy a Galaxy S5

Samsung is offering over $500 worth of ‘Galaxy Gifts‘ in the form of free apps, long-term subscriptions and premium services whenever you purchase a Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5_rear

The Galaxy Gifts are basically a bundle of 15 apps ranging from fitness to news to productivity. Below are the apps, services, and subscriptions being offered:

Run Keeper – 1 year free premium service ($20)

Lark – 1 year premium service ($36)

Skimble – 6 months free premium service ($42)

Map My Fitness – 6 months free premium service ($36)

Wall Street Journal – Free 6 month subscription to Wall Street Journal ($160)

Bloomberg Businessweek + – Free Subscription: 12 Months ($30)


PayPal – special offers (totaling $50 or more in value) from your favorite stores when you pay with PayPal.

LinkedIn – Free LinkedIn Premium account for 3 months ($75)

Blurb – Free $5 Coupon ($5)

EasilyDo Pro – Free app purchase ($5)

Cut the Rope 2 – $10 in-game credits

Box – Free 50 GB for 6 months and $60 value

Bitcasa – Free Premium Service: 1TB storage for 3 months ($30)

Evernote – Free Premium Service for 3 months ($15)

So what do you think of the bundled apps? Hit the source link below for more information.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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15 Responses

  1. anon says:

    Gimmicks. Just to sell another Gimmick. Ironic isn’t it? They use gimmicks to sell their gimmick products. And no, I don’t have money to buy expensive phones. But yes, I can rant about it. :)

  2. Easy E says:

    Its not free if not free forever. Its more of a try-before-you-buy gimmick. Samsung should instead give additional gadgets if it really wants to give. And also, those apps and services? They have an equivalent app or service that you can get for free. Fail.

  3. Rockafella says:

    If you’re gonna spend big bucks, just spend it on something else like a Z2 or your kid’s tuition. Don’t patronize this crap.

  4. SpiderWak says:

    Useless.. ito lang ang masasabi ko..

  5. Ako says:

    Wala na ung bragging rights mo kapag meron ka galaxy s series tulad ng dati. Ngayon bully na matatanggap mo.

    • dags says:

      Agree with that. The Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones that used to be the leading example of how a smartphone should be done is no more. The S5 is not much of an upgrade and its design is so tired and overused. Heck, some people even went as far as referring the S5’s design as “Band-Aid” design due to its resemblance to a band-aid patch pattern.

      The brown Galaxy S5 really looks like a cheap band-aid in sari-sari stores.

  6. anon says:

    Samsung wants all your money, plain and simple. There are a lot of phones out there that deserves your dough. The upcoming LG G3, Xperia Z2, Lumia 1520. All of which deserve to be a wise spender’s next phone. But this Galaxy S5, they changed the back of the phone, changed the name, added fingerprint (which doesn’t impress majority of wise users), and voila, they have the latest, high-end, gimmick phone.

  7. cranium says:

    whine as much as u want. im still getting one on day one.

  8. Ideya says:

    I wonder why they switched from offering Dropbox, to Box.

  9. vincent santiago says:

    the phones specs. is quite considerable. but the phone is still made of plastic, reducing it’s prestige.. I’m also hoping for major upgrades.

  10. gabby says:

    would you guys buy this very expensive services and apps if you can have it for free?

  11. lance manlangit says:

    android kitkat version, nice!!!!! but the worth of money spend for the phone is relatively unjust.. if the updates and innovation is significantly Big people will much appreciate the phone.

  12. ace leah says:

    finally samsung upgrades it’s phone to android Kitkat, but I heard LG Pro2 have this android update first.

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