Samsung Galaxy S5 now official!

Samsung Galaxy S5 now official!

Hot off announcement, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is now official! It’s different from what we predicted by a long shot, and is surely varying from all the hype, but it does offer a few surprising things. It packs a slightly larger 5.1-inch 1080p display, a faster 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPU with Adreno 330 graphics, water-resistance, a fingerprint scanner and a revamped design.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 doesn’t offer anything new in the display technology section; they simply made it a bit bigger without much changing the size of the device. The processing and graphics power is improved on the other hand, paired with 2GB RAM. A 16 megapixel camera with better autofocus & 4K video recording that takes sharper photos is also on the way. However, there was no mention about it being the company’s ISOCELL sensor; it’s one at 1/2.6″.

Samsung Galaxy S5 2


In terms of design, Samsung employs a soft touch finish on the back, replacing their old and glossy hyperglaze. The handset is now also IP67 certified, making it dust and water resistant (we won’t be seeing S5 variants soon) and a heart rate monitor is found beside the LED flash made to pair with S-Health. To add, Samsung also retained their set of capacitive buttons with their signatory physical home button, incorporating a fingerprint scanner within it.

TouchWiz is also facing a few upgrades. New icons and design elements can be found just as teased, and it also features the My Magazine news reader that can be accessed with a swipe. Better power saving modes can also be found and one of the main highlights is Samsung giving the ability to get data through both 4G & WiFi simultaneously with the Download Booster.

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs:
5.1-inch 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display, 432ppi
2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 8974-AC CPU
Adreno 330
16, 32GB internal memory
Micro SD expandable up to 128GB
IP67 water & dust resistant
Fingerprint scanner
16 megapixel camera with AF, LED flash
1080p @ 30, 60fps, 4K @ 30fps
2 megapixel front-facing camera @ 1080p
Android 4.4.2 KitKat with TouchWiz
2,800mAh removable battery

The device is coming in various colors such as charcoal black, shimmery white, electric blue & copper gold soon. No details yet on pricing and availability so stay tuned as we will have more coverage of Samsung’s flagship phone.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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53 Responses

  1. awdog says:

    well S5 disappoints. I think this will bomb. Theres competition now LG makes super specced phones with great displays. Sony is coming strong with every flagship release. HTC well theyre HTC.

    Z2 wins as the best phone of MWC 2014

  2. phonebuddy says:

    Z2 ftw!

  3. Mike says:

    Really? Gold? Fingerprint sensor? Copycat haha

  4. jujuju says:

    Hmmmm, feeling ko sa price babawi ang S5, mukang madaming nadismaya sa specs i. Toinks*

  5. blitz says:

    Nakakadismaya ang Galaxy S5. Good thing na G2 ang kinuha ko. I think the sales of S5 will even be smaller compared to S4. Just my opinion.

  6. Nong says:

    Tandaan nyo na ang s2 super amoled. Eto yung kasunod. Thus will be a great phone at tandaan nyo rin na ang iphone ay super under spec’ed pero no lag. Super amoled FTW. And i think mas safe itong ihold kesa sa s4. Pero lets see. Wala pa ring papalag dito sa s5, it wont be last if there is no special in it.

  7. s6 says:

    mas malaki pa ung bezel ng s5 kesa note3 at boring ang design. hirap pang linisin ng likod pg ngkaroon ng dumi ung mga butas2

    • Oak says:


    • s6 says:

      dust proof lang ung loob ng phone hindi ung external. ibig bang sabihin ng waterproof hindi mababasa ung external part? hehehe. sabi dustproof, hindi dirt proof. tignan mo ung backcover, and daming butas2 na design, sa tingin mo d mamalalagyan ng dirt at pawis, madali bang alisin un? dpat smooth na lang ung back part pra madaling punasan at tanggal lahat ng dirt.

    • aze says:

      parang parehas to nung sa nexus 7. madali naman sya linisin. :)

    • rockz says:


      correction … water and dust RESISTANT lang po ang S5. iba po ang WATER & DUST PROOF than RESISTANT.

  8. abuzalzal says:

    What a LAZY upgrade

    Mukhang nagpalaki yata ng bayag ang mga Samsung engineers.

    Ima tell ya , with price drops looming, the S4 will be a far better deal.

    • blitz says:

      Tama. I think wala na yung magic touch ng Samsung.

    • fo' shiz says:

      Yup, totally agree. What’s even more frustrating about this is that Samsung can actually manufacture great hardware. You can just look at their Ativ ultrabook lineup. Those are inarguably on par with Apple’s macbooks in terms of build quality. Sigh.

    • aha says:

      naghihintay pa ang samsung na maglabas ng latest yung isang sikat na brand, saka dun sila kukuha ng idea,, haha! ika nga eh… kopya kopya lang kahit walang time! LOL!

  9. Ako says:

    Z2 dominates in any department, S5 always win on bloatwares. Yeah, marketing will tell, but not me:D

  10. dags says:

    Not this boring design again!
    Guess those people looking for a sexy flagship smartphone will choose between the LG G2 or the Sony Xperia Z2.

    Whoever designed the Samsung Galaxy S5 needs to be fired for real. Uninspired, tired, and overly used design.

  11. ariel says:

    While I adore my Ipone 5s gold, i think i like the new design of s5 very comfy and strikes cool to me , only wished they should have made the backside of the pone in aluminum or gorilla glass like the old ipone 4s or the experia z1 ..i also like the wrist band very nice parang bracelet pwedeng gawing accesories sa damit mo…

  12. ambinp says:

    Xperia Z2 FTW. Kakaumay na ang Samsung.

  13. richard257 says:

    Another plastic phone. Time tomove up Samsung

  14. TESS PINGA 2 says:

    I cant believe what samsung has come up with the s5, in terms of the design dept. Considering the comoetition, i dont think s5 will sell that much. But we know samsung spends so much in marketing, so we dont know.

  15. Zer0 says:

    Ang gusto ko lang eh ung 4G & WiFi simultaneously hahaha… masaya pa rin ako sa note 3 ko…

  16. Walala says:

    Looks cheap. Feels cheap. Materials are cheap. Copycat and lack of innovation and imagination. Too much bloatware. It’ s for the diehard samsung fan. Bleh.

    HTC pa rin!

  17. tarush says:

    4K video @30 fps, and waterproof features are nice but 720p @120 fps is missing. That’s the video mode that’s more important than the 4K.

  18. Phillip says:

    Nakakaumay na. Why can’t they do a redesign?? They have the specs, but they don’t improve on the WOW factor.

  19. jeanne says:

    Anu ba yan? Anong phone to? Throwback to 2011?

  20. Josh says:

    Why would people need dust proof phones? araw-araw naman yan hawak ng tao? What we need is scratch resistant phones. And yung design.. reminds me of Samsung Corby. I was happy with S2 when it first came out, but this won’t make me buy S5 kahit may cool techie features siya na minsan… di naman talaga kailan. IMHO lang naman po

  21. prion says:

    Unless magrelease sila ng “premium” version nito(brushed metal back or yung faux leather, oh, just thinking about it makes me giddy), any self-respecting consumer would pass from this half-baked effort of an upgrade and look for a more innovative, elegant Android flagship worthy of its premium price. It’s your time to shine, HTC, Sony and Moto!

    …mga potential na bibili nito e
    (a) Samsung fankids
    (b) spec-hungry geeks
    (c) mga nakikiuso(lakas lang ng brand recall ng Galaxy S line)

  22. fo' shiz says:

    What does the goat say?

  23. Easy E says:

    Wala naman nang idagdag pa sa features. Nandyan na lahat ng kailangan kaya saturated na ang mga phones.

  24. Rockafella says:

    Ahh Samsung you never to fail to impress me, still making phones out of shitty materials, eh? Wake up fanboys. Samsung has cut corners on this one.

    • BuboySaCanada says:

      U must be a troll. Every site has one. haha! isn’t that what they said about iPhone 5s? cut corners add a fingerprint sensor and new color scheme and call it a day? talk about cutting corners and ripping people off, apple been robbing you all for years. quit being blind.

    • funny says:

      ^ LOL. what made you think he uses an iphone? he never mentioned using one!

      just because he doesn’t like samsung doesn’t mean he’s a troll. don’t be too defensive. everyone knows samsung is the ultimate copycat. LOL

    • juan says:

      Apples the biggest copycat before the iphone has ever been released samsung rleased a smartphone with the first multitouch screen that uses gestures , a physical button at the center and a phone that doesnt uses old ugly atennas for receiving 3g signals which after a year the iphone was released with the same setup bu lacking the 3g capability which the iphone got after a few years.

    • funny says:

      ^ don’t get too defensive. It will go deep on you. Too much excuses just to prove a point don’t mean anything anyway. LOL

  25. Critic says:

    Mobile phone features peaked so early. So expect the innovation to tone down by now. Less innovative features will be introduced and companies will just start to focus on iteration. This is quite prevalent now, masyado nang maraming unnecessary features ngayon and I think they should focus more on optimization by now since smartphones are no longer efficient to use.

  26. BuboySaCanada says:

    Sobrang cool pero expensib.most likely 2000 pesos. grabe namane

    go go samsung

  27. JFV_noB says:

    Hay salamat… Ginawa nang ‘Recent Apps’ ang ‘Menu’ button nila!

  28. Choco Mucho says:

    They wanted to compete with all the flagships in this phone:

    1. The colorful cover – to compete with the Lumia lines
    2. Water-resistant – just like the Xperia Zs
    3. The fingerprint scanner – to compete with the iPhones

    and so on…

  29. It’s enormous that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our argument made here.

  30. fox says:

    nightmare phone.

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