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Total Cookie Protection rolling out to all Firefox users

Mozilla announces a new cookie restricting feature called ‘Total Cookie Protection’ for its Firefox users.

Mozilla Firefox Feature Image

Mozilla is known for its privacy protections that why they’ve announced the rolling out of this new cookie restricting feature on their browser. The objective of ‘Total Cookie Protection’ is to enhance the protection of users against online trackers by limiting their ability to read cookies from different websites and 3rd party services.

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The result of the new feature is putting cookies in their respective ‘Cookie Jar’, meaning that each cookie from a website to a user’s browser, it’ll only be confined to that specific website, hence other tracking apps won’t have access to it.

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Total Cooke Protection

Total Cookie Protection Creates A Separate Cookie Jar For Each Website You Visit. (Illustration: Meghan Newell)

Trackers will only see a user’s behavior on a single website and won’t be able to track a user’s behavior from different websites and link it together. With this update, it’ll lessen those annoying ads and restrict data gathering from people.

For more information, check the official blog of Mozilla here.

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19 days ago

Makes a lot of sense, in today’s IOT (Internet of Things) and Privacy all across
the internet, websites and web based applications with malicious intent to
gather information about its visitor and users can exploit browser data by
siphoning or cross accessing their cookies, and the data they gathered can be
easily sold to other 3rd party advertisers or any entities who are willing to pay
premium just to mass target people regarding surfing habits and the products
they bought online or their interest so they can track and monitor them to what
ever malicious purpose they may inflict.

By segregating cookies in a “Per website you visit only”, malicious web based
applications and websites can only access browser data based on their own
cookies stored on the user’s browser who already visited them, that means,
they cannot siphon or cross-access other cookies of their visitors that is not
related or relevant to their domain or web based application they are running
on that domain, thus resulting in an increased privacy and security that people
using Firefox browser will less likely to be victimized by phishing attacks on
their emails, spamming will be minimized, siphoning of mass email addresses
thru browser cookies for the purpose of malware infecting will be minimized
and other malicious intent including user online tracking and browser habits.

Good job on this one Mozilla!
— Continue to fight for our online privacy and security!

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