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Bayantel Span

I think this new service by Bayantel has been around since middle of last year. I only got wind of it when a pamphlet was dropped in my mail box the other day. Basically, Bayantel Span is a landline phone that works like a mobile phone.

Here are the basic features:

  • Unlimited local calls from: (1) Bayantel Span to any landline (2) Any landline to Bayantel Span (3) Bayantel Span to Bayantel Span
  • Free unlimited text messanging from Bayantel Span to Bayantel Span within your locality
  • Wireless phone has wider area of coverage than regular cordless phone.

Available units are the Huawei ETS2556 (Php4,200) & and ZTE WP960BD (Php 2,200). The mobile phones are sold separately: ZTEx185 (Php2,800), Nokia 2125 (Php4,600) and the Nokia 6235 (Php8,600). Monthly service fee for Bayantel Span is Php749.

I don’t see any unique or great value for this service except that it’s wireless. Even the unlimited features are only restricted to it’s own network (worse, own locality?). It just looks like a glorified cordless phone to me (which btw, you can get for less than Php1,000 and attach to your existing line).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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15 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    This is useful for those folks who don’t have available wireline facilities – either there’s no cable, or the cabinet is full.

    So it’s CDMA… what happened to Digitel Mango?

  2. BobReyes says:

    This is useful if you have a store, say in a mall, and you can put your own payphone biz right there and there .. other than that, i’d better stick with the wired landline.

  3. I got the chance to try the Bayantel SPAN of my friend when I was in Manila and had no complaints (except for a couple of dropped calls, even if there 2 bars of signal, using a Nokia Handset provided by Bayantel0. But it functions better compared to SUN (hard to call still, SUN-to-SUN)..

    My friend had no choice since the condominium is charging more than P1,000 a month for a extension phone..

  4. archie says:

    i want to use this in my multiroom/multipeople house…. can i connect my other landline extension phone in my house to the bayantel span phone unit ? …

  5. keita says:

    is this cdma or PHS the one japan uses?

  6. Erico Perez says:

    Archie, the zte unit has a data cable that some people have tried using a fax with (it is mainly for internet access). I dont know if they succeeded or if you can connect an extension phone with it. Then again, it is a portable desktop unit so you can bring your phone from one room to the next without bothering with wires.

    Other units are available. Details can be viewed at http://span.web.ph at your convenience. For Php 699, i thought that it is a good deal. I really dont like being tied down to the office :)

  7. ann says:

    im a new user of bayantel span fwt zte phone.
    i have’nt try yet the internet side.
    hope it will do well on my pc.

  8. ezra romeo 111 says:

    kakukuha kolang ng bayatel span… ang hirap maka konekta sa internet… buong maghapon akong nag try d other day… wala nangyari… tapos whole day din ngayon akong nag try… wala parin… bakit ganun…palaging line is busy.. at yung isang reason ay di raw maconect sa other computer kaya pinutol na lang… ano kaya yon.. hellerrr!!

  9. maria de la luz marquez says:

    I have been calling the Bayantel services to activate our IDD, DD (Long and international calls serivices, and there is no way to get through.
    May ask for the activition of our long distance call local and international. My no. is 433 86 60. I will be very happy if you solve my problem. Thanks alot. God Bless.

    Maria de la Luz Marquez R.

  10. janet comon says:

    can you check pls.the account name of jonathan caoayan,account number 332227793just for the month of october.how many times we report about no dialtone most of the time.the first was before oct.5,then oct.10.,oct.15,and just one day only oct.16.from that day i recieved a call from bayantel representative that i will not happen again,they promised to me coz they said the problem is i the main box.they said they change the fuse.and the latest no dialtone again today,oct.19.im tired to make a report again.i really dont know what happen and then my bill still the same.im not happy and satisfied already about your srevice.and im very very disappointed of the ABTEL,they are the group i think incharge in my area,coz its not a new problem to them but until now,they dont make an action.whoever the manager or supervisor if this ABTEL,PLS.DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY.

  11. janet comon says:

    pls.priorities the account number 332227793.most of the time,no DIALTONE.for the month of oct.how many days only i used the phone,but why my bills is still the same? can you check pls.in your monthly report how many times this account number always report about this.from oct.5 and today oct.19,no DIALTONE AGAIN.

  12. Rollee says:

    Bayantel wireless landline offer the lowest monthly rates compared to other wireless landline providers. Sa prepaid nila you can have a monthly subscription of 100 pesos. Ako ok na ako dito, bumaba yung cellphone bills ko nung isinabay ko yung gamit nitong bayantel wireless with my cellphone lines (sun, tm and talk and text), all prepaid, sa ngayon yung dating 700 to 1000 pesos ko monthly nagawa kong ibaba ng 500 monthly. Sa 450 pesos puro call na yun, wala na akong text masayado (sa sun avail ka ng unlimited text and calls and for globe yung sulit calls nila na 5 pesos per 3 minutes globe to globe or tm at same promos din with talk and text).

    If I need to call people at work, I just call their office rather than their cellphone especially pag nasa labas ako ng office.

    Ang calling rates ng prepaid landline halos pamigay na, 50 cents per minute, you pay for the first to 6th minute, after the 6th minute the call is free na. A call as long as an hour is equal to 3 pesos only….galing!!!!

    Disadvantage nga lang, pailan-ilan lang, pag nasa loob ka ng mall (not all malls) or buildings yung unit ko walang masagap ng signal. Another disadvantage is the unit, ang pldt and globe puede sa gsm phone kasi gsm technology ang ginagamit nila sa wireless landline nila, sa bayantel its different, dapat bunili ka ng special phones nila na parang cellphone kasi CDMA technology sila which is kaiba sa GSM.

    I havent tried it with data yet pero who cares? I certainly dont…..

    All in all if I would rate bayantel from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest, I say bayantel wireless landline ( prepaid of course) is an 8!!!!!

  13. obviously like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will certainly come back again.

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