EasyCall gets NTC nod for Wireles Broadband

EasyCall gets NTC nod for Wireles Broadband

EasyCall announced the other day that it was able to get an NTC license to use the 15MHz of spectrum within the 3.4GHz range. This allows the company to offer wireless broadband services.

EasyCall has been offering corporate internet access (DSL, DLL, IDS) for some time now, thru partnerships with various local telcos.


EasyCall is formerly paging company (you guys still remember the pager?) that turned into the telco business. The frequency secured by the company will enable it to offer wireless broadband internet.

Not sure if they’ll expand and offer the service to commercial/residential subscribers but a new broadband provider is always a welcome development.

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14 Responses

  1. whaâ„¢ says:

    easy call those are the days that i have to call to the pages operator to page my friends… now they offering broadband.. so lets gave it a try

  2. It always to good to have alternative broadband provider, more choices and more competition means more affordable rates among other telcos

    EasyCall – whats your message?!

  3. EasyCall gets NTC nod for Wireles Broadband: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/telecoms/ea

  4. markmarcelo0210 says:

    I miss EasyCall! During the 90’s I am an EasyCall subscriber for 2 years but I switched to PowerPage during the time that pagers are going extinct. I remember that I have an analogue cellphone (Smart) and a pager.

    Its good to know that EasyCall is back in business.

  5. roiji says:

    i hope this move will make globe, smart, and sun wireless broadband shake their knees…

  6. jasetiojanco says:


    I still remember the days when I used to page my mom or dad to buy me something. :))

  7. manaka_junpei says:

    buhay pala ang nagdala nang BEEPER sa pinas…akala ho napaso na yan

  8. Euan says:

    sana ibalik yung Beeper/Pager!! Di ko naabutan to eh (i mean I was too young to own/have one) :( tapos imbes na itawag sa operator yung ipe-page mo, ite-text na lang! :D Tapos may naisip pa akong gamit nito.. kunwari di mo gustong i-share yung cellphone# mo, ibigay mo na lang yung pager/beeper number mo.. o di ba? Cell phones and beepers can co-exist?! ;)

  9. Adrian says:

    i hope mabili broadband nila.

  10. Frenchy says:

    Glad to know this. Having more competitors for Globe, Smart and Sun, the better. I really hope Easy Call will have the broadband service available commercially soon.

  11. osting says:

    wow..we have wi-tribe, globe visibility, smartbro, PLDT weroam, bayan wireless, SUN broadband…and NOW we have EasyCall Wireless! Yehey…!!! let’s pray na di matulad ng wi-tribe yan na hanggang ngayon hirap makapasok sa market…

  12. incredibleDNA says:

    sabi ko na nga ba e, it rings a bell tlga haha.. does this mean na matanda na nga tlga ako?lol

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