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Globe plans to offer tiered pricing, top ups amid FUP

Globe Telecom, in a response to the NTC last week, has revealed that they are planning to offer tiered pricing to their data plans in order to address the concerns regarding data caps imposed in recent weeks.

In a report by PhilStar, Globe has responded to the NTC regarding the strict enforcement of their Fair Use Policy and revealed plans to offer subscribers several options to increase their data allocation.

This confirms the previous information we gathered from a source inside Globe that some sort of bucket pricing will be offered soon. Once it is implemented, subscribers will be able to top up and increase their daily limit of 1GB to any allocation.

This direction is similar to the existing PowerSurf promo that Globe already has in place. The difference is that the top up is above the Php999 monthly unlimited internet of existing subscribers.

We still don’t have any exact information on the fees for the top up but we imagine it to be something like this:

Current Plan: Php999 unli data/internet @ 1GB daily limit


Top Up options:

Add Php299/month for additional 1GB/day limit (2GB daily total limit)
Add Php499/month for additional 3GB/day limit (4GB daily total limit)
Add Php999/month for additional 9GB/day limit (10GB daily total limit)

These are just examples but we will update you once the actual figures arrive.

Three weeks ago, Globe started enforcing their 4-year old FUP which sparked a lot of outrage from its subscribers.

Around 30,000 to 60,000 or 3% of Globe’s close to 2 million subscribers are affected by their FUP based on the 1GB/day or 3GB per month limit.


Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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72 Responses

  1. kamote says:

    >Add Php29/month
    >Add Php499/month
    I believe the first one is a typo. 29/month is way too cheap.

  2. SPARTAAAA! says:

    but for 999monthly lugi masyado ang mga user napaka liit ng bandwith na binibigay nila sana babaan nila ang mothly payment BS!

    • Miss Call says:

      Learn to read:

      These are just examples but we will update you once the actual figures arrive.

    • kamote says:

      Oo nga. Tska sa nangyayari ngayon baka magsi-talunan sila sa dsl so yung mga dsl users naman kagaya ko ang maaapektohan.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      In fairness, sulit kung ganito ang magiging pricing ng Globe.

      Imagine, for only P1,498 (999+499) you get around 120GB allocation a month. To top it off, you get to connect to LTE/HSPA+ sites which gives you burst speeds of 20+MBPS. Sobrang sulit compared sa ibang home broadband offers.

    • xmack says:

      @suncell subscriber – 7GB lang ang allocation mo per month based on your example.

  3. Miss Call says:

    The FUP is already 4 years old?

  4. BitchPlease says:

    Bitch please, common sa mga LTE capable phone is non expandable, nag rerely sa mga cloud storage,
    3 GB is not enough, 4 GB is not enough. Not mentioning na weekly nag uupdate ng apps, na kelangan din namin mag install ng apps

    na kelangan din namin i tether ung koneksyon para as iba naming devices.

    Na ang uploading namin ng mga pictures, videos, files as cloud para maccess namin kung kelangan ay nag co-consume din ng bandwidth

    bakit ba pabalik ang teknolohiya ng Globe
    Di naman Long Term Evolution ung binebenta nila
    Long Term Edge (2G)

    The heck, parang sa lan lang yan na may capacity ng 5 users na tag 1-1 mb, pag na doble na ang capacity babagal n ang koneksyon. 5mbps / 10 = 0.5 mbs so ang ginagawa ng globe is sineset sa low priority ung kumakain ng speed.
    Ganinto ung way nila para mapagtakpan na hindi nila kayang suportahan ung mga subscriber nila sa FUP na yan.

    Instead na umakay pa ng umakay ng subscriber bakit hindi nyu i-improve ung network nyu na kayang humandle ng maraming users

    Enough with your greed.

    Bitch Please

    • BitchMoMukhaMo says:

      Kawawa ka naman mukha kang wala DSL sa bahay nyo kung maginarte ka.

      Malamang isa ka sa mga nagyayabang sa kalye na nagFB at YouTube sa CP nya habang nasa labas.Ganyan ganyan mga hinoholdap eh.

    • abdulJakulSalsalani says:

      “na kelangan din namin i tether ung koneksyon para as iba naming devices.”—-

      ayan, kaya ganyan ginawa ng globe sa atin, tulad ng mga abusadong kagaya mo gago!

    • anonymous says:

      dun sa dalawang nagcomment,

      would it matter kung sa CP ka gumamit ng internet? e ano naman kung walang dsl sa bahay? kahit 10 devices pa ang gamitin….bottom line, they were offered “unlimited data”….a year ago, nung nag renew ako ng contract, they were offering the unlimited data saying kahit mag youtube ka buong araw, download stuff sa internet, mag connect ng kahit ilang devices, as long as nasa 4G/LTE area ako I will get 4G/LTE speed….

    • hahaha!! says:

      BitchMoMukhaMo at abdulJakulSalsalani, katangahan niyo ding dalawa eh noh?

      ‘di niyo ba naisip na hindi lahat ng lugar ay abot o may DSL infrastructure?

      at ang tethering, Globe mismo ang nagsabi na pwedeng gawin yun ng mga subscribers..

      sa susunod matutuno muna mag-isip ah? bago niyo i-display yang katangahan niyo.

  5. ken says:

    sabi na nga ba e..tang na tlaga..i already expected na magkakaroon ng ganito..lang kwenta!

  6. abuzalzal says:

    Let the ripping-off commence!


  7. Kjata says:

    Kulang pa sa akin yon 9gb mahilig pa naman ako magtorrent at magdownload everyday tapos ka skype pa namin utol ko nasa canada, us at singapore. Tapos naggagames pa ako. Hindi sila fair sa totoo lang dapat mga 20gb per day

    • kamote says:

      Last time I heard, piracy wasn’t considered legal. Masyado na kayong nasanay sa pag gawa ng mga illegal na bagay katulad ng pag torrent. 9GB is too much bandwidth for a whole month unless you listen to music 24/7 using youtube, instead of actual legit digital copies of the songs.

    • abuzalzal says:


      nag evolve na po tayo (the way we consume media thru the internet)

      GB is too much bandwidth for a whole month??? The fukk, we ain’t in the late 90’s anymore kid lolmao

    • kamote says:

      Wag ka kasing laging namimirata at youporn. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • Deiz says:

      Yan lang naiisip mong gumagamit ng malaking data? Huwag kang assuming.

    • Mon says:

      May point si kamote na illegal ang piracy, pero sabihin natin na may netflix na dito sa pinas (or kung merong ibang video streaming service)… nasa atleast 2GB per hour and HD movies

      most cloud storage offer 10GB to 50GB

      There are games for phones that are more than 1GB (GTA as an example), even their updates are more than 1GB

      do not assume that all of us only need a few gigabytes of data per month… those 97% of the subscribers? probably isn’t really taking advantage of the full potential of the internet. Don’t let the rest of us suffer slow technological progress just because the “majority” are content on what they have right now.

    • Torrent!=Piracy says:

      Please note na hindi dahil sa thru P2P mo na-dload and isang file or batch of files ay may na-break na agad na copyright. In fact, lots of softwares out there are free to be redistributed.

  8. Jahh Morales says:

    what happens after 3Gb of data has been used before the month ends? Antayin matapos ang buwan bago ako makaka.internet?

  9. Kami says:

    Well if its 1gb per day and that is 30gb per month right for P999. Relative sa offerings ng ibangs bansa pede na yan.

    Pero please tanggalin yung unlimited.

    • Stephen Slade says:

      i don’t think 3GB is enough for an average guy who uses internet in a daily basis, i work for AT&T here in US and their basic plan for mobile internet is 45 bucks with 150GB data cap for a month with an additional payment of $10 for every 50GB excess usage a customer has, LTE connection is waaay better here than what your local providers offer. So f*** Globe!and f*** Smart!!

  10. Pedro Gil says:

    Considerings mas marami ang subscribers ng smart/sun at obviously mas maraming nagnenet dun eh at may FUP din sila, kaya para rin nila yung bandwidth.

    Globe ang yabang pa nila naiimprove daw nila yung reception nila eh ganito din yung katapat. WOW “system improvements.”

    3% lamang nga yung malakas magnet sa globe tapos pinatulan pa nila. Kalokohan.

    Ewan ko diyan pero big turnoff yung globe kahit dun sa mga hindi malakas magmobile net.

  11. Pat says:

    “3GB is more than enough for your monthly mobile data needs.
    23,700 Emails, 3,000 minutes video streaming, etc.”

    Don’t tell me what to do with my data. :|

    • Mon says:

      weird… I’ve looked at Youtube’s bitrate for standard quality videos, it’s at 1,000 kbps

      so thats 125 kBps, 7.5MB per minute, so 3GB would only give you 400 minutes of 360p video… that’s the lowest quality you can view a youtube video with.

      someone tell me if my computation is wrong, but how the heck did they get 3,000 minutes worth of video out of 3GB??

    • John Mark Marquez Dela Cruz says:

      @Mon baka based sa 144p that youtube introduced a few months back. With that resolution, you’ve got to move probably 5 meters away from the screen for you not to get irritated of the huge pixels. LOL

  12. MarkoErnesto says:

    another bait and switch tactic from these telco fuckers.

  13. Deiz says:

    Ang kapal ng mukha mo Globe. Sakim. Nabayaran pa ang NTC. Walang kuwenta. Pabagsakin lahat yan mga salot sa lipunan.

  14. Mirror says:

    this 3000 minute of video streaming is nothing but a mere hoax! Ni simpling animetail lang 3-5 episodes it already consumes their allocated data!3k pa kaya!? i would have switched to smart if malakas lang yung signal nila. kaya nga lang dito sa amin, indi e…

  15. Ry says:

    GUsto ninyo bumaba ang internet natin wag natin pa monopolize ang internet magpapasok tayo ng investor sa labas tingnan natin kung hindi nila ayusin ang service nila

  16. F**cked Up Policy says:

    Let’s all transfer to SMART then..

    Simply Amazing!

  17. chinitoguy says:

    This is disappointing! Additional pay for extra bandwidth!?! Buti nalang I transferred sa Smart. At least sa FUP ng Smart excempted ang VAS (value added service) like LTE 995, LTE 299 at LTE 50 na part ng Flexibundles nila for All-In Plan subscribers nila.

  18. popcorn says:

    1. i got a plan999 which says UNLIMITED DATA download at 3G speed..
    i dont care how you think how i use my internet its my privacy.
    but i do not want to have this ripoff plan. BCZ I SIGNED up for plan999 with unlimited data at 3G speed.

    simple as that!

    sample service: i ordered 2pcs chicken but instead i get a 1pc chicken.wouldnt you complain? bcz they suddenly said for FAIR orders we have set only 1pcs chicken to all customers as of today.

    no this service aint right! revokes the plan999 unlimited data plan and speed.

  19. Lala says:

    Kala ko ba kaya inimplement tong FUP kasi bumabagal ang net ng iba dahil sa 3% na lumalampas ng 1GB.
    Kung magbabayad pala ng additional ‘tong 3% na ‘to di na sila counted sa mga nagpapagal ng net? Saka ‘bat binebenta pa rin nila ang iPhone5S nila ng unli LTE eh limited nga. Dapat unli2G ang iadvertise nila

    • TotallyAgree says:

      I could not agree more with this 100%, all the way, precisely, at kung anu ano pang paraan ng pag-sang ayon.

      It became very clear with this move that Globe just wanted to rob us subscribers even more.

      On a side note, (no offense to Prepaid subs – meron din ako globe prepaid, 2 pa nga) bakit ba kasi binibigyan nila ng free data access and prepaid tapos binabawi nila partly sa Postpaid subscribers?

  20. Name: Globe SUCKS! says:

    Globe telcom’s montly threshold is larger than most major telcos locally and globally – LOL bakit meron ba caping/FUP si smart pldt sun, talk and text????? FU GLOBE dapat sa inyo iniiwan nang subscriber para matauhan kayo!

  21. GLOBE FUCK UP says:

    Tsk tsk tsk, They say UNLIMITED Data plan not ADDITIONAL Payment….Such a BS!!!!!

  22. Kami says:

    Sir Abe, pwede po bang gumawa kayo ng article kung saan ma list nyo yung pwedeng gawin sa 3GB. yung totoo po ha. hindi yung mukhang binayaran..

    Salamat po.

  23. JasonWilliams says:

    Ok, globe, no problem with 1gb/day.. JUST REMOVE THE 3gb/month!

  24. juan dela cruz says:

    Additional na naman na babayaran. Income na naman nila yan. Dapat nakita nila na madami ng nag access sa net ngayon. Haloslahat na ng device pwede na.

  25. StudentObserver says:

    As in for real talaga yung 1 GB per day tapos 3 GB per month? What a BIG JOKE!

    Akala ko dati typo lang yung naging monthly allocation per month. Sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na 30 GB yan, nagkamali lang at 3 GB ang nailagay. Pero ngayon, seriously???

    1 GB per day X 30 days = 30 GB for 30 days!!!

    Ano ba yan Globe, basic Math lang nagpapaka-bobo kayo para lang sa pera?!

  26. AA says:

    Walang kwentang Globe yan. Download/Update pa lang ng apps sa appstore/playstore ubos na yang 3gb per month. Pano pa yung mga music streaming sites and cloud data backup? Hindi lang facebook and twitter and ginagawa ng mga tao. Gahamang Globe. Anlakas nyo magbenta ng mga plans tapos icacap nyo lang din. Matatapos na contract ko with Globe this April. Even though Im not affected by this FUP dahil may dsl ako sa bahay, dahil sa ginawa ninyo lilipat na ako.

  27. Ratheon says:

    Check these promotional marketing LIES globe used to sucker us into their ‘Unlimited’ internet services.
    It reads “Globe promises unlimited LTE on iPhone 5”

    heres another one:
    which reads “…the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with its features best enjoyed with an unlimited LTE plan from Globe which offers a plan value that’s almost double of what you pay for,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid.

    emphasis on “UNLIMITED LTE PLAN FROM GLOBE” – which qouted from the HEAD OF GLOBE POSTPAID no less!


  28. goodha says:

    baka typo lang ang ads ni globe. FUP: forever unlimited payment at hindi fair usage policy. im just wondering how that minimal 3% heavy data users would affect the whole 97% system wide. it goes to show that hindi kaya ng system ng globe. nagkandalokoloko na yung services ni globe be it prepaid or postpaid: postpaid billing issues, this fup thingy, signal coverage, lte limited lte coverage. between the two telcos, smart pa din (for now).
    dati dati, pagnaka globe ikaw, sosyal ang dating mo. ngayon, waley na.

  29. Summer says:

    Bakit hindi nyu matanggap na walang pambili ang Globe ng mga network devices na pwedeng mag-allow ng 20 GB a day. Mahirap ba intindihing pangit ang facilities ng Globe at FUP ang solusyon? Lemme give you a hint: Smart has better infrastructure.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Uu nga

      Pati DSL nila naka cap. Minsan dadayain ka pa sasabihin na reach mo na yung limit kahit hindi naman. Kalbaryo ang mag subscribe sa Globe mapa wireless plan or DSL….either way dadayain ka

  30. Ged says:

    Kalokohan ng globe.. addional payment for addtional bandwidth?

  31. Ged says:

    Sa mga matalino dyan.. may tanong ako na gusto ko malaman..
    Sino, saan , ano, ba ang ISP ng mga ISP natin dito sa pilipinas? I mean may binabayaran ba sila GLOBE, PLDT, ETC ng connection sa ibang bansa? At ganun ba kamahal un? Kaya ganon nalang ilimit ng globe ang net nila? Salamat sa makakasagot hehe…

  32. Bert says:

    It took 30 years for the RADIO to reach 10million listeners
    It took 10 years for the TELEVISION to reach 10million viewers
    But on the INTERNET it took for just 4years..

    Nakakatawang isipin HITECH na nga may LIMIT naman. Buti pa nung araw.. wala namang limit sa pakikinig ng radio at walang limit sa panonood ng tv.. ngayon may limit sa pag iinternet.

  33. cranium says:

    common internet activity estimates

    Email (text only) = 50 KB
    Web page browsing = 1MB
    Music streaming = 1 MB per minute
    Video streaming (Standard def) = 5 MB per minute (480p mpeg4)
    Photo transfer (down or up) (Hi-Res) = 5-6 MB
    Music transfer (down or up) = 4-6 MB per music file
    VoIP (e.g. Skype) = 1 MB per minute
    VoIP with Video = 8 MB per minute
    (i.e. as above with webcam)
    Online gaming = 150 MB per hour

  34. Vino Kulafu says:

    Mga boplaks pala kayo eh. Di nyo ba alam na may FUP din si Smart? Naunahan lang sila ni Globe pero for sure susunod din yan mag offer ng top-ups. Yun ang trend ngayon kahit sa abroad. Basa-basa pag may time.

    • 'em says:

      OO nga meron silang FUP pero ito ang official statement ng SMART… Yung explanation ng Globe sa article na iyan, milya-milya.. paki basa na lang…

      “With respect to our FUP, this has not been a source of concern because we upgraded our network in 2011-2012 and have more than sufficient capacity to handle our mobile data traffic. Today, we continue to expand our network data capacity to stay ahead of demand. We are also carefully studying current data traffic patterns and customer data usage in our network so that we can maintain a fair usage policy that best serves our customer’s needs.” -Mr.Ramon Isberto, Head, Public Affairs, Smart Communications




  36. adonno says:

    Try nila tanggalin yng fup for a week at sbhin nila sa mga subscribers nila na wlang data cap for a week tingnan naten kung kung 3% lng tlga ang nageexceed

  37. abuzalzal says:

    Out of topic lang

    Sa area ko, madalas kong tanungin sa mga sales rep ng Globe kung bakit hindi pa nakakarating ang high-speed internet sa amin…iisa ang sagot nila…

    ”May upgrading ng facilities po kasing nagaganap”



  38. globebulok says:

    Asan na ang mga fanboys na nagsasabing mas maganda mag globe kesa sa smart, dali ipaglaban nyo network nyo.

  39. boboglobe says:




  40. rico says:

    eh di ganon din congested pa rin network kung me options pala. me FUP pa kayong nalalaman, ang talagang dahilan ay pera.

    sa speed pa at capped pa lang nila, lugi ka na eh, magdadagdag ka pa.

    GLOBE, and bobo nyo.

  41. bye says:

    Goodbye globe!

  42. -Joe says:

    Good morning po. pakisawsaw lang po sa issue na to.. sa mga die hard at employee ng Globe dyan paki sabi sa CEO nyong bulok na mag upgrade kayo ng Infrastructure every year kasi yong number of subscriber ay tumataas lang yan.

    Let say meron kayong 5 million subscriber both prepaid at postpaid(wireless) at yong capability ng infrastructure nyo ay 3-4 million lang? dun lang kayo babawi sa FUP na gimmick? (Fair & Unfair Policy) Mahiya naman kayo!

  43. PJ Darling says:

    I assume Globe is doing away with the 3 gig monthly limit.

    It doesn’t do much good to offer daily increases if, in short order, they slam you nose first into a monthly limit.

  44. Bhiboyzkie says:


    Kung gusto niyo gumanti , wag na natin bayaran yung mga existing line natin, magpalit ng sim sa mga naka LTE Phones wag na bayaran yung plan tutal nasa atin na naman yung phone , kawawa naman tayong mga naka plan na 1799 and up LTE lakas makakain ng data yun !

    GLOBE napaka gold digger niyo

  45. ryan says:

    Pede ko ba i pa cut nalang ung postpaid line ko na unlimited na wala charging si globe. Isosoli ko nlng ung unit nila na pocket wifi.

  46. Guibelson says:

    Matagal pa akong magdudusa sa policy ng globe (24 months nitong dece,ber 2013 nag start), sana may gawin ang diyos para dito masyadong garapalan ang panloloko, sobra naman kung sa upcoming months ay ganito parin ang palakad ng globe… matuto naman silang maging patas sa consumers.

  47. ed says:

    unli daw. hnd nman!

  48. Chris says:

    I think in this days to have a Data Cap of 1GIG a DAY is more unfair than fair, not to talk about 3GIG a Month??

    cranium gave a nice example for data usage, I just want to include my findings:
    Android OS update – 800MB
    App updates range – 20MB to 300MB
    (since I had an OS update from 4.1 to 4.3 all my Apps needed an update as well. I couldnt use the internet for about 10 days until all updates was done)

    Grafik driver (laptop) – 450MB
    latest Win7 update – ca. 1GIG
    Antivirus updates – from 20MB to 300MB
    and so forth.

    In the FUP they are talking that big file downloads only happen with torrents or peer to peer, but the normal user with a smartphone and a laptop need to update his apps right? So how this is possible with a DATA CAP of 3GIG a month?
    I don’t know!

    Hope globe will arrive soon in the 21st century and see that the Data Caps they are using are for usage 15 Years ago.

  49. walang matino says:

    taga sto nino paranaque ako. no signal ang globe sa loob ng bahay. sa labas edge, hanap hanap ng pwesto para sa 3g.badtrip ang hirap maghanap ng sigal. to think na asa NCR ako, parang asa probinsya lang.
    Pag asa LIPA-Batangas ko medyo malayo sa city, PATAY NA ANG GLOBE wala KA NG COMMUNICATION SA OUTSIDE WORLD. lol
    2 company phone using globe and 2 globe postpaid for personal used. buti na lang GLOBE user kami kasi pag work related na tawag. di kami ma contact kasi no signal. LOL

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