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Globe promises unlimited LTE on iPhone 5

In a press briefing this morning, Globe formally announced the availability of the iPhone 5 in their network and also answered the lingering question of LTE support for the device.

According to Globe’s Peter Bithos, they will not differentiate between 3G and LTE when it comes to offering mobile internet service to their subscribers.

This means that if you can get UnliSurf for Php999 a month on your 3G/HSPA+ iPhone 4S, you will also pay the same price when you switch over to the iPhone 5 LTE.

At the moment, the LTE service with Globe is not yet provisioned for the iPhone 5 units that they’ve handed out to subscribers starting today. However, once it is ready, a software update on the iPhone 5 (via OTA) will enable this. Of course, your nano-SIM and account will have to be provisioned as well (not sure if that requires you to switch to an LTE SIM or not).

In any case, this is definitely good news to all iPhone 5 subscribers.

On the other hand, Smart has not made any announcements regarding their LTE service for the iPhone 5. However, if we based it on the current LTE handset plans that Smart has recently announced (see our story on Smart’s Sony Xperia V LTE), then we might expect a 1.5GB data cap on UnliData Plan 1500 or a higher 2.5GB for UnliData Plan 2000.

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46 Responses

  1. KENZO says:

    Kulit din ng smart eh no, “Unli” nila may cap. :)

  2. marc says:

    The sim card Globe handed out has “4G LTE” logo in it so I think it supports the network automatically when rolled-out. Is it?

  3. Mitee de la Cruz says:

    I call BS on globe…. They offer 7mbps+ speeds at higher prices then just ask 999 for LTE?

    • tu9tifive says:

      You are right…pero hindi lang yun ang dahilan…hindi lang BS ang statement na ito dahil sa presyo

      Ang hindi sinasabi ng Globe…kailangang Apple, Inc. mismo ang mag certify na 4G-LTE compatible ang network nila sa iPhone 5…LIVE TESTINGS mismo ang ginagawa ng Apple Inc. Kapag walang certification, di pwedeng gamitin na “LTE” ang iPhone 5. At kahit sa Europe…wala pang certified…

      Dear GLOBE, sana transparent ang marketing department nyo di ba? e lumalabas na gimmick or false promise lang ito e…sabihin nyo na lang sana na 4G network kayo (max pf 42 Mbps) at hindi 4G-LTE (max 100 Mbps)…

      sabihin nyo din sana na “…as soon as Apple certifies us…” sa mga disclaimer nyo. kasi lumalabas na nangongolekta kayo para sa isang bagay na di pa totoo, or worst-you are fueling FALSE HOPE, doing FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and making FALSE PROMISES para sa mga walang masyadong alam

  4. DTech says:

    Go GLOBE! You can never go wrong with Globe… YEAH!!!

  5. jer says:

    Just to clarify, does it mean that regardless of whether the phone was actually purchased from Globe or not, you can only get LTE access when Apple says so and roll out the software update?

    • sherwin says:

      I am assuming yes, LTE ready na un iPhone 5, but Apple would need to have it “updated” to activate the LTE feature

    • jer says:

      Thanks! Follow-up question lang. So kahit yung unit is from SG, I can be assured na yun LTE will work?

      Does anyone have an idea kung yun model released by Globe/Smart is A1428, A1429 GSM or A1429 CDMA?

    • mac says:

      The three iPhone 5 models include: GSM model A1428 that supports LTE Bands 4 and 17; GSM model A1429 that supports LTE Bands 1, 3, and 5; and CDMA model A1429 that supports LTE Bands 1, 3, 5, 13, and 25.

      Globe and Smart have LTE Band 3 in their networks. The A1429 model should be it.

    • mac says:

      ^ i mean GSM A1429 model.

  6. ponyong says:

    i doubt this would happen. browsing is subject to their Fair usage policy which has capping.

    Globe’s Postpaid Unli data plan has a 800mb per day cap, take note “UNLI”!

    • Honadodolo says:

      Globe has caps only in their broadband tattoo sticks, they do not have caps for their post paid cellular data – I have been using the iPhone 4s for over a year now at plan 1,799 without ever being capped off.

    • marc says:

      ^ You’re wrong. They also cap the postpaid cellular data as of late. They’ve changed their usage policy to include the postpaid. I have a friend that told me she couldn’t use cellular data on the road after Globe texted her that she surpassed the 800MB limit. She is on Plan 1799.

    • DTech says:

      marc, please verify that, never felt the data cap happened to me and I’m actually on unlisurf plan 999.

      800mb data cap is for super surf prepaid. Maybe some sort of glitch was encountered by your friend.

    • Squirt says:

      the 800mb per day cap is true. I got a notification text from globe saying I have reached 800mb limit for that day and my browsing will resume the next day. I’m on postpaid…. so im confirming marc’s statement.
      I did verify with a rep over their hotline AND business center, they told me the same thing: Yes, postpaid is capped too, just like prepaid.

    • Anti_Kimchi says:

      Isn’t the English Language amazing? Unli really means unlimited up to 800mb.. ;-) P.I. geez

    • DTech says:

      I see why you have a 800mb data cap, you’re not subscribed to unlisurf999, you’re at supersurf, which actually has 800mb data cap.

      I’m currently downloading a 1.4Gb file, I’m at 900mb now, let’s see if you’re correct. Maybe I’ll wait until it finishes, but since I’ve already downloaded 900mb and counting, I think it’s with the subscription.

    • DTech says:

      I’ve already downloaded 1Gb of the 1.4Gb, I think it’s with the subscription.

    • I do believe that there is NO data cap for postpaid subscribers that is on Unlisurf.. I have been on unlisurf999 for a year and a half already and I tether my android tab to my laptop most of the time and got no warning txt messages whatsoever.. The cap is true for tattoo sticks I believe but not for those under unlisurf plans.. I used to have a postpaid superstick and I asked the customer service if there’s a cap before she activated it for me, and she said that there is NO cap at all..

      Smart mobile data has a bandwidth cap and Globe unlisurf postpaid plans doesn’t! :) that’s the beauty of Globe that I love! totoong UNLIMITED! ^_^

    • I did get one of those warning txt messages on my iPhone BUT it’s because I wasn’t on any mobile data plans.. I used on pay-per-surf.. It warned me that I already consumed 800MB of data and it suggested me to register nalang daw for unlimited data service.. parang hindi naman sya cap, parang warning lang kasi it will cost a lot of money if you even go further and very impractical.. as I continued using my iPhone, di naman bumagal ang speed, same pa rin.. Unlike sa Smart that when you reach your cap, pagong na agad ang speed ng mobile internet mo.. So I do believe na walang cap sa Globe IF you’re registered to their Unlisurf 999 service.. :)

  7. Sonofa says:

    I use a Globe BB plan 599 to tether my laptop and my IPad, 2 weeks ago ang bilis ng connection ko, now sobrang bagal na… di naman siguro area problem… I think na bumabagal ang connection when you reach a certain point… browsing using BB is still fast pero pag naka wifi hotspot na ako kahit opera mini na ng ipad mabagal paren… same with my pc pag cable connection mabilis paren but pag wifi tether ang bagal na niya…

  8. Jay says:

    People, without the water, the pipes are useless! Globe and PLDT should offer faster internet speeds.

    We dont care if its LTE or HSPA+, just give us more than 2+Mbps guaranteed bandwidth on an average and you will have plenty of happy subscribers!

    • Sonofa says:

      sobrang bagal ng Globe ngayon… 2 weeks ago nakakuha na kami ng letter ng Globe about updates… and may 3G signal na kami… for 2 weeks panalo siya na i was thinking of getting an iphone 5 from them na…

      tapos last week wala na… balik na sa 1 bar signal ko… parang isang linggong pagibig lang…


    • Squirt says:

      finally… someone who thinks the same
      amen to that Jay!

  9. andelic1ous says:

    Another ‘press release’. Lahat naman ng network sa atin ‘all press release’ lang naman. profit-taker even mga services nila ay below level, walang pinagbago.

  10. Nathan says:

    praise release

  11. Ian says:

    Kayo naman kung ma ka react.THE OFFICIAL GLOBE PRESS RELEASE STATED THAT LTENWILL BE ROLLED OUT ONCE APPLE IS FINISHED TESTING GLOBE’S NETWORK. huwag putak ng outak ng hindi nagbabasa. Nagmumukha lang kayong mga tanga. All talk no balls.

  12. PaulC says:

    AFAIK, may case ang samsung regarding LTE kaya di magamit ng apple.

  13. to be honest most areas now sa vismin has good signals already pero sa manila medjo uncertain pa din pero here at cebu we experienced 6mbps speedtest pero syempre in selected areas lang so it think we should really think before we grab those offers kasi in the end tayo pa din ang magdedecide if we will believe them or not eh im so glad most filipino nowadays do know all those kinds of nerdy stuffs :)

  14. asa ka pa says:

    maniwala nalang kayo pag nandyan na, hindi pa rin reliable ang mga telco natin kahit na anong marketing strategy ginagawa and mga press nila, importante hindi sila nalulugi, anyway kailangan naman ng consumer ang service nila kahit below standard haaaaaiiiiisssstttttsssss!!!!!!!!!!

  15. anne says:

    Got my iPhone 5 on the launch day. Pero I have several problems. 1st hindi ako makapagsend and receive ng sms messages sa ibang networks and 2nd, gprs lang ang nakukuha kong signal from Globe. no EDGE and no 3G. such a dissapointment

  16. miming says:

    another scam from globe

  17. Guest says:

    Scam nga yan ng GLOBE. BILOG ANG MUNDO DAW.

  18. mattthew tribianni says:

    I’m wondering why this blog doesn’t have news on the “fiasco” that is happening right now among iPhone 5 users of Globe. That is, #G is not working, intermittent 3g connections, no activations even after a week, etc. Aren’t these “Philippine Technology News and Reviews”?

  19. Green says:

    Can anyone help me out with the LTE for Globe iPhone 5? I’m using a unit from SG and a Globe SIM but when I check the cellular options, there’s only an “Enanle 3G” and not “Enable LTE.”

  20. ji says:

    why o bakit ang daming tanga na di muna magbasa bago magtanong?

  21. Green mew says:

    Hello there.. Kapag nag avail po kayo sa globe ng 1799 plan unli data na po ba yun tapos meron pang iba pang freebies with call and text.. Pero meron po bang data cap kapag gumamit ka ng lte sa globe kapag postpaid ka?

  22. globe says:

    wag kayo mag avail ng plan sa Globe skwater yan, unlimited LTE? e me data cap nga kayo hinayupak nag globe.

  23. taga sto nino paranaque ako. no signal ang globe sa loob ng bahay. sa labas edge, hanap hanap ng pwesto para sa 3g.badtrip ang hirap maghanap ng sigal. to think na asa NCR ako, parang asa probinsya lang.
    Pag asa LIPA-Batangas ko medyo malayo sa city, PATAY NA ANG GLOBE wala KA NG COMMUNICATION SA OUTSIDE WORLD. lol
    2 company phone using globe and 2 globe postpaid for personal used. buti na lang GLOBE user kami kasi pag work related na tawag. di kami ma contact kasi no signal. LOL


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