As per gov't, Globe to charge additional Php5 for 911 calls

As per gov’t, Globe to charge additional Php5 for 911 calls

Globe Telecom Inc. has just said today, July 27, that they will be charging an additional of Php5 per call on top of regular voice charges for their subscribers calling the 911 hotline. This is in compliance with government’s request in order to make it a deterrent against prank calls.

Update: Additional statement from Atty. Froilan Castelo

On government policy for 911 and 8888: Globe will comply

Globe Telecom is ready to comply with the government directive to provide access to 911 and 8888 numbers for government emergency hotline and complaint hotline. All services will be for voice services only beginning August 1.

Globe has long used the 8888 number as its own customer hotline. However, the company will give way to the government request and will instead change to a new hotline number for its more than 57 million customers. The government allowed the company 30-45 days to transition to a new hotline which can be accessed by SMS and voice. Globe customers will be advised of its new hotline appropriately.

The government wants both 911 and 8888 to be executed similar to the 177 hotline maintaining a status quo where only the number changed.

Globe clarifies that it will be strictly complying with the directives of the government of implementing the hotlines to the public. This includes whether calls to 911 and 8888 will be free of charge or not.

—Atty. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel.



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“We would also like to inform our customers that those calling the hotlines will incur regular voice charges plus an additional P5/call for those calling the 911 hotline” – Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo

In a statement given to GMA News, Castelo noted that charging 911 calls is suggested by the government to discourage prank calls. Apparently, previous experience with emergency hotlines resulted to 98% of the calls are fake and only after the charges were added that instances of pranks calls significantly dropped.

The 911 hotline is set to replace the Patrol 117 starting August 1 as the Philippines’ national emergency hotline for incidents like police assistance, fires, medical, calamities, and other emergencies.

Updated: PLDT to also charge for 911

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This article was written by Heland Ortega, Junior Contributor of YugaTech. He is a graduate of Information Technology and Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology in where he is also now working as a full-time faculty. You can follow him at @helandortega.

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60 Responses

  1. John Nieurzyla says:

    Wow isn’t that a surprise, Globe makes the adjustment, and then charges over the limit for doing a government order, always out to make a profit, this is dirty money making profit, not a public moral service. And what happens in an emergency and the caller has no load?? They will not accept the call? just like the majority of the doctors, just out for the profit. Really disgusting and immoral.

    • Slash says:

      Remind ko lang:
      1. Globe is a business. It is not a government agency. You can’t expect them to give these services for free.
      2. If you read the article, it was THE GOVERNMENT who suggested the additional 5 peso charge to avoid prank calls.

      So direct your concern to the government, not to Globe. Iksi na nga lang ng article e na misunderstood mo pa.

  2. Junpit says:

    Dapat nyan makakatawag pa rin sa 911 kahit walang load at e charge nlng yung amount na dapat kung magpapaload ulit – pra sa mga prepaid users. Kc d nmn yung mga may load at postpaid users lang ang magkaka emergency.

  3. Welsh says:

    To discourage pranksters….. Does that mean if the emergency is true and valid there will be no chargers?!?!

    • Armada says:

      You’ll still be charged, apparently. Isn’t it great? Both the government and Globe just gave you a ready-made excuse to do nothing if happen across an emergency.

  4. Justin says:

    Free for valid emergency cases dapat and i charge kung prank calls. Kapal ng mukha ng globe na mag addtl charge pa ng 5pesos mga mukhang pera amf.

  5. alros says:

    walang problema may charge ang problema kung may charge ba ang medical services nila?

  6. Teks says:

    So, pag may emergency ka at wala kang load sorry ka na lang at mamatay ka na dahil sa 5 pesos? Diba parang mali yung concept na yun na pati matter of life & death eh pagkakakitaan pa din ng Globe?

    Tama ba naman yun? Pag-multahin nila yun prank calls pero hindi dapat singilin yung legit na emergencies…

    • Jaoie says:

      I don’t think that the government will allow this kasi bakit dito sa davao free naman ang calls to 911. Why can’t globe do the same nationwide. And knowing PDuterte, he is pro-masa. He wants it to be accessible and available to everyone.

  7. namye007 says:

    Hindi naman malaking halaga yan kung gusto nila kumita. May point din naman sila. Sana lang pwede credit pag walang load.

  8. shimekops says:

    Oh Mr. President siiiiiir, someone’s making a mockery of your presidential order.

    • Slash says:

      It was the government who suggested the 5 peso charge. It’s clearly written in the article

    • Jaoie says:

      I am 100% sure President Duterte will not allow this. Hello! 911 in davao is free for how many years now. Its accessible and available to everyone..which is the sole purpose of having 911. If you listen and knew how PDuterte thinks alam mo na na di nya papayagan to.

  9. Kinain ng Sistema says:

    natawa na lang ako bigla ito lang yung 911 na may bayad orayt

    • Des says:

      actually ung 911 lang sa davao ang emergency service na walang bayad.. 911 in US is not free

  10. WC says:

    911 should be accessible even without load. They can charge the 5 pesos (if it can indeed discourage pranksters) the next time you load. And the Php 5 should go to government coffers not the telcos, they earned enough.

  11. Just saying says:

    Honestly.. Yung rason na prank callers lang ang dahilan bakit may fee is pretty weak… If an actual emergency happened at walang load yung tao.. CONGRATS GLOBE… You just traded 5 php for a chance to save a life or even dozens if ever the nees arises…

    On top of regular calling chargers pa yan so 8/min plus 5 php = 13 pesos for a life… Ang mura ng tingin niyo sa tao…

  12. Dapat applicable din dito yung UTANG LOAD, pero dapat on-dial na lang ng 911, dun na lang magkakautang load yung voice caller. Hindi yung ireregister pa sa *143# yung utang load hahaha. Place yourself in the crisis of emergency, Globe. :) If Globe hold true their claim that the additional P5 charge is just to avoid prank calls and not for profit. Then they have adjust their rule para sa emergency calls. :)

  13. Mil says:

    Mahirap kasi maghabol ng prank callers lalu na majority ng celphone users ay prepaid lang. Unlike postpaid and landline subscibers na meron detailed info.

  14. Can’t they just trace the prank callers and punish them if proven guilty. This service should be free of charge, but we should know that this isn’t a joke and be responsible for every call we make. Emergency na, pagkakakitaan pa. I can’t consider this country to be progressive if we’re taking advantage of people who are in desperate situations.

  15. They should allow for the caller to call 911 even if there’s no load.. then subtract it later when they have one.. just like their LOAN LOAD service..

  16. sa other countries kasi registered ang mga numbers so walang nag pa-prank calls kasi malalaman kung sino, unlike dito pwede kang bumili kahit saan ng sim after the prank tapon ang sim no problem, kung mag co-conduct naman ng sim registration sasabihin nanaman againts privacy, hay naku: much better siguro gawing free ang 911 calls to those registered sims like yung mga naka plan or those who want to be registered otherwise charge them. ang daming benefits for registered sims one of it is mawawala yung mga text ang call scam.

  17. Jeric says:

    hmm.. if regular call (8/minute)+5pesos…so 13 pesos yun.. most of the time hindi yan makukuha sa 1min. explaining everything.. so like for example a 5mins call would cost 45pesos..

    bakit hindi nlng nila gawin like for example a one time fee of 15pesos (unlimited) once connected.. coz lets say meron kang 20pesos load then in the middle of conversation naputol dahil na ubusan ka ng load.. pano na yun?

    so probably a one time fee na unlimited then if walang load or kulang yung load mo kakaltasan nlng sa next load. Something like that.

  18. Edward Watson says:

    In every other country that I know, calling the emergency operator is free. Prank calls are discouraged by the fact that the caller’s number and location are recorded on thew system. Only on the Philippines. :-(

  19. Easy E says:

    Php5 on top of regular call? Di ba sobra naman na yata yun? What if super emergency at wala kang load?

  20. Imagi says:

    parang ang labo naman. so for example naaksidente ako, nanghihingalo na ako sa kalsada, ang load ko lang ay 50 pesos, so that means I have to finish the emergency call within 3 minutes?!? naiimagine ko na:

    911: (prerecorded message) welcome to the emergency hotline. please enter your 11 digit mobile number. if you need an ambulance please press 1, if you need a fire truck press 2, if you need police press 3, if you need to repeat the message press 9.

    sabay on hold ka ng napakatagal with matching product endorsement.

    tapos boses bakla na operator pa ang sasagot.

    badtrip, ubos na 3 minutes ko, ubos na load ko.

    • Easy E says:

      Bakit kasama pa yung ,”tapos boses bakla na operator pa ang sasagot”? Ano ba dapat? Boses babae o boses straight?

    • Imagi says:

      @Easy E per my experience, ang hirap intindihin ang (pilit/forced) accent kapag bakla ang kausap mo na call center agent. nasa emergency situation ka na, hindi mo pa maiintindihan ang kausap mo.

  21. Sammy says:

    What if even you have no load, you can still make a call but the next time your going to load your number, they will deducted the P5 you used for the service

  22. Chito Reyes says:

    Please note that by calling 911 regular voice charges would be slapped already (it is not FREE) so if there’s no load you can’t call 911. According to the article, an additional Php 5.00 would STILL be charged ON TOP of the regular voice charge. The initial voice charge should already be enough to discourage prank callers.

  23. Armada says:

    Well… that definitely discourages me from using this service. If I see a guy bleeding to death or a house burning and I have no load, I’ll have to go the old-fashioned way and just watch helplessly.

    • Teks says:

      Take a video while you’re there and post it using their FREE FACEBOOK promo… Weird, FB is free but emergency calls are not…

  24. Rence says:

    May charge? grabe nmn pano ung mga urgent na dpat makatawag sa hotline, dpat may exemption

  25. OPPA MARUGO says:


  26. Teks says:

    Kung 5 pesos lang to discourage prank calls, madami pa din gagawa nun.

    Life & death emergency pababayaran nila pero FB pinamimigay nila… Mas importante kasi FB kesa buhay ng tao…

  27. Rafael Mance says:

    kpg cguro ngng batas n ang sim card registration mg2ng libre n to dhl mttrace nl ung tao kpg ngtrip lng x

  28. natos says:

    Bakit hindi yung gobyerno ang pagbayarin nyo ng 5piso kada tawag? Masyado bang mabigat yun para sa knila? Buhay at kaligtasan ang pinaguusapan dito pero ang dating eh gusto nyo padn pagkakitaan? itulong nyo nlang yang 5 piso na yan sa mga simpleng mamayan tutal milyon milyon naman ang kiinita nyo GLOBE dba? kaya hindi naasenso ang Pilipinas eh panay sariling kapakanan lang iniisip. tatawag akong ng madami sa 911 para times 2 ang average income mong globe ka sa isang araw.hahahahaha

    • art-Hour says:

      I beg to differ, hindi rin makakapasok ang ibang may seryosong pakay sa pagtawag sa emergency hotline dahil sa mga prank callers kung libre. I worked for a local telco as a csr.. and believe me almost 90% ng calls puro prank calls kaya pag nakapasok na yung may mga pakay talaga galit na kasi nka hold na for ilang minutes.. think about it. di rin naman siguro mag hihire ang gobyerno ng 30 thousand representatives to take calls.

  29. Jeorgia Evangelista says:

    Sana pwede yong after charge call. Kasi kaya nga emergency eh.pano pla yon pag may emergency tapos walang load punta muna Tindahan para magpaload?

  30. chei says:

    Kaya dapat registered ang mga sim card sa Pinas

  31. Hazel says:

    Maryosep…panu kng pnasok s bahay ng msamang loob at walang load ung may ari ng bahay..kaya nga inimplement yang 911 n yan for emergencies…npatay nlang ung mga tao dun s loob ng bahay dhil lang s halagang 5pesos?!!!!!

  32. Kwentology says:

    SIM Card registration and fingerprinting is the best way to grid rid of those prank calls.

  33. Kim says:

    Maaksaya ang oras sa nonsense reports pag libre yan, kasi madami ngang prank call baka di ma-prioritize yung emergency. Sana lang makakatawag kahit no load, sa next load mo na yung P5 kaltas. Katulad ng GTSOS/Emergency load.

    At oo, kahit P5 lang yun mababawasan yung prank calls, tayo nga na hindi pa tatawag, nagrereklamo na bakit may P5 pa eh HAHAHAHAHA

  34. Neil Adona says:

    wait lang kuya bago mo ako pagnakawan, papaload lang ako sa labas…
    pwede siguro upon reloading na lang bawiin… fair enough?
    ?#?makenosense? ?#?911hotline? ?#?emergencyngaeh?

  35. Chapz says:

    Hey people… hindi lang po 5 pesos ang charge, on top lang po iyan sa regular call rate of 7.50 pesos!
    12.50 pesos per 911 call…!!!

  36. ocommon says:

    Pwede naman daw umutang sa Globe. Uso ngayon yun hehe..

  37. awdaw says:

    bisag asa ibotang ang globe wa jud gihapy yayo

  38. Metroman says:

    problema po ba prank calls? auto block ng sim.. or much better auto trace then kulong… tingnan po natin kun manloko pa yan mga yan… kikita na mga telecom company via selling new sim kun ma block un sim nila till manawa sila manloko kakabili ng sim.. kesa naman pag walang load bawal humingi ng tulong? kaabnormalan yan

  39. Ella Marelle says:

    “Kuya teka lang baba mo muna baril mo magpapaload muna ako eto P20 bili ka muna Cornetto. BRB”

  40. jusray says:

    oi Globe Telecom, mahirap na nga kami at mamamatay na nd parn pwd tumawag ng 911? kailangan may 5php load pa talga? mas importante pa talga ang pera niu kaysa sa buhay ng tao?

  41. sonny boy says:

    PABOR sa mga rapist at kriminal yan!
    Rereypin na yun babae iisipin pa ba nya kung san sya magpapaload? Hahahaha! Bweset!
    At yun nagsugest nito malamang gustong pabagsakin sa pwesto si Pres Digong.
    Isip isip din sana pag may time!

  42. Youshallnotpass says:

    Kung maging libre yan at naflood ng prank calls magrereklamo kayo na congested yung lines. The 5 pesos serves as a deterrent sa mga nanloloko. It would keep the lines open for the real emergencies.

  43. JKenargan says:

    sana gamitin ung tracker sa mga sim cards dba meron na un para hulihin mga nang loloko dapat may batas ito

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