As per gov’t, Globe to charge additional Php5 for 911 calls

Globe Telecom Inc. has just said today, July 27, that they will be charging an additional of Php5 per call on top of regular voice charges for their subscribers calling the 911 hotline. This is in compliance with government’s request in order to make it a deterrent against prank calls.

Update: Additional statement from Atty. Froilan Castelo

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On government policy for 911 and 8888: Globe will comply

Globe Telecom is ready to comply with the government directive to provide access to 911 and 8888 numbers for government emergency hotline and complaint hotline. All services will be for voice services only beginning August 1.

Globe has long used the 8888 number as its own customer hotline. However, the company will give way to the government request and will instead change to a new hotline number for its more than 57 million customers. The government allowed the company 30-45 days to transition to a new hotline which can be accessed by SMS and voice. Globe customers will be advised of its new hotline appropriately.

The government wants both 911 and 8888 to be executed similar to the 177 hotline maintaining a status quo where only the number changed.

Globe clarifies that it will be strictly complying with the directives of the government of implementing the hotlines to the public. This includes whether calls to 911 and 8888 will be free of charge or not.

—Atty. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel.


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“We would also like to inform our customers that those calling the hotlines will incur regular voice charges plus an additional P5/call for those calling the 911 hotline” – Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo

In a statement given to GMA News, Castelo noted that charging 911 calls is suggested by the government to discourage prank calls. Apparently, previous experience with emergency hotlines resulted to 98% of the calls are fake and only after the charges were added that instances of pranks calls significantly dropped.

The 911 hotline is set to replace the Patrol 117 starting August 1 as the Philippines’ national emergency hotline for incidents like police assistance, fires, medical, calamities, and other emergencies.

Updated: PLDT to also charge for 911

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    sana gamitin ung tracker sa mga sim cards dba meron na un para hulihin mga nang loloko dapat may batas ito

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    Kung maging libre yan at naflood ng prank calls magrereklamo kayo na congested yung lines. The 5 pesos serves as a deterrent sa mga nanloloko. It would keep the lines open for the real emergencies.

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    PABOR sa mga rapist at kriminal yan!
    Rereypin na yun babae iisipin pa ba nya kung san sya magpapaload? Hahahaha! Bweset!
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    Isip isip din sana pag may time!

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