Poll: Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile Subscription?

For the past decade, I’ve always been on prepaid mobile subscription and the first time I switched to postpaid was when I bought the iPhone 3G last year.

Having had some billing issues on my postpaid account lately made me think if I should go back to prepaid again (besides, I’m no heavy texter or caller). Obviously, there are some advantages and disadvantages between the two.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

This brings us to our poll of the week — are you on prepaid or postpaid? Why?

Please do send your answers to our Poll section on the right side and/or add a comment below.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

126 Responses

  1. Avatar for reynald reynald says:

    Isa akong smart, globe and sun retailer business…. so sa load hassle., no problem ako…

    By the way… naka globe postpaid plan 999 ako,. and i love it… no hassle sa bill basta marunong kang maintindihan ang bawat numero., at naka smart freedom plan ako, na costumizable no fixed monthly fees… nakaka inis lang talaga sa smart at hindi kasama ang vat sa ni register ko… i planning to give up na lang… honestly may hidden charges talaga ang smart….

    So to choose with prepaid or postpaid??, please allow yourself to analyze your budget and need sa kung heavy user or not kah… if heavy user kah? go for POSTPAID especially to globe…. if light user ka nman, xempre sa prepaid kah…

  2. Avatar for emmett denison emmett denison says:

    I’m an American and am very confused with the cell service here in the Philippines. All I want is a post pay service that allows me to call any cell phone or land line. Why is it so difficult to get a real cell phone plan — one that works. I know in the USA a phone is a phone call anyone, your plan dictates how much to spend and notifies you when you have reached your allowable minutes. Any suggestions out there for a dumb American just wanting a phone service that works, please let me know… thanks

  3. Avatar for iconx iconx says:

    Im askin which is better based on your experiences? smartbro postpaid unli internet or unli data plan? is there a speed limit on mobile data plan vs. smartbro unli postpaid?

  4. Avatar for Lovesakura Lovesakura says:

    In my opinion,GLOBE PREPAID.

    May freedom ka to choose promo na swak sa budget at kailangan mo.
    Pag nawala ang sim card mo, pinapalitan din sa Globe Center,( For Free ).
    You can monitor your monthly usage.
    Though hassle nga lang ang pag loload.

  5. Avatar for Roman Roman says:

    Hi, before naka business starter plus ako sa globe which is 499. unli call to globe and tm plus 300 text to all networks. per minute charging to other networks is 6.50 and sa sosobrang 300 text to all networks will be multiply sa .50cents. after 2 years contract with free handset (nokia smart phone), they offered me na kunin ang loyalty reward which is bill rebate for another 24months lock in period, total less is 240 pesos. so from 499-240=259 na lang a month ang bill ko (if globe and tm lang call mo and di ka lalagpas ng 300 text). well if lumagpas man, mag additional na lang sa 259… now thats genius!!! LOVE IT…

  6. Avatar for jhenz jhenz says:

    i bough a sim card Globe last monday 24 and i dial *143# and choose promo.. then i tried to unli SUPER 25 b this is i always get from 8888
    “Sorry, ikaw ay naka-subscribe sa isang service na hindi pwedeng gamitin kasabay ng Globe SUPER-UNLI. Hintayin na mag-expire ito so you can register to SUPER-UNLI.”
    how can 8888 say I”m still registered to UNLITXT20?
    Is this Globe’s one way of lessening SUPERUNLI25 users? Will I be able to register SUPERUNLI25 again?

  7. Avatar for bee bee says:

    Jiro Yan: what did u do? did u paid your bill?

  8. Avatar for peachy peachy says:

    Post paid – cheaper if you’re a heavy user plus there’s always load.

  9. Avatar for milcarino milcarino says:

    Postpaid. Kasi di ka maiipit sa situation na bigla kang mauubusan ng load dahil na-consume mo na or dahil biglang kinain ng network. May times kasi na kailangang kailangan mo makatawag or makapagtext man lang pero di mo magawa dahil, out of prepaid credits ka na at wala ka pang mapaloadan. And imagine, may per day unlimited nga, pero if you arre to compute it to 30 days kung gusto mong unli ka araw araw, eh lagpas pa sa maaari mong baaran sa postpaid. Wala kang free phone after getting their service for 2 years or more, sa postpaid mayroon. Both prepaid and postpaid subscription ay pweedeng mag avail ng number portability. Pag nawala, pasa lang ng affidavit of loss na notarized at proof of identity at proof of number ownership, then pay for the amount na need para sa SIM replacement.

    Kung tatanungin naman ako kung Globe or Smart, I’d go for Globe, mapa prepaid man o postpaid. Before naka-prepaid ako, SmartBuddy, always nawawala load (tiniis ko yung ng 5 years), tapos tried Globe Prepaid, okay naman, di nakakainan ng load, kaso masyadong magastos. Observe ako and nag-tala ng mga prepaid cost, mahal masyado inaabot kahit may unli, hay.. Haha.. Kaya switch ako sa postpaid ng Globe. Plan 999, Fully Loaded Plan, consumable, di man ako unli(kasi on-top of the bill at isa lang option na monthly sub), and freebies ko naman patok.. Ahaha.. Imagine, bigat ko mag text pero di ko nauubos yung 600 free text sa combination of 3A’s.. May 30 Min free call pa ako.. Plus yung 999 na pwede mong gamitin sa tawag, text, internet, at kung anu-ano pa. Di lang ako gumagamit ng share-a-load, kasi on top din yun. Pero who needs SAL? mas okay kung magpaload ka nalang kung willing ka. Mababa ang mobile rates sa Globe compare sa Smart. Nasubukan na namin Smart, malulula ka. Sa Globe kahit kaunting disiplina lang check na. :D

  10. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    I think another PRO in using a prepaid service of any carrier is that pwede mo syang gamiting alibi.

    Friend: Ba’t di mo ko tinext kagabi?

    Me: Wala na ‘kong load eh. (kahit meron)

    and you simply cannot do that on a regular postpaid subscription, else YARI KA! LOL.

    Also, sa prepaid, you can buy a 300 peso call card for just 285 (285 I think is the lowest that I’ve seen so far). Oh diba sulit XD

    But kidding aside, kaya ako nag-post dito kasi I’m planning on getting a postpaid subscription (from Globe. May Fully Loaded plan kasi for 299). Just checking if it’s worth it and if it’ll really be of use sa katulad kong hindi naman heavy user.


  11. Avatar for vcente vcente says:

    Maganda sana magpostpaid kasi may mga times talaga na kailangan mong may makausap sa cellphone tapos biglang mapuputol yung call or kung nsa bus ka galing probinsya at papunta ka ng maynila pero hindi makapagtawag kasi nasa biyahe at walang mabilhan ng load.

    Problema nga lang sa postpaid, walang network ngayon na sulit ang offer.. I mean ang mamahal ng starting amount na babayarin. May P350 sana yung Globe kaso globe to globe text lang yon. Di makatawag. patong pa sa bill.

    I am currently a SMART Gold Lite subscriber and a Globe prepaid subscriber and REALLY REALLY would want to switch to Globe Postpaid pero I want to keep my number! I have had my number for almost 7 years already.

    Mahirap mag-change ng cellphone number. Kung i-aallow sana ng networks na magshift from prepaid to postpaid and vice-versa, magshishift ako to postpaid…DEFINITELY, kahit may bayad pa yan na 1000 na conversion fee or whatnot.

    I am keeping my Smart Gold Lite for emergency situations but I find it a waste kasi wala akong kakilalang naka-SMART or kung meron man, ang mahal ng rates pagtawag sa other networks—7.64 per minute (dahil hindi inabsorb ng Smart ang 12% VAT..peste).

  12. Avatar for Bob Bob says:

    I’m planning to get Globe’s My SuperPlan where I can choose my preferred unlimited service every month. This is cheaper than a prepaid line if you’ll subscribe to an unlimited service for a complete month. SP’s SuperUnli would cost you P599/1 month, versus prepaid’s SuperUnli for P150/5 days.

  13. Avatar for Kinny Kinny says:

    Post paid pros: 1. No scrambling for load during emergencies. That’s when one always runs out. 2. Calls per minute are cheaper on post paid. 3. No disappearing load dilemna. 4. If you lose your phone you get to keep the same number. 5. No worries about load expiring.

    I have had my Globe postpaid since 1997. Started with plan 100 and now at Plan 800 + Duo. I keep a Smart prepaid so my husband can call me or if i go to a place where globe has lousy signal.

    Tip for pre paid: Buy a bunch of load cards not just one. I always carry at least 2 load spares. 100 w/c now lasts 30 days is best value for money. Load every 30 days and you get 90 days instead of 75 with 300 load card.

  14. Avatar for lia lia says:


    hooray for prepaid!

  15. Avatar for Kelvin Tan Kelvin Tan says:

    I used to be a Globe postpaid user from 1998 to just last January. Noticed some billing discrepancies…got tired of complaining so I switched. I now have Sun postpaid which at first I thought I’d just try..since its cheaper also for the kids…but so far it’s good. Tried it in Bacolod ok din naman. Di ko lang alam kung sa bundok meron. Sa bagay, Globe nga Village East lang in antipolo wala ng signal eh. Sun & Smart only.

    Thinking of trying Smart too.

  16. Avatar for ZJ Morales ZJ Morales says:

    Kaya nga hindi ko nalang niread yung comments niya eh. I just gave it a LAUGH. Pero na offend lang ako nung pinagtulungan na siya. Tinawanan na nga lang namin English niya eh. Wag niyo na lang pansinin. :)

  17. Avatar for lalaine lalaine says:

    i agree with mark. postpaid service with Smart is not that good. imagine a month after my contract started i already have billing issues! kakaumpisa ko pa lng panget agad service. and also their CSR’s- should undergo another training. lousy and pathetic. wla man pkialam or should at least take responsibility on handling your issues with the company. hindi yung “e ganun po kasi tlaga un…” comment without fully explaining what to do.
    lastly– magulo ang billing ng Smart, i wonder how do they come up with the charges. parang minsan my mga hidden charges sa computation.. wla.. ill keep my globe postpaid service and after my contract with smart expires ill shift to suncel na. i like both sun and globe =)
    so guys better choose globe or sun– both have good service and value for you money..

  18. It will depend on your service provider and their promotion. I am using prepaid for almost 6 years here in Qatar but now I changed it to postpaid because of their promotion for low international calls.

  19. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Im on prepaid now with Globe after Globe Postpaid billed me 150,000pesos for internet usage. Time browsing is not applicable in my Plan thats why my bill reach like that. Globe CSR didn’t warn even you reach your limit already. In Globe Prepaid even if i lost my Phone they can replace my SIM Card with the same number. Just submit Affidavit of Lost and a Valid ID.

  20. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:


    Precisely. Some people could be obnoxious without really trying. Nothing much we can do. BREEDING or plain GENES? Arghh!

  21. Avatar for Jill Jill says:

    Sir Abe:
    Please indulge us once again, for going off-topic. Think we should clear some smoke here.

    Thanks for taking the cudgels for us, the Bisaya in this site. I know Edgar share your thoughts/indignation for that zj. Guess we can’t really help it if some people are insensitive, or callous at worst.

  22. Avatar for peter peter says:

    @ZJ Morales
    Sayang naman bugso ng damdamin mo. Relax ka lang. People, including you, have been taken for a ride. If you were smart enough, you would have realized this after reading most of that guy’s posts. :P

  23. Avatar for ZJ Morales ZJ Morales says:

    Why do we have to argue about the right or wrong way to speak english ba? Atleast nga kahit unti may tamang english eh. Why bother reading other people’s comments if it’s “NAUSEATING” for you? The poll is not about him, so why the hell do you pay attention to his comments. It’s a free country, so let people speak. At least THOSE people who can’t speak fluently tries to speak fluently. Not like THOSE other people who can’t do anything with their lives but discriminate other people’s interpretation of the English Language. So don’t bother reading others comments if you “CAN’T STAND IT”.

    PS: Who’s that other zj who sounds like he/she is pretending to be bisaya. That’s not nice, not nice at all.

  24. Avatar for mark mark says:

    Hello! I hope the author of this blog read this.

    Im a techie and gadget freak. Im always updated when it comes to gadgets and even their service providers. Im using all telecom providers Globe, Smart and Sun.

    GLOBE, SMART and SUN are the country’s current telecom providers. They compete for the service but what they offer is different from each other.

    Globe is known for being “the leader in postpaid” and honestly they offer the best postpaid service. International Roaming is Globe’s best service so far. Globe is now concentrating more on their prepaid market by offering “unlimited service”. What is interesting is that they offer the same “unlimited service” to their postpaid subscibers. So, if you are worried about your bill, switch to Globe postpaid. For me its “tipid sulit”. I am a Globe postpaid subscriber by the way.

    Smart is known for having the prepaid service among the 3 players. Its true indeed. Another thing that Smart is proud of is their “Nationwidest Coverage” which is also true. Even in far flung areas Smart has a signal. Smart also has the best 3G coverage too.

    Smart has the most number of subscribers but its odd because out of my 500 contacts, I only have 20 smart contacts.

    Smart, however has a poor postpaid service. I used to be a Smart Gold user before and I find their customer service and service offers terrible. They don’t offer “unlimited” services on postpaid not like their prepaid service. Smart instead introduce low cost calls and text thru their Smart Gold Lite postpaid service. The Gold Lite offers on 2 pesos per minute of calls Smart to Smart.

    If you want a “tipid sulit” service with a Nationwidest coverage, Smart Buddy prepaid service is the best for you. But please count your contacts who are Smart users first before you use Smart.

    For me Sun has the best of both worlds. They have the best prepaid and postpaid offers. Sun also has the cheapest regular postpaid plan on 350 per month and you can get a free phone when you apply.

    Sun is truly the “HARI NG UNLIMITED” and truly the most “tipid sulit” among the 3 players. But between postpaid and prepaid service, I think Sun postpaid is more “tipid sulit” for me. I am a Sun postpaid user and my bill only reaches 500 a month maximum because I use my sun for sun to sun calls and texts only.

    Many complained about Sun’s poor service and lack of coverage areas. I experiences Sun’s poorest service during the year 2007. Its Sun’s worst year for me. Its hard to call and text even to my fellow sun contacts. I almost gave up my postpaid line before but I had faith that someday Sun will improve their system and they did.

    Sun now has better coverage and improved service. It may not as 100% best like Globe or Smart but I think they are getting there na. Most of my contacts now have Sun aside from their main line Globe and good thing is I can manage my telephone expenses more because of sun.


    I think prepaid vs postpaid is not an issue here. Its the telecom service you use. If you are a wise user you won’t have explosive bills.

    Personally, I recommend that you get a Globe postpaid service as main line and Sun postpaid service as a secondary or back up line.

    That still depends on your contacts if they are using Globe more or Smart.

  25. Avatar for edwin edwin says:


    Nag ask na ako sa globe kung pwede i port ang number sabi hindi daw :( bad trip heavy user pa naman ako. I spend around 4 to 6k per month sa load.

    Nakaka bad trip hindi pwedeng i port ang number. Sayang din ang mga libreng phones na natatanggap ko sana. tsk tsk.

  26. Avatar for zj zj says:

    i go wed d prepaid, mas madami promos LOL, n besides i can buy a load wed my 10 pesos, much cheaper dan postpaid..

  27. Avatar for Joshua Lim Joshua Lim says:

    Haha interesting comments here. Hmm, I think drealmarlon is awesome. I also think he’s just playing :)

    Anyway, I prefer postpaid. I’ve been a postpaid subscriber for as long as I can remember that I don’t even know how to “pasa load” hehe. I like the assurance of being connected 24/7. I also get a new phone every 2 years from my network provider. I’m not hard to please, basta gumagana yung linya at nakakatawag/text ako, okay na sakin yung ganon :)

    Yuga, off-topic, but have you tried Globe’s new service? Gcash Click? It’s like Paypal daw pero local version. Baka you can post your feedback about it.

  28. Avatar for peter peter says:

    Ang Linggo ng Wika at Kasaysayan ay magaganap mula ika-17 hanggang ika-20 ng Agosto, 2009.

  29. Avatar for daniel daniel says:

    drealmarlon is excellent haha.

  30. Avatar for Jill Jill says:

    Sorry, make that “poll”. Typo, typo!!

  31. Avatar for Jill Jill says:

    Sir Abe:

    Never thought your site could get this interesting. This pool started out on preferred cell phone plans, but the responses you get! Soon, you’ll have a thriving site of .. what was it again, sylv3rblade?


  32. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    sayang adults na rin kasi me papa-sponsor sana me sa world vision para mag-aral ng englesh para hindi me na naa-annoy si mr.peter sa akin.
    sorry po hindi po me bisaya,pero thanks na rin po sa mga bad and good comments.

  33. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:


    Atta girl! Bitaw, samok na kaayo na sila ba.


  34. Avatar for Jill Jill says:

    Prepaid, personal choice. I hate falling in line at bill payment centers – all those people squeezed in a tight space; and the stench of all those colognes! Ugghh! I don’t text that much anyway.


    Hey, you’re quite popular (notorious ba?) in here. Bitaw dong, kung parehas tan’g Bisaya, pag binisaya na lang gud. Bahala gud kung pila ra’y masasabot nimo. Pasagdi na sila!

    Or are you playing us? For all we know, you might be just putting on a front (hopefully!).

    What sayeth thou, peter?

  35. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:


    Although sometimes I do prefer my postpaid line because I call more often (sun unli :D) than text spamming (globe unli)

    You won’t get banned for commenting. You will get slogged by grammar nazis though :D

  36. Avatar for peter peter says:

    I think you mean “all the critics here”.I give up on you. Mali pa rin ang english mo. Mag tagalog ka na lang kasi. Until you learn to speak correct english people will never stop criticizing your horrendous grammar.Kung bisaya ka naman at di sanay mag tagalog, mag bisaya ka na lang.

  37. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    i think all the critic here must have there own bully blogging sites than to make a grandstanding over the heads of the slumdog people.

  38. Avatar for ZJ Morales ZJ Morales says:

    Having a prepaid sim is very practical. Postpaid naman is too much Hassle.

    Too much hot air in here.

  39. Avatar for sammy sammy says:

    dati postpaid ako dahil sa work, palaging may tatawagan. ngayon prepaid na at new line of work, at least i wont be tied down for their 2yr lock-in period

  40. Avatar for peter peter says:

    It’s crystal clear that there is pretension going on here. Somebody is pretending that he can speak the english language fluently. I believe that speaking in english is not his only way to express himself.Pwede naman kasing mag tagalog kung di marunong magsalita ng wikang ingles. Panindigan mo salita mo. Be man enough.

  41. Avatar for paul e. paul e. says:

    have both for globe. postpaid’s my main line, though. more convenient for me. prepaid’s my “fun” line. ;-)

  42. Avatar for DBB DBB says:

    For me – prepaid. It would be great too if you know people who can reload credits to your number 24/7 for emergency purposes.

  43. Avatar for songs songs says:

    for me postpaid.. mas nakakatipid!!!

  44. Avatar for pong_pagong pong_pagong says:

    Postpaid globe subscriber for more than 5 years. Masaya naman ako sa service. Gaya ng nga sabi ng iba, kapag may emergency at wala kang load, di ka makakatawag. At saka monitored mo yung call and text, kaya wala yung “invisibale charges”.

    And no offense sa pre-paid, uso na yung spam message using a prepaid sim (aside from the annoying service providers sending promo text, etc.)


  45. Avatar for bokoi bokoi says:

    paturo ka kay inday!
    I bet aspiring CC agent ka.

    post paid ako. globe and sun. meron din prepaid ng smart.

    yung iba siguro hindi makaafford ng monthly billing ng postpaid kaya prepaid nlg. peace.

  46. Avatar for daniel daniel says:

    I go with postpaid as well. I call abroad almost every week and I wouldn’t have to worry about my conversation being cut.

  47. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    Must spread:


  48. Avatar for Technochase Technochase says:

    I’m currently using prepaid subscription to monitor my mobile expenses. I tend to exceed on postpaid. :)

  49. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    hey to all guys here that getting crazy about me here is my email add [email protected],there you all send your comments about me and dont make this sites for a lot of spam blog about me.
    Sir Abe dont make me ban here please.

  50. Avatar for Denz Denz says:

    Postpaid kasi Globe ko consumable 500 and sun ko 250 lang

  51. Avatar for Ted Ted says:

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  52. Avatar for Tonskie Tonskie says:

    with postpaid kasi, you get to do anything.. as long as meron kang pambayad.. with prepaid, i get to leave it there.. wala rin naman kasi ako maxadong katext.. :P

  53. Avatar for Pedro Pedro says:

    Pre-paid sir…

    i’m so poor eh…sometimes can’t make ends meet…

  54. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:


    Maybe I’ve been with Smart too long, I did’nt know they have that plan you mentioned. That’s interesting.


    Don’t feel bad about the bad press you’re getting in here. You are honest, and have no pretenses at all. I admire that in a person, and I’m Sorry if I had been sort of unkind earlier. Peace, man!

  55. Avatar for boo boo says:

    load tipid, which is globe’s prepaid-postpaid hybrid.
    you get a postpaid factor by getting a fixed amount loaded to your account per month (this gets you a bill) but as soon as you consume it, you can reload like prepaid.


  56. Avatar for Tonskie Tonskie says:

    i’ve had my share of postpaid drama… so im voting for prepaid. no hassles… and it’s fine.. discipline is what you should have in mind.

  57. Avatar for promdi promdi says:

    I started with post paid with Globe. After ng contract nag pre-paid naman ako para makatipid. Pero ang hirap sa pre-paid sa sobrang pagtitipid mo naeexpire lang ang load! At hindi ka makatawag pag emergency kasi kelangan magpa load pa. GRRRR moment talaga yun. So now I’m back with Globe Post Paid. I just love their free 20min. call. All network yun ha

  58. Avatar for gardynia gardynia says:

    definitely postpaid,you can maintain your number even if your phone gets lost, i am not a fan of always changing my number , my number is like my name.

  59. Avatar for Kevin Cheng Kevin Cheng says:

    prepaid. i’m too light a user even the smallest monthly (or semi-monthly) prepaid loads expires on me, or at least prior to that recent ruling about loads expiry

  60. Avatar for peter peter says:

    the previous comment is for you jumper.

  61. Avatar for peter peter says:

    your unsolicited opinion is nauseating as well.

  62. Avatar for william william says:

    I suggest that you speak tagalog..
    rather than typing in english
    support ko lang idea ni Rich
    Prepaid! so yeah, i use prepaid and i still prefer prepaid. i can control my costs and i can change phone when i want and change network anytime.

  63. Avatar for Rich Rich says:

    – being a low level techie doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to punish our eyes and logic to decipher what you are trying to say.
    -What the others are saying is for you to just reply here in TAGALOG for crying out loud!
    so that your BAROK english won’t annoy people when they read your replies.
    -its good that you’re trying hard, but leave it to yourself for now, and post back here in English when you’ve fixed you sentence construction.

  64. Avatar for boddah boddah says:

    Prepaid ever since.. i have better control of my call/text costs, and I’m too lazy to pass docs etc. for a postpaid plan application. Also no monthly bill problems for me.

  65. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    299 laptop!


  66. i’ve never tried going postpaid myself. my biases on prepaid system. there, i can easily keep track of my account =)

    also, wala yatang ‘unli’ sa postpaid? minsan pa naman, swerte, naeextend nang matagal ang unli :))

  67. Avatar for bouie bouie says:

    @Ronfab, sa Globe Tipid Plans ba, your number starts with 0917*8*?

  68. Avatar for Nathan Nathan says:

    I prefer prepaid kasi it removes the burden that you have to consume an amount of text or call equivalent to the plan you have applied. LOL

  69. Avatar for Ronfab Ronfab says:

    Nakaplan ako sa Globe right now, tawag sa plan Globe Tipid plans, Minimum amount is P500.00 every month. Parang prepaid account, you can still use your current prepaid number para sa plan. Monthly, nagpapadala sila ng prepaid load, ikaw ang bahala kung anong day nila padadala, pag naubos na yung load, pwede ka magpaload ng prepaid credits. Postpaid, kasi naka lock for one or two years at may libreng phone din.

    Convenient siya for me, kasi may dadating na load every month. Hinde ka na mag mag-aalala sa hidden charges.

  70. Avatar for Kat - Kat Kat - Kat says:

    Never tried postpaid. I just don’t like the feeling na you have an obligation every month may babayran kang bill. :|

    Pero hassle din minsan pag prepaid kase you need na magpaload pa. Eh kung kasing postpaid meron na agad anytime na may gusto kang tawagan o itext.

    Though I still go for prepaid :)

  71. Avatar for Tayubong Tayubong says:

    It really depends on your budget. For me since I am a budget conscious fella then I’d rather go prepaid. You don’t have to pay monthly bills and you are not tempted on unnecessary calls. Me and my wife are SUN prepaid subscribers and we spend only P150/Month each on our cellphone expense compared to the minimum monthly fee of other networks. For this you get a 4 hours talk time and an unlimited text service. It is just recently that our area have a very strong signal even inside the house. To think that the law to extend the load of mobile phone services this gives prepaid consumers the most advantage.

  72. Avatar for Toto Toto says:

    Been on postpaid since 2001 and have had no problems t date. Actually I got a plan that was worth P380.00 only for 40 minutes of calls and 120 texts. Hindi naman kasi ako heavy user ng cellphone kaya sulit na sulit….I think that the cellphone companies can’t terminate your old plan if you do not want it cut kaya they have been trying to entice me with numerous offers…which of course I declined :=)

  73. Avatar for agentorenz agentorenz says:

    have suncellular postpaid plan 999 for 3 lines. sulit e. pampamilya and pang negosyo pa.

    and also have globe prepaid for friends and others.

    pero may 750 free text na yung plan 999 ng suncel so minsan ko lang din gamitin ang globe.

  74. Avatar for Shem Shem says:

    Prepaid – Free browsing on your phone. :D

  75. Avatar for franz franz says:

    – being a low level techie doesn’t necessarily mean you are bad in sentence construction but anyway, you should read books and movies in english to improve your grammar.

  76. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    according to my observation…

    Postpaid, planado na ung load mo, di ka mauubusan, may free cellphone pa ung ibang plans, easy setup sa mobile internet, mms at kung anu anu pang churvaness.
    ngunit, di mo pede ata palitan number mo, marami mambuburaot sayo.

    sa prepaid, lagi nauubusan ng load, mahirap mag hanap ng load pag 2AM in the morning. hihingi ng pasaload..ngunit wala ren load ung hinihingan mo… nahihirapan ako mag activate ng mms, gprs, at makapagbrowse ng opera mini ko. (teach me how on nokia 5610 hehe).

    pero ang masasabi ko lang sa prepaid.. pang babaero ito kasi marami kang prepaid sim at sa 1 sim = 1 chick haha.. I go for prepaid XD

  77. Avatar for jdGONEMAD jdGONEMAD says:

    PREPAID. my Php 25.00 load hasn’t expired in weeks. before, it usually expires after 5 days. thnx to Sen. Enrile for that.

  78. Avatar for whaâ„¢ whaâ„¢ says:

    i have two prepaid (smart and globe) and postpaid actually its the smart gold lite. consumable daw, pero parang lugi ako.. .. di ko rin nagagamit masyado.. thats why i’m planning to terminate it na

  79. Avatar for loadex loadex says:

    I use to have Smart (prepaid) as my mainline, but with Sun expanding coverage in our area and most of my friends have SUN.. eventually Sun (postpaid) became my mainline.

  80. Avatar for Lezuric Lezuric says:

    prepaid! use it when ONLY if needed! :)

  81. Avatar for ron ron says:

    postpaid – go with globe or sun. they’re good to their subscribers. don’t go with smart, their postpaid service is awful.

    i’ve had globe for almost 3 years now, never had issues with billing or customer service. they go the extra mile.

    with smart, you would have to be the one to have an extra mile of patience.

    in my case, they endorsed my account to collections and decided to charge me the interest fee, collection fee, and reconnection fee (although they did not give me any notice at all and although i’ve paid like 98% of the bill – their fault anyway i paid only that much since that was what they told me to pay, they did not even mention anything about the extra charges). i’d like to vent some more but i’ll stop here.

    suffice it to say, don’t go with smart if it is going to be postpaid.

    prepaid, go with any provider.

    i like postpaid better since in cases of emergency, you don’t have to look for a place to load up.

  82. Avatar for john john says:

    prepaid .. because I’m using prepaid. :D

  83. Avatar for Oliver Viray Oliver Viray says:

    Prepaid!, i’m a postpaid subscribe for Smart almost nine years now. I rather choose Prepaid now because they have lot of promotions and other services for prepaid but with postpaid they only have the rebates but still its taxable.

  84. Avatar for butch butch says:

    postpaid is more convenient, you don’t have to look for a prepaid load outlet in the middle of the night if your line is still on its credit limit (mine is smart gold LITE, and i always exceed my limit) will drop it in a month’s time though, kasi di ako inapprove ng smart gold for a regular line cause of lack of financial documents (student kas)

  85. Avatar for riza riza says:

    vote for prepaid.i hate bills

  86. Avatar for cmark cmark says:

    i’m a sun postpaid subscriber even before they came up w/ 24/7. not really a loyalist but they gave me number that i can’t forget, just like those phone numbers for fast food deliveries. i would say that the service is good but they can do a lot better.

  87. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    reply to peter> hey peter im very sorry if i make you mad about my grammar but that’s all i have and the only way thing i can deliver it, but what is important is the point is there and not too far on the topic.yes im not good with that but im trying making good it,and i think thats not too bad for for a low lever techies like me.

  88. Avatar for DummyName DummyName says:

    Prepaid… coz the Sun’s service hotline sucks!

  89. Im on prepaid, though thinkin on subscribing for a postpaid one; hassle minsan pag kelangan tumawag, walang load :D

  90. Avatar for Vance Vance says:

    I used postpaid now – P350 sun hehe..
    Sun has the same plan for prepaid but you have to pay 450 per card..

  91. Avatar for cardiac pumper cardiac pumper says:

    i prefer postpaid. the convenience of being connected 24/7 these days is re assuring. especially in my line of work where i usually go on call for emergency operations.

    besides, one can be on prepaid for two years, but will never be given any loyalty reward. With a postpaid account, one can have a chance of owning a brand new phone after two years(in time when his current phone is already outdated) and/or get a monthly rebate from his phone bills. :-)

    i have been on postpaid service for 3 years and am happy with it. my postpaid plan is just right for me. i have no complaints with my bills. :-)

  92. Avatar for sky sky says:

    prepaid. easier to budget. and sometimes, there were dubious charges in my billing statement when i was still using postpaid.

  93. Avatar for godgets godgets says:

    post paid.. love the free phone

  94. Avatar for richard richard says:


    its a simple fair deal for paying for what you’ve only consume, no more, no less.

  95. Avatar for dongkidoodles dongkidoodles says:

    postpaid. had my number since 1999 and i don’t want it changed anymore. initially, i was a heavy texter and i didn’t like to run out of load which was a big deal before there was pasaload or e-load. besides, i like the cellphone giveaways in those days. now i rarely text anymore (stopped forwarding non-sense messages, the social networking thing). And i just got the call-all pldt mobile landline which i now use in making calls. still postpaid but downgraded from plan 1200 to plan 500 recently.

  96. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:


    Haha! Lupet, mo ‘pre! Honestly, I view your comment more on the constructive side. It was hard on the ears, really. Wheww!

  97. Avatar for bisdaktech bisdaktech says:

    Prepaid all the way. The telcos don’t keep a record of prepaid users and I value my privacy hehehe!!!


  98. Avatar for my5800 my5800 says:

    Postpaid, i won’t have to worry that my phone will run out of prepaid load. just have to worry paying my bills on time. lol

  99. Avatar for Edgar Edgar says:

    Prepaid. No need to go to payment centers for the bills. Easier to manage, too. Just have a ready load for emergency calls. For me, I see to it that I have at least 3-minutes worth of call credits at any given time. Load centers are close at hand anyway. I also subscribe to unlimited text. I am on Smart, and here in Mindanao they are offering a 1-day unlitxt for 10 pesos.

  100. Avatar for Ton Ton says:

    Postpaid. Rebates per month + no service interruption. Less hassle = more time to actually communicate.

  101. postpaid is better for emergency situation.

  102. Avatar for jpeb jpeb says:

    prepaid is better i can control costs better. i’ve never experienced that disappearing load.

    if i need load i can just send a sms command and it gets charged to my credit card account.

  103. Avatar for wheng wheng says:

    Prepaid. I’m using ubt/fbt, 24/7 free mobile internet.hehe

  104. Avatar for Nitecrawler Nitecrawler says:

    @Glenn Santos

    Prepaid po has no contract.. maybe you’re referring to Postpaid which is 2 years lockup period..

  105. Avatar for misterpinoy misterpinoy says:

    Go for Prepaid Meralco subscription!!! para lahat tipid!!

  106. Avatar for Glenn Santos Glenn Santos says:

    I’ve weighed both options before and backed out from prepaid due to the long contract, lengthy process (they should trim this down to get more customers) and the possible overage in minutes – even from Globe, the leader in postpaid.

    The phone for free is really the only thing attractive about prepaid since I’ve set up loading both via credit card and via text for emergencies.

    I really hope we get Google Voice here so we don’t hear any more of these horror stories. ;)

  107. Avatar for bouie bouie says:

    Sun ko is postpaid kasi I use it for heavy talking, even urging my family and friends to add a Sun line to their mobile arsenal. Saka sweet din yung deal na may libreng texts na yung line ko. Di ko nga nauubos every month. Saka mura kasi pantawag sa abroad ang Sun kung ilalaban ko sa ibang postpaid accounts.

    Smart ko is prepaid para kontrolado ko yung 3G usage ko.

    Globe, postpaid before then prepaid na ngayon. Bad trip kasi sa singilan ang Globe eh, ang daming charges na di ko ma-gets.

  108. Avatar for Ian Ian says:

    I go with postpaid. just need to pay 500, where you can you use it for emergency purpose without worrying for a load.

  109. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    Kung may gugustuhin akong postpaid, that would be SUN. I am currently on postpaid SMART and such a horror. Buti na lang matatapos na contract ng postpaid ko with SMART this month and I will shift to postpaid SUN already. I am using prepaid Globe as a secondary line.

  110. Avatar for jumper jumper says:

    postpaid. better value for money. and no disappearing loads or any of that shit.

    it’s true that there’s a tendency to overspend, but that’s just a matter of discipline and if you can control yourself, there’s no point to go prepaid.

    it used to be that prepaid had the advantage of being flexible, meaning, you’re not locked in to a fixed number of text messages or minutes – you can use your load any way you want to. however, with the advent of the G-Flex plans, that advantage is no longer there.

    @peter: your hubris is nauseating.

  111. Avatar for Geri Geri says:

    Prepaid,if you use smart phone you can text and surf for free!yahoo!

  112. Avatar for Romy Romy says:

    Postpaid, easy outgoing call accounting for reimbursement of business calls and for loyalty rewards.

  113. Avatar for Greg Greg says:


    Been a postpaid subscriber of Globe for more than 8 years. Advantage for me is that there are no disappearing loads. Had enough of that on prepaid.

  114. Avatar for Nitecrawler Nitecrawler says:

    Postpaid since 1998..and still on Globe Advantage Plan.. :D .. not a heavy text or call user..some billing problem in the past(got billed with 40K for international SMS)..average bill for the last 11 years is Php430.. except when they billed me with that 40K and it took 8 months of arguing with their CSR before they decided to waive the charges… last year they offered me a monthly rebate of 990/month for the next 2 years or get an iphone at half the price.. I would have taken the rebate but my wife wants to have the iphone instead..

  115. Avatar for danny danny says:

    Both have its pros and cons:

    Pro-prepaid: manageable
    Anti-prepaid: emergency no load…

    Pro-postpaid: good for mission critical moments
    Anti-postpaid: cant control costs

  116. Avatar for Maye Maye says:

    Postpaid. I’ve tried Globe and Sun. If you’re a loyal customer (as in nagbabayad on time), they don’t usually cut your line even if you have reached your limit. I’d recommend the P600 plan from Sun Cellular, enough use lang siya for 1 month. Yun nga lang, bulok pa rin signal ng sun hanggang ngayon. ;))

  117. Avatar for bursky bursky says:

    i have both. and from the same provider! (yeah, stupid, i know.)

    i recently got my postpaid because i don’t want to be caught in an emergency and not be able to text anyone. yeah, i’m paranoid. :P but seriously, i just hate those situations where i NEED to text or call someone but can’t because i was out of load. besides, P300/month isn’t that bad, right?

    but since i also text the gf a lot (esp. on weekends), that’s when i use my unlimited texting on prepaid. :) mas sulit.

  118. Avatar for MPonteres MPonteres says:

    I’ve been using postpaid for more than 10 years. I have been maximizing mobile phone capability.

  119. Avatar for Ardz Ardz says:

    Postpaid if I want to get a high-end phone for free. Otherwise, I go prepaid.

  120. Avatar for peter peter says:

    Favor naman, mag tagalog ka na lang. Your grammar is absolutely nauseating.

  121. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    for me i want a postpaid plan because the prepaid plan always to be erratic when you load a higher value you did not able to use it on its single centavo because the network make sucks on it.while on the postpaid you will be sure of usage of your billing.but for what people like to be on prepaid is because of the hassle free requirements than you go postaid.

  122. Avatar for jehzlau jehzlau says:

    voted for prepaid. :) I hate post paid horror stories. :)

  123. Avatar for Jay Ar Jay Ar says:

    Prepaid. I am a heavy texter so I register for unlitxt almost every day. most of my contacts are on globe anyway

  124. Avatar for CCLozano CCLozano says:

    Prepaid, though I was on postpaid years back. Heavy texter and caller here. With prepaid, usage is more manageable, and forces me to make each text or call and Internet surfing minutes count (or worth it).

  125. Avatar for eithan eithan says:

    prepaid because no need to worry about paying the bill every month. and im no heavy texter either!

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