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Samsung Galaxy S3 Plans and Price on Globe

Globe Telecom has now started accepting applications for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here are the details of the postpaid plans and pricing for new and existing subscribers.

Globe Postpaid Plans (My Super Plan, New Subscribers)


All Unli Plan (+ Php1,027 per month or Php24,640 cash out)
Plan 299 (+ Php1,127 per month or Php26,810 cash out), total Php1,426/month
Plan 499 (+ Php1,027 per month or Php24,640 cash out), total Php1,526/month
Plan 999 (+ Php700 per month or Php16,800 cash out), total Php1,699/month
Plan 1799 (+ Php200 per month or Php4,800 cash out), total Php1,999/month
Plan 2499 and up – free, total Php2,499/month

My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo (with Unlimited Internet)
Plan 999, no consumable – Php1,699/month
Plan 1799, Php800 consumable – Php1,999/month
Plan 2499, Php1,500 consumable – Php2,499/month
Plan 3799, Php2,500 consumable – Php3,799/month

* Cashout amount payable in 24 months for Citibank and BPI Owners, For BPI, only transactions before July 21 will enjoy 24 months installment. On July 21, only 12 months extended for installment.

A Globe rep told me last night that they will have a Samsung Galaxy S3 event on June 1. This could also be the day they will release the pre-ordered units.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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60 Responses

  1. zer0ice says:

    Globe has truly posted an irresistible offer.

    I’m planning on switching…

    … but maybe it won’t hurt to buy the phone unlocked if the price will hover around that base price?

    Hope Smart makes a good move on their plans. Coz if they could top Globe’s, I’M IN IT!

  2. anony-mouse says:

    Any chance i can avail this without getting a new line? I’m currently locked in 2years (turning 1year on june)

  3. Billy says:

    Sana ayusin muna nila yung iToolbar it is back again this time kahit sa https na site nagshoshowup pa rin. Epal talaga ng Globe. Parang may analytics pa yung toolbar.

    • Raul says:

      I know! The toolbar sucks! Masikip na ang space sa mobile screen… sumikip pa lalo…

      I don’t mind about the analytics, they can do that even without the toolbar… so fact of life na lang yun… But my screen real estate is valuable.

  4. vince says:

    pwede kayang magupgrade ng current line to this one? upgrade the phone? naka plan 599 ako sana pwede kahit magdagdag cashout :)

  5. anti_koreans says:

    What’s included with the plans listed above?

    All Unli Plan (+ Php1,027 per month)

    What would I get, the device, unlimited calls, unlimited texts to Globe (TM) and unlimited internet? What’s the “cash out” price for?

  6. Andre says:

    boo i want smart, what are the smart plans?

  7. Globe never stops achieving, they continue to innovate, restructuring their plans to step up.

  8. Dens Leary says:

    sorry if i missed it, what variant is this, 16gb 32gb? thanks

  9. juva says:

    Overpriced as usual. Virtually unsubsidized mga phones dito. That’s what happens when the big players ay parang cartel.

  10. kress says:

    buti pa globe meron na silang plans.. pumunta kami sa isang smart center kanina, they were not even aware that may pre order na sila online..

    • zer0ice says:

      OMG… such losers! Facepalm moment!

      SMART pa naman ako.

      Una pa naman ang SMART mag-announce ng pre-orders. Then Globe announced theirs. Tapos ngayon, tameme Smart.

      Globe deals looks irresistible. Hope it’s LOWER than actual phone price, kasi madalas parang hindi naman subsidized mga tiered plans nila.

    • John says:

      The other day, I went to a SMART store and ask a rep about the iPad and to which they said “Ano po ? The iPad by samsung ?” And I fucking laughed. That was utterly hilarious. Basically they don’t even know what an iPad is. I changed the talk point then about their future LTE network for the iPad and her mouth was all about if the iPad is capable of running a smart bro stick. I left the store without any word. All I can think was what the fuck.

    • John says:


    • wicked says:

      @all hehe, may idea ako kung ano meron sa smart, siguro may mangilan ngilan na medyo hindi techie o kulang sa performance tulad ng mga nakausap nyo.. Pero ang alam ko dyan, karamihan ng employees ay from Ateneo or DLSU :D

      At isa sila sa may pinaka ok na compensation na Filipino company, 18-21 months at “FULL” medical coverage sa employee… Full as in full, na kahit 1 million gastusin mo sa hospital, sagot ni Boss Manny Pangilinan yan..

      E yung Globe? hehe na lang :D

  11. tyron says:

    pwedi bang ma unlock itong globe na s3? smart user ako but mas maganda ang deal sa globe 2yrs to pay…

    • Lazh says:

      Unlock? yes unlock is possible on all android devices. You just need to root your phone to a desired Rom that you want, careful ka nga lang sa pagroot as you may brick your phone if mali2x ung Rom na ni root mo. Problem is your warranty will be void. :)

  12. John says:

    Actually overpriced !! Smart’s offers are better (except for the other plan having only 1 GB of data, don’t get that). Globe’s signal is beyond fucked up, it can’t get inside my house. In fact, sun’s is even stronger than theirs. How rude. And don’t call it “unlimited internet”, it has 800 MB cap ! Just die already.

    • Duh says:

      Globe’s postpaid internet is not capped. DUH.

    • WHAT says:

      Wala pa ngang official pricing sa Smart eh, tapos “better” na? BUGOK! Patayo ka kaya ng sarili mong cellsite sa loob ng bahay mo?

      Tama si DUH, sa prepaid lang may daily capping ng internet. Palibhasa prepaid lang ang afford mo! HAHA

    • John says:

      Ermm ok. I have an iPad 2 that runs on a smart plan and an iPhone 4 that runs on globe prepaid. Why the flying fuck would I bother using globe as my daily tool on connecting online ? I don’t even get that much signal here and it likely stays on like 2 to dropping off. If you hate me very much, choke your heart out. Besides, I can take whatever network I like. Why the hate ? You don’t even know me.

      In technical terms (as opposed to be at odds with such utter waste of time layman’s) –

      Smart’s network is better in a way that

      1. It supports 3G and HSPA+ 850/2100 dual band in contrary to globe (which only runs on a 2100 Mhz band). If your AT&T phone is to be brought here, smart can support it ! Note that the 850 band can stretch very far as opposed to the 2100 band.
      2. Smart network is better as their speeds theoritically support maximums of 27.8 Mbit/s and capped at 20 Mbit/s in advertising calls. Whereas globe’s current infrastructure supports up to 21 Mbit/s as said by a globe technician that works on their own phone towers.
      3. Smart’s LTE network is dual band 800/2100. Their systems can generate LTE speeds of up to 75 Mbit/s. An insinuation of the fact that it will support the iPad’s LTE card and the Lumia 900 (LTE version) even though I’m pretty sure they will shut up about it ! Globe’s LTE is to be confirmed that it runs on the 2800 Mhz band which can barely penetrate on walls.
      4. Globe’s said LTE network is to be released on Q2 2013 whilst smart’s is ongoing now for testing on Davao, Cebu, and Metro Manila quietly albeit not commercially called as “online”.
      6. Smart’s leaked inventories have hinted that they will tote enough LTE phones here that can prop up mobile LTE speeds of up to 7 Mbit/s.
      7. Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone giant, relies on smart’s network for their phones and apparently in favour of the said network (as the Lumia 900, 710, and 610 will be exclusively on them). Although it be that, you can still buy it open line and not subsidised, yeah ?

      Very well. Notwithstanding that, I don’t hate globe that much like you have bashed me with your loafer’s words and shoving it all down my fucking throat. I have used both networks, I always travel ! I can tell that smart is better for me because of what my encounters. Freedom of speech, ever heard of that ? You mister, are pathetic. If you tend to reply with another claptrap comment to be at variance with this, I will laugh thinking the fact that you’re are utterly fucking irreplaceable and one of those dumb cunts who always speak without even thinking.

    • Dull boy John says:

      John, you’re a poser and a troll. Nuf said.

  13. Joeyoliver says:

    I found out today that the Samsung Galaxy SIII pre-order in Bahrain is now up and only for 250BHD (roughly $666). It’s cheaper than the one in Dubai.

  14. Better John says:

    Yeah, but the cap refreshes daily. How about Smart, monthly refresh? :P

    • John says:

      I have unlimited data. The only snag about smart is its lack of 3G signal on some places…

  15. Viva Satanna says:

    Plans suck :D i dont like paying monthly, libre nga pala internet sa globe, im using it for 4years

  16. chibog says:

    ilan kaya ang kasama sa globe na gig? 16, 32 or 64?

  17. Lazh says:

    I chatted with a globe rep just awhile ago and she told me na 16gb model ung na sa preoder nla. Kaya ung 37k pesos is the 64gb na model.

    • Lazh says:

      Im assuming that 64gb is around 37k, baka meron magflame mamaya eh. kaya ngpost ako..lol

  18. DuD3Love says:

    The best PURE VANILLA Android 4.0 ICS theme for Android smartphones.

    this is the reason why im not upgrading to gs III. that theme is awesome!… the nature UX theme isn’t the best looking in my opinion. also i think everyone is upgrading because its the “newest and latest” thing. doesnt always mean its better. social thing.. lol.. but iphone users are worse.


  19. cleochris08 says:

    Guys itatanong ko lang, yung “My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo (with Unlimited Internet)
    Plan 999, no consumable – Php1,699/month” ba ay walang cashout para sa Galaxy S III, meaning yan lang ba talaga ang babayaran monthly for 24 months sa Globe? Pardon me for the noob question, as I haven’t subscribed to any postpaid plan ever since kaya wala akong idea. Parang ngayon ko lang gusto subukan dahil mukhang maganda ang offers ng Globe at para makakuha rin ako ng Galaxy S III. Another question, yung My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo plans ba stated above ay hindi para sa mga new subscribers? Wala kasi nakalagay gaya ng sa mga postpaid plans na nala-list before that. Any reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Lazh says:

      Merong cash out yan. kung ano ung cash out nila dun sa post paid basta equivalent ng Plan mo un din ang cash out nya:
      My Super Plan UnliSurf Combo (with Unlimited Internet)Plan 999, no consumable – Php1,699/month is the same as
      Globe Postpaid Plans (My Super Plan, New Subscribers)Plan 999 (+ Php700 per month or Php16,800 cash out), total Php1,699/month

      ung pinagkaiba lng nla are the feature for each plan.

    • cleochris08 says:

      Thank you so much for the response Lazh. So ganun pala yun. Mura pala ang cashout dahil P16,800 lang. Mukhang maganda nga ang postpaid plan offers ng Globe para sa Samsung Galaxy S III. Sigurado ako maraming magpe-preorder sa kanila nito. Magpe-preorder na rin ako.

  20. Lazh says:

    punta ka lang sa website ng globe tapos click mo ung preorder nla laht ng details andoon nmn


    • chuful says:

      yung unli surf plan 999 pag sinabing no consumable, ibig sabihin lahat ng hindi pasok sa package ng plan (eg. call/text sa smart) automatic regular charge na yun? Medyo naguluhan lang kasi ako sa no consumable thingy na yun. Sorry… Haven’t applied for postpaid kasi before.

    • Papa P says:

      @chuful Pag pinili mo plan 999 (unlimited data/internet), with 1 freebie (check globe’s site for details), all text and calls will be charged on top with your plan meaning lagpas 999 babarayaran mo monthly kung mag txt and call ka. Also, with this plan mag cash out k pa ng 16800.

  21. enjegoodnezz says:

    very tempting plan packages.

    Has anyone availed any package yet? Is it worth?

    • Brutus says:

      I just sign up for the P1,799 mySuper Plan Unli Surf, Total Monthly Bill is P1,999. With the Unli Surf costing P999, kahit nde ko magamit yung P800 na consumable, lalabas na I am only paying P1,000 a month for the phone, x 24 months = P24,000. kahit na 16GB lang yung ibibigay ng Globe, sulit na sulit. Mas sulit kung magagamit mo yung P800 consumable each month, you’ll end up paying just P200/month for the phone for the next 24 months. ang tanong lang ngayon, tatawagan kaya ako ng GLOBE???

    • enjegoodnezz says:

      I was hoping someone had the unit already and feedback on its performance.

      But thanks for the info Brutus.

    • Papa P says:

      @ enjegoodnezz
      The globe plans here are the same since the GS2 and Iphone 4/4s last 2011. They just replace the unit by GS3. IMHO it is worth the money since you are paying less on the unit (also staggered which is great!). The GS3 has great reviews in any tech sites out there (phone arena, gsmarena), and being referred as top smartphone to date. The only thing i don’t like is the design but the performance/user experience negates that.

      I also pre-ordered for plan 1800, for recontracting (from plan 2500).

      As Brutus said, you are only paying 200 per month for 24 mos (I’m planning to pay one time 4800 pesos) for the phone. You’ll enjoy unlimited internet (you’ll enjoy this if you have good coverage in your area), consumable 800, plus 3 freebies (i usually choose unlimited call and txt to 1 number for my freebie)

  22. holloway says:

    This is only worth it if you’re an idiot with no regard for money.

  23. Apol says:

    Am I correct that the UnliSurf Combo for S3 does NOT come with freebies like the other phones on their site? and that the 800 consumable is the only one that comes with the unlimited surfing?

  24. rina says:

    question lang po.does samsung galaxy s II use micro sim or yung regular sim lang?

  25. TechKid says:

    Ask ko lang kung pwede plan upgrade sa globe to get samsung galaxy S3? Currently I’m on the 21month of 24 month lockin period plan 499. Can i get it now instead of waiting 3 months? what do you think guys?

  26. ghie says:

    i want to avail…but need to clear it about the payment

  27. GLOBESUX says:

    kakareceived ko lang ng call sa globe sales, sabi nila 24mos daw para sa citbank cardholders “NAKALAGAY SA SITE”… pero sabi nun agent 12mos lang daw available,my problem daw sa system merchant nila…WTFAG! 24mos naka sulat sa site tapos mag ooffer sila 12mos n lang daw, anu un minimislead nila ung mga tao para lang makakuha ng mga customer… ungas ba sila, no choice kundi i-cancel na lang e… kaya naman offer nila kaso ayoko ng nangloloko.. buset tlga globe…

  28. chex says:

    Hi Guys, you might just have an idea. I am currently locked on my globe postpaid plan, still got a year to go, with plan 499. But I really want this Samsung galaxy SIII. I was wondering if there’s a chance I can upgrade my line, say 999 or 1799 then get the phone? Anyone who experienced this already?

  29. rj says:

    mag HTC ONE X nlang kayo mganda pa sa s3 kaso disadvantage nya battery life ng HTC mdali maubos “DAW” nsa nagamit lng yn… :DD

  30. brenz says:

    hi wat c cash out..? un n b babayaran ko agad if mg appy aq in postpaid.?

  31. Bryl says:

    gusto ko sana mag avail. pero may mga naririnig ako na matagal daw yung approval ng globe dun sa application which i think is hassle. totoo kaya ito? share your experiences naman pra makapag consider pa ako ng ibang actions.

    • Shoti says:

      yep matagal tlga approval ng globe. Idk with other branches but matagal tlaga. Some was approved 2-3 months pa. I applied Dec. last year for the ip4s and it was approved around 1st week of feb. 2012. hassle tlga. So if you wanna apply i guess you have to do it now.

  32. izzy says:

    kaka apply ko this morning ng prepaid sa s3, mga 2 30 pm approved n sya then bumalik ulit aq,kinuha ko ung unit.:)bsta kumpleto lang ung requirements ,gud to go na..postal ID tas bank statement ng aug at sept.

  33. pauline says:

    yes! uber tagal apply ako feb jusko naman may na approve, at kahit na lagi ka nagfa-follow up super bagal pa din! :(

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