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Smart offers 2 hours 3G internet for Php20

Yesterday, Smart announced a new promo offering mobile internet users an extra hour for every hour of usage during off-peak times. That’s Php20 for 2 hours (Php10 per hour) between 2am to 6am.

The promo starts today and in order to avail of it, one must go to the Smart Mobile portal (m.smart.com.ph) on your phone’s browser and click on the “Free 1 Hour with Off-Peak Internet Plan” link. You need to activate it before you can get your extra 1 hour free.


You will need to have at least 1-peso load balance remaining in order to activate this and activation is only between 2am to 4am. If you go beyond the 6am off-peak hours, you will be charged the regular rate of Php10 per 30 minutes.

The off-peak hours indicated by Smart gives us some idea that 3G internet usage is still at its peak even between 12 midnight to 2am. Now that’s a lot of heavy 3G internet users.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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24 Responses

  1. whaâ„¢ says:

    yeah.. i’ve already read this when i access my phone browser last monday.. nice but i hope na sana mas maaga 11 pm.just like the unlinite service they have

  2. π-r-8 says:

    another reason to sleep (8pm) and wake-up (2am)early :p

  3. TechPinas says:

    That’s pretty cheap. :)

    But at 2am – 6am? — hmm. *scratches head* maraming masisira ang sleep patterns dito. hehe

  4. wheng says:

    Mas better kung early, lalaki eyebag ko pag ganyan.hehe

  5. elmichaelo says:

    pwede b i2 sa smart bro prepaid?? kci dba isng network lng ung buddy and bro… and then pwede nman i access ung smart wap sa mga browsers??

    kung pwede, d mas ok dba..

  6. drealmarlon says:

    thats to be a wild corsumer hunting trick by smartbro…..

  7. Oliver Viray says:

    no thank you! i cant even have a good connecion from their regular internet hours.

  8. JohnDoe says:

    I really hope the telcos will come up with an unlimited browsing plan already. I think there is a market for this and they’ll make money anyway. Mobile Internet should be flat rate already.


  9. ferdie says:

    with that time frame, call center agents can benefit the promo.

  10. MP says:

    Smart Bro / PLDT WeRoam is not is good on our place. Seems not interesting with me. Will still continue using my Globe Tatoo =)

  11. eldie21 says:

    Panget… Dapat “PAY P20, GET UNLIMITED BROWSING BETWEEN 11PM-8AM” magaling lang ang SMART sa ganyanan promo.

  12. Oliver Viray says:

    I got a Globe tattoo also but i cant get a better connection,help me please

  13. designnatin says:

    nice.. hope this will lead into more free internet 3G

  14. BungeeJump says:

    make it unlimited na lang.

  15. Daemon says:

    Ib Globe meron unlimited browsing ….. kahit walang load

  16. ayan says:

    di ko ma-activate..damn…
    hehe.. san b sa webconnecT?
    sensya na..eng eng..hehe

  17. Edgar says:

    What kind of a promo is that? Does Smart really think we are that cheap that we have to lose sleep just to avail of their “special Offer”? Duh!!

    Make a more realistic promo, would ya?

  18. Satellite PC says:

    Is it true? I think it has hidden charges. LAst time that I used it it consume P100 of my load but I just use it for only 20 minutes.

  19. Jeff says:

    well, you’re not obliged to sleep late and avail of the promo. What are you thinking dude?

  20. juan says:

    It’s not a promo! It’s something NOT SMART but cheeky move.Walang customer sense, not really smart move, and what’s SMART’s company vision?Ano nga ba yun?

  21. erix0711 says:

    Ang gara ng promo parang ayaw nila or napilitan lang kc ang Sun may unlimitted 24hrs for only 50 pesos..

    Nakaya nga ng Sun bat ang Smart di nila magawa….

  22. lhokaret says:

    pano mag 3g tnong lng me eng eng aqo e

  23. Carmine says:

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