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Smart offers BlackBerry Z10 on Data Plan 2000

Smart is now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10 and will be offering it free under Data Plan 2000. BlackBerry launched the Z10 in the Philippines last March 6 and will be available in stores on March 19.

As a promo offering, only the first 200 subscribers will get the BlackBerry Z10 free on Plan 2000. Smart has not inidcated how much the cash-out will be if you don’t make it to the first 200.

Smart’s Data Plan 2000 comes with unlimited mobile internet, 200 free texts and 150 minutes of calls. There is not indication that Smart will be supporting LTE on the BlackBerry Z10.

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12 Responses

  1. ThisIsLumia says:

    One word: APPS.

    Android app emulator? TWICE THE LAG! TWICE THE FUN!

  2. APPear! says:

    All original OS all original experience, sure updates! Present apps are enough for my lifestyle and lots of apps coming soon, makes the experience more exciting! im no app hungry, im a BB fan!

    By the way I use the ff OS:
    iOS for my Globe
    Android for my Sun (switching to my BBZ10 soon)
    Symbian for my Smart (switching to Android soon!)

    Sarap! :-)

    • ThisIsLumia says:

      All original? You haven’t used a Nokia N9. It strongly inspired the swipe features of the BB10!

    • APPear! says:

      Hindi e, cool ka lang bro/sis
      waiting for my Lumia 920 also, for my Globe business line
      cheers! :-0

    • Anon says:

      All original? More like an Android/N9 clone.
      Sure updates? The previous gen BBs are stuck with BB5/6/7.
      Also, it’s way overpriced. I like the Q10 though.

    • APPear! says:

      29k is fine with me :-)

    • zarne says:

      The price of the Z10 is positioned to compete with the like of Iphone5. If you consider the additional features, present from the Z10 but missing from the Iphone5, I would say that the price is competitive. Feature like Integrated emails in the blackberry hub, BBM with video sharing, the best virtual keyboard, true multi tasking, time shift camera, removable battery, HDMI output, NFC, and the most secured OS. Sure,the Z10 is expensive but so are the other flagship phone like Apple 5 or other Android phones. FYI.. Blackberry’s OS, is a “QNX” O/S based. QNX is deployed across these business sectors; military (USA), aerospace (NASA); medical, Automotive, Telecommunications, etc. You don’t believe this, just research “QNX”. Now, ask if Androids OS or iOS are used in those sectors.

  3. mang kanor says:

    over-priced piece of s***

    • zarne says:

      That’s a flagship phone ! Like they say, you get what your paid for. I think you may like Alcatel Touch One 232…

  4. Rikku says:

    I own one na (factory unlocked; 4G LTE edition), looks like an iPhone from afar but once you use it, it is nothing like the legacy BBOS nor even iOS surprisingly.

    Android apps run good too. Trust me, gamitin mo yung phone and you’ll be surprised how big the leap is from BB OS7 to BB10.

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