SmartBro Share It now Unlimited at Php999

SmartBro Share It now Unlimited at Php999

SmartBro Share It was first introduced last March, a 3G WiFi router that can share internet up to 5 devices.

The Share It subscription costs Php999 a month for only 90 hours of free 3G internet.


share it

Smart has now upgraded that to unlimited with a 24-month 12-month lock-in contract, plus a Php2,500 one-time fee for the 3G router.

This is looking to be a good offer since it is possible to get that SIM card and put it in your phone for unlimited 3G. It’s also possible to use it with a 3G USB dongle so you can take it anywhere with you and hook it up on your laptop or netbook. That’s a cheaper option to the Php1,500 unlimited 3G subscription.

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103 Responses

  1. JAY says:

    hi, i think you got it wrong on the lock-in period. it should only be a 12-month lock-in period.. please check.. :)

    • yuga says:

      @Jay – i think they revised it to 24 months after making it unlimited. It says so on the Smart website.

  2. cmark says:

    hi yuga,
    i just checked the smart bro site and it does say 12 months lock in, which makes the plan 1,500 useless since both plans have the same speed and unlimited usage the only difference is the MSF and the router fee. if only i don’t have a contract w/ sun i’ll go for this smart bro share it plan.

  3. braindead says:

    this is what i’ve been waiting for. ill head to smart to apply for one later.. hehe! thanks for the great news!

  4. cArLo_AnGeLo says:

    Yuga, I think it’s 12 mos.

    SHARE IT “Unlimited”

    Now ang access sa fast and nationwidest wireless broadband pwede nang sabay-sabay! Only with the newest from Smart bro Share it! Easy to install Wifi router* for broadband connection that everybody share.

    Speed : Up to 2 Mbps
    No. of Hours use : UNLIMITED
    Connection : Wireless Connection (Via Wifi Router)
    Requirements : Subscriber Application Form, Proof of Address, Proof of Identification and signed Waiver Form.
    Total Initial Payment : 1st mo. MSF P999 + one-time router fee P2,500
    Lock-in Period : 12 months


  5. I heard many comment about smart bro and it’s features? I wonder if it gives real satisfaction to the customers?

  6. yuga says:

    Just checked again and you are right, 12 months it is. Was looking at the 1500 unlimited plan earlier.

  7. lance says:

    I called their CustomerRep and he confirmed it, as of Jul 1 effective unlimited na sya.

    Anyone can share their experience with this product? Please post naman thanks! :)

  8. Actually, you can avoid the 12 month lock in period and stay on prepaid. 3G Router is now available in the market.

  9. This looks real good. I might dump my DSL plan for this.

  10. Bruce says:


    Dump your dsl? The early reviews of smart 3.5g always mentioned a lot of random disconnects. Sounds kinda scary to depend on for your primary connection.

    Anyone know if you get a real external IP address with this version of smartbro or is it the same NAT’d 192.168.x.x series of ip’s?

  11. cris says:

    I hope reliable yung connection.

    Imagine downloading torrents for 24/7 in your laptop, in your office…


  12. That’s great news but I wonder if the connection is reliable? and also how about the geographical location. Baka sa metro manila lang maganda ang connection.

  13. Leo says:

    with all the hoopla and everything.. the most important question remains.. how’s their service?

  14. nitecrawler says:

    Smart Bro Connection is far more reliable in province than in metro.. my prepaid smartbro connects yet unable to browse at all when in SM Mega Area.. but when I used it in Albay Province a couple of months ago… speed is max.. i was able to watch youtube video without any lag..

  15. Mike says:

    I’m still hesitant. I had trauma when using SmartBro. I was stuck with them for a year. Half that time, I was struggling to get a connection.

    When SmartBroke–este SmartBro is connected (sorry, Freudian slip), it’s darn slow.

    So don’t let the mobile selling point get to you–the service sucks big time. Trust me, don’t.

  16. ricky says:

    (another way to have a portable router)

    requirement: phone with symbian os and wifi.

    use: JoikuSpot application > as 3g wifi router.

  17. @Bruce – I guess you’re right. It does look good on paper but thinking about all the horror stories I heard from SmartBro users, it makes one really hesitant.

    *it must be my flu*

  18. Annie says:

    i used smartbro shareit router last june until now i dont have stable connection, i got disconnected every 15mins or worse after every 5minutes discon na.

  19. When can SMART give a real deal with internet? most of my friends have a very very slow SmartBro connection.

    a WIFI within cities?

  20. braindead says:

    so which is better? smart bro or globe tatoo? considering that globe will be rolling out wimax soon. does smart have any plans to roll out a similar service?

  21. Jason says:

    Has anyone actually tried putting the sim card of their smart bro share it in a smart bro plugit modem? Just want to confirm if this will work, because it says in the post you could put the sim card in it and use it for portability. If it will work i’d rather get this then their plan 1500? Can anyone confirm? Thanks.

  22. Nice, I bought a wireless dongle in the smart wireless center yesterday, the price is PHP1999. I didn’t try the dongle yet, I hope the speed is good even if I am not from a 3G enabled place..

  23. braindead says:

    csr from smart cant tell that. even tech representatives. now im thinking twice about getting it since my connection at my area using 3g from my phone is so-so.

  24. vince says:

    AFAIK the smart bro share it unit is locked to one location say metro manila. you can apply to have the location transferred to another province but it will cost you

  25. Ryan says:

    how fast is this?

  26. neil says:

    i don’t think getting the sim and putting it into your cellphone nor to your 3G usb dongle is a good idea. smart bro share-it sim is locked-in to only one base transciever station (commonly known as cellsite) :)meaning it will not be entertained by other BTS other than what was programmed to served it. :)

  27. neil says:

    speeds up to 2Mbps is not 3G, contrary to popular belief. it’s actually 3.5G, thru High Speed Packet Access (HSPA).

  28. neil says:

    if your area is not covered by HSPA, or 3G, then you might as well kiss your high speed internet good bye. :)

  29. sherwin says:

    i think theres something wrong with your information..

    as i read in the brochure of smart bro plan 990 unlimited..

    its speed is only 384 kbps..

  30. drealmarlon says:

    aaH!ganun ba?mama “SUN”(sun broadband)ilabas mo na ang time spacewharf ngayon din!!!hehehe sige lang antayin nyo ang resbak ng sun broadband.

  31. Jazzeline says:

    I am still not convinced to switch from SUN Broadband because of the speed which is 384 kbps only. I tried to use the SUN sim to my phone but it seems to be locked. I think I’ll just wait on what will Sun Cellular will do next.

  32. Noticed a few things here and I think it is important to note:

    1. Signal of SMART Bro still depends on nearest available cell site. Particularly, if that cell site is even upgraded to 3G. If it is line of site, signal is great and consistent.

    2. There’s such a thing as maximum bandwith. If there are many people accessing the internet in one cell site, bandwith is shared between all subscribers, slowing down the internet. This is true in any scenario, wireless or cable or DSL.

    3. Weather conditions also affect signal as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Btw. I have been using SMART Bro for four years now. I am planning to switch to the Plan 1500 which is the USB stick version. I also have Sun Broadband but thing is I can’t even use it in the province.

  33. fr0stbyte says:

    Currently subscribed to the old Plan 999 (and have been for about three years). Right now my speed would max out at 768kbps to 1mbps. Noong 2006 from 384kbps naging 512kbps. And this July 30, 2009 from 512 kbps to my current speed of 768kbps to 1mbps as I mentioned earlier. I’d like to check out the Share-It Plan 999 although based on most customer gripes and complaints (including the ones here) eh I’m doubtful of it’s reliability. I don’t wanna lose my current speed (which is freakin’ awesome btw).

  34. Biggie9385 says:

    Newly subscribe to Plan999 of Smart Bro Share It! So far, the connection is acceptable, in other words better than my previous Smart Bro (canopy). My Smart Bro had a stable speed of 44KB/s and 60+KB/s (after their speed improvement). With Share It!, my speedtest can sometimes reach more than 2Mb/s (download). Until now, no major problem except that annoying login confirmation window. You won’t have a connection if you did not open an internet browser and surf to any site just to be directed to the Share It portal which will ask you if you want to surf the net. Unless you don’t click the Yes button, you don’t have any connection. CSR told me that its a security protocol. Come on! I am subscribe to a Plan 999 (unlimited) and I cannot understand why I have to click that Yes button just to surf. :D

  35. bONG says:

    I agree with annie, I bought smartbro share it last may 22 and from the first day till 2 weeks i received good signal which i even used 3 computers at the same time without signal lagging, But after that days, my connection became dissapointing coz it disconnect every 5 or 15 minutes. I tried to use external antenna but nothing has change with the signal. Is it because the router is made in china??? I wish the service provider will do something about it!!!!!!

  36. fr0stbyte says:

    @Biggie9385 & bONG:
    So you guys are subcribed to Share-It already huh?
    That login confirmation does sound annoying.. What if your were just downloading files? Or was this feature meant to prevent file-sharing programs from hogging bandwidth?
    Can you guys tell me how Share-It works? Does it still rely on an external antenna/canopy? Or is it like a USB Dongle?

  37. smart bro says:

    been using a smart bro prepaid kit, but might shift to share it ng smart so everyone in our household who has a laptop (currently there’s 4) can get online at the same time. by the way, mas tipid ba? how’s the connection in the manila area?

    it looks like smart/pldt is investing heavily on internet access. ‘eto pa oh:

  38. Biggie9385 says:

    @fr0stbyte: yup. i subscribed to their plan999 unlimited. it just like a wireless router (with built-in modem). no external antenna/canopy. you have to have the smart login portal opened before you can access the internet. so kung hindi ka nag-click sa YES na button sa login portal, wala kang connection maski naka-wired ang connection mo sa router.

    i have also kept on calling the CSR because my torrent has been capped to 75KB/s. I have been trying to download bleach episodes but the total speed for my torrent downloads is less than 75KB/s. After I called the CSR, my torrent bandwidth will then jump to 250+KB/s for a while. then it will return to 75KB/s. The CSR will then tell me that they don;t limit my speed for torrent downloads. So I asked them, was it coincidence that after calling them, my torrent speed will go up? :D

  39. fr0stbyte says:

    Thanks for the input on how Share-It works!
    It kinda sucks that the speed is capped. You could have a max speed of 200KB/s on torrents if it indeed goes up to 2Mbps. Have you tried increasing your half open TCP connections? For SmartBRO it would be suicide to go over 30. Mine’s 20. I tried increasing it to 50. After that my download rate became unstable.

  40. CLCTech says:

    Hi! Guyz!!! any one using the Smartbro Plan 1,500 Unlimited,Wireless Connection (Via USB Modem) 24 months lock-in period. I need a feedback on Plan 1500 because I’m planning on upgrading my connection from Smartbro Plan 999 Unlimited, Fixed Wireless Connection (Smartbro Antenna) to plan 1500..

    Is the Smart Plan 1500 unlimited really have a good internet performance?


  41. Yo says:

    may nakasubok na bang gamitin yung prepaid sim sa wireless router ng share it? e yung gamitin yung sim ng share it sa usb dongle para maging portable?

  42. tatz says:

    Pwede bang gamitin ang “share it” na to sa internet cafe with 10 to 12 pc? if so, how?

  43. Biggie9385 says:

    Barely a month after using the share it router, i brought it to a service center to have it checked since my download speed via torrent is soooo sloooow. Imagine downloading Bleach episode with more than 15 seeders and just getting almost 20KB/s dl speed. The service center told me that it will take them 2 days just to get hold of the software from “someone” since its holiday today. According to 2wire my broadband speed is just less than 200 kbits/s. I am calling CSR everyday that i can now memorize my share it sim number. I can’t memorize my celfone number which is more than a year with me already. :D

  44. xtian1986 says:

    so has anyone tried using the share-it sim on a plug-it? if it does work, then i’ll be switching to share-it.

  45. smartbrocanopy999subscrbr says:

    end na 1year ko sa smartbro canopy (512kbps)
    mukang hindi na ko mag aapply sa share it, sa una lang pala mabilis, 200kbps? wow!!! 10% lang yan ah siguro wired isp nalang tlga…hindi kakayanin mga online games ko nito..

  46. xtian1986 says:

    drawback tlaga yang login page.. sana tanggalin nila

  47. Biggie9385 says:

    my less than a month share it is now on its way to manila. Service center here in the province cannot fix and told me that it may take a maximum of 2months for my unit to be fixed. When I asked Smart for a service unit, they told me that they cannot provide one. And that I am the first issue they encountered, thus, they did not foresee a need to have a stand-by service unit. Now, my postpaid plan is on hold and i’m using a prepaid smart plug-it “service unit”.

    I have been stressing this login page to the CSR as soon as I started using the device. Its just annoying having to leave a browser open just for the login window.

  48. Biggie9385 says:

    you cannot use the share it sim to another USB modem or another share it router. SIM and Router is bundled. but router can accept other sim. that is according to Smart.

  49. xtian1986 says:

    but have you tried it yourself?

  50. Biggie9385 says:

    nope. i dont have the any usb modem as of that time nor another modem-router.

  51. xtian1986 says:

    tinanggal na daw login page? pls confirm.

  52. Biggie9385 says:

    I hope wala na talaga ang login page. :D Have been thinking if I’ll have my router replace for a new one or have the warranty for the repaired one extended. Smart told me that if I want, I can have my defective but now being repaired, by the service center, router replaced for a new one but the warranty will continue kung saan nag-stop ang defective na router. Or I can have the hopefully repaired router’s warranty extended. Any suggestion?

    the only thing I’m afraid of is if can will get a defective router again as a replacement. :(

  53. rick says:

    free na ung router. yay!

  54. croizanne says:

    To all with existing plan, if your connection is already stable and you just want to share it, why not opt to the ICS (internet connection sharing). Just make an ad-hoc wireless connection, and enable the internet sharing on your network with internet connection e.g smartbro (which I am using right now. I have a prepaid smartbro, and i just established ad-hoc wireless connection and i can surf the net with my ipod touch while the main pc is being used by others. I dont know yet if there’s a limitation on the number of computers as i only tried connecting 3 devices.
    By the way, great site.

  55. anon says:

    Does this plan include the Internet connection? Or are you just paying for the router? If it includes the connection, how come it’s the same price as the 1mbps connection even if it’s 2mbps AND it offers a free router?

  56. Biggie9385 says:

    yes. it came with internet subscription na. I think the one in their website is a “new” promo. The one I got was up to 2Mbps unlimited without free router but the lock-in period is only 12months. I think the 1Mbps is the one with the motorola canopy (the outdoor antenna na kailangang hindi ka nag-i-internet pag may thunderstorm, this is what they told me) while this 2Mbps with router can be used anytime as long as you have electricity and Smart celphone signal (pref 3G).

  57. patrickross says:


    The SmartBro Share-It uses HSPA signal, not 3G.

  58. Biggie9385 says:

    yup. hspa. an enhanced 3g. my bad. i used my celphone just to check if i have 3g coz smart told me na “basta may 3g na signal sa lugar mo, ok ang share it.” :)

  59. Just some facts from an actual Share It subscriber:

    1. Sim card is verified to not work with anything except the bundled router. I’ve tried on my PlugIt, on an iPhone and even a regular Nokia. It won’t connect, make calls or SMS at all. Router can use my PlugIt Sim though, not sure if it can use other telco’s sim

    2. Haven’t tried it in other areas but going to a mall near me and plugging it, the router still works. Also, it’s easier to just bring this if you want an easy-to-setup WLAN network

    3. Vs. my wired DSL, this is much faster but also less stable for torrents where I often get only 20% of the full speed. No problems with direct downloads though.

    4. New plan is 24 mos lock-in with free router. Router is yours after the lock-in period. Also, no more login page required

  60. Biggie9385 says:

    yup. smart informed me almost a month ago that the router can be used with sim from other telcos. Last sunday, I tried my share-it connection by downloading an xubuntu distro. i got 200KB/s download speed. but still unstable.

  61. Jes says:

    Drats. I was about to avail of this but it’s late as they changed their plan to 24 months lock-in period. But it now comes with free router.

    Is this better than Globe’s Broadband 1Mbps offer? 12 months lang naman.

  62. speed18 says:

    ask ko lang po kung naddisconect din un share it na unlimited tulad nang madalas mangyari sa prepaid na smarbro.. salamat,,nasa province po ako,pero malakas naman signal ng 3G sa window ng smartbro(95%)

  63. Biggie9385 says:

    @speed18. mine disconnects on its own at around 8pm. Then it (touter) reboots. Green LED keeps on blinking and after a few seconds ok na naman ang connection. This only happens at most thrice a day. Cellsite is very near and visible from my location. less than a kilometer.

  64. Alex says:

    Hi. I would like to air our disappointment with this product. We availed of the service Aug 2009 and was able to use it for 2 months. After which we lost connection and tried to call the smart hotline immediately. We were informed that they will be doing adjustments on their side and that we should wait 24 hours (obviously memorized spiels for inquiries with no answers). We have been fed this BS for 3 days. We then decided to bring the router to the service center and was found that the SIM was faulty. We went to 4 smart communication centers to request for SIM replacements but everyone of them said that they do not have the SIM and would still request for it from the main office. After one week, we were contacted by one of the four and said that they have the SIM available already. We got the SIM and was informed that it would take 24 hours for activation. After 24 hours, we still did not have a connection and started calling their call center again. We were given different reasons for the lost connection (i.e. mismatched router/SIM, adjustments in main office, untagged router/SIM, etc.) One month and a half on and we still do not have connection. We simply got tired of following this up with them and actually forgot that we have any internet service from smart. We will be writing a letter to Smart Communications that we will be discontinuing our subscription and that we will be demanding return of payment we gave for the router due to poor service. Talk about sucking at aftersales service.

  65. raf raf says:

    hi share ko lang experience ng family ko sa smartbro! (smartBROKEN)
    ngsubrscribe po kami last april 2009, month of aprril,june, and july ok and service. evrytime i ping a website there’s a reply.. kumbaga walang request time out dumating ang month of aug,sept and present naging inconsistent ang signal.
    We subrscribe to 312kbps plan (canopy), 1st week pa lang ng aug. napansin ko na kagad na 11am-11pm sobrang bagal ng connection at halos request time out ang nakukuha ko.of course the usual thing i reported it to their TSR over the *1888 hotline.
    Ang sabi base station daw,so i waited 24hrs as instructed by the agent i called again and nireport na ganon pa din sabi ni agent “system enhancement po kasi sa base station,pasensya na sa abala” 24hrs ulet… Halos tinamad nako at 2months n nakalipas bago ako nakatawag ulet.I reported same problem and they told me same reason na base station daw,halos nagfreak out ako nung narinig ko yun kasi 2months na nakalipas un ganon pa din ung reason meaning to say within 2months di nila nasolusyunan o WALA SILANG GINAWA to solve my issue.
    -i spoke to a supervisor na sabi iuupdate ako before matapos ang araw baka daw gabi n sya tumawag pero wala akonng nareceive na call
    -may pumunta na 2 technician sa bahay at pinindot pindot ang pc ko halos 3mins alng yata sila nagstay they told me BASE STATION ANG SIRA!then alis na daw sila, fine!

    -guys, i have nothing against smart company thankful p nga ako kasi nagkakainternet kami sa subd. kasi di pa available yung dsl samin.
    Ang point ko lang sana as customer na matino naman nagbabayad ng rate/month makuha ko man lang yung 60% na speed binabayaran ko. guys evry 11am-11pm nagcoconduct ako speedtest ang nakukuha ko lang minimum of 19kbps max of 60kbps. At sabi nila upgraded na nga ang plan 312kbps to 1m but we cant see the difference! guys maybe you’re wondering bakit my timeframe? di ko din alam basta ngtrtry din ako mag speedtest mga 12am -3am kasi yun mejo ok ang conection ko nakukuha ko lang is 130-260kbps. kala ko b upgraded??!
    Anyways sana mapansin ng smart na di lang ako ang nakakaexperience ng problema sa connection nila.
    Definitely once makapsok ang DSL samin ay mgswiswitch kami dun im also aware na sister company ang pldt and smart but were still hoping na mas ok un

    -Rodriguez Rizal

  66. biggie9385 says:

    Yup. i have been calling hotline every week just to report a very slow connection or a “disconnecting/rebooting” router. I went to wireless center last saturday to report my issue. I even took a video of my router losing its signal. the guy at the wireless center told me that there is a signal fluctuation. and that he will ask somebody in smart to look at my place and check for the signal. its almost 4days has passed and i did not hear any thing from smart. and every time i have a slow connection it will take me a minimum of 30minutes just to get through their hotline and talk to somebody. and when i am able to talk to someone, they will tell me that the connection is slow because they’re doing some adjustments and enahncements. i once asked them why can’t they send an advisory txt when they’re doing something that would result to a slow or intermitent connection. They are very religious and very fast when sending spam text but when sending connection advisory, they will look for alibis.

  67. Dracule Mihawk says:

    my problem is that the router stops giving internet connection every 3hrs or so, I need to reset it to get back on browsing. Is there a way to fix this? cuz its really annoying to reset the router over and over again to have internet access.

  68. strato003 says:

    same problem goes for me as well…been using smartbro shareit for a couple of months and im very very disappointed with the service!i switched from globe wired broadband to shareit because it has a wifi feature which is usefull for our laptops.The max bandwidth i got ever since was only 400+ kbps(very low to what they’re saying that it can go to 2 Mbps)and since then it barely reached 100 kbps!At and mas nakakabwesit pa,kaylangan ko pang mag-tiis ng 2 yrs para ma disconnect ko na ang subscription ko!

    I just wished someone would report this issue to NTC or better yet,sue them(hahayyy..if only I have the resources to do that!x_x).Tayo lng subscribers niloloko nito e.
    Anyways,just telling you my experience. thnks…

  69. Mark says:

    Nope, All smart broadband packages are now at 24-months lock-in period.

  70. ralph says:

    just want to give my 2 cents on smartbro share it plan…

    im a new subscriber, one month pa lang ako… but i believe what smart said in their ads (about 2 mbps *max burst speed) is true. it is also true na may times and places na mabagal.

    in my experience, (im residing @ baguio) ok ang hsdpa signal dito un nga lang may times na mabagal ang traffic kaya mabagal ang speed. pero sa gabi towards madaling araw… nakakapag dl ako movie (700mb) for less than 60mins. (tina-timingan ko dati kasi ako smartbro prepaid user so sulit ang load).

    at good days, nakakapag download ako gamit ang bittorrent client about 240kBps (that’s a little bit more sa 2mbps/200kBps max burst speed they promised)

    at bad days, minsan about 10kBps lang. bummer.

    but kung madiskarte ka, sa madaling araw ka mag download para sulit.

    again this is to balance claims, (in my own personal experience/also based sa location and time) totoo ang advertised speed ng bro, whether prepaid or postpaid.

    but the only problem i think im getting is the wifi router itself. kasi parang hindi sya pang long range… i have to check it on smart.

    bottomline is, depende talaga sa location, and time.

  71. ralph says:

    hi. just want to add that this is my normal average speed on day time. (dont know if the photo will upload…) it varies from 600kbps to 1+mbps

    anyway, not bad for a monday noon…

  72. ralph says:

    hi. just want to add that this is my normal average speed on day time. (dont know if the photo will upload…) it varies from 600kbps to 1+mbps

    anyway, not bad for a monday noon…

    anyway again, *burst speeds are “burst” speeds. it most of the time just bursts… its not flat. it fluctuates. if you’re lucky, it would stay that way for a few hours, then back to lower speeds…

  73. Jan says:

    Just got my smartbro usb prepaid kit two days ago. After setting up the software, I went straight to There it was, speed reaching upto 2.7mb! Great! Then i tried it on youtube,.. excellent! For my final test “Torrents”. Wow! 11kbps! Ang bagal. Give me a break! Furtunately, it was just given by a friend.

    * Good for watching tubes
    * Nada when it comes to torrents
    (Something to do with NAT)

  74. bs04c says:

    guys smartbro speed does depend on the signal on the area you are in.

    now bumili na kayo ng smartbro plug it unlimited. mas maganda 999/month lng.

    umaapaw pa sa 2mbps ang speed sa full signal ng hsdpa.

    yung mga mahina ang signal wag na kayo magmura sa smart, magtanong kayo kng san malakas siganal para naman maexperience nyo ang experience ko.

    galing ng smart.

    browsing-split of second lng
    torrents-100+kbps pero depends sa seeders. maglagay kayo tracker para mas mabilis.

  75. mike says:

    I’ve been a smart subscriber for a long time. I used to have canopy for smart bro but recently migrated to share it for wife access.

    For barely 2 months of share it use, I didn’t have much problems until recently. The connection is terrible. Aside from the fact that it’s very slow, you get disconnected most of the time. I called up customer service 3x but all they can say is that they’re going to make the report and forward this to the support group. It’s been 2 wks already and the problem remains the same.

    I feel cheated. It’s not fair that I’m locked up for a two-year contract and not getting the service I paid for. I hope the company does something about this before the problem gets out of hand.

  76. laytech says:

    i’ve posted my own recent misfortunes with this service. please visit my blog. let me know ur comments about shareit. thanks!

  77. 21st internet cafe says:

    medyo hindi lang maganda ang plan 999 ng smart unlimited…sabi ng samrt kaya nito ang 10pc…maganda sana ang connection kaso ang problema lagi nawawalan ng connection, kailangnang tanggalin sa saksakan ng kuryente ang plug ng smart every 30 minutes or i hour para bumalik sa dati ang connection na maganda…

    ibig sabihin sa 7pc, ung iba nawawalan ng connection hanggang lahat mawalan na…disaster para sa mga onlime gamer lalo na sa dota boys…ganda sana ang speed kaso dahil nga sa wireless parang naliligaw ang signal,nawawala oras-oras…hay grabe sakit ng ulo para sa internet cafe…kung sa bahay lang sya okey naman kasi di naman for business purposes.

  78. 21st internet cafe says:

    maganda nga ang speed ng smart dito sa lugar namin…kaso oras oras ng didisconect…bakit kea? sa signal? eh andito lang sa tabi namin ang cell site…

  79. raym0nd03 says:

    I remembered the first time we got our PLAN 999 UNLIMITED,August 2009, we cant use it for the first 3 days because it wasn’t activated yet by smart so there after waiting for that long we finally broke in to the webs and got it working. It was mentioned in the manual that to access my browser i need to log in first to smart portal to get the connection started but we never did this and can connect as soon as the computer is turned on and we never had a problem with this matter up to now. The speed was just mediocre, we anticipated this since the connection was wireless. base on speedtests we had it can reach as much as 1.6mbps but cant really feel it since the webpages load a bit crap. My connection was pretty stable even after ONDOY where in our globe broadband connection got broken, fun coz i can still surf.

  80. warshock says:

    Ping sucks, online gamers wont join my games and they kick me when I try to join them because of hi ping/latency. Not for gamers! I get good downloads sometimes. I sometimes get 2mbps at 3AM to 4AM in the morning, and less 50kbps the rest of the day. Weekends are worst. I could barely open facebook!

    I am talking about Smart Bro ShareIt!

  81. shayne says:

    ..geez! so slow ang connection nyo, nagkamali ako nang pagpili dito

    • beth says:

      nabasa ko ang comment mo about share it i know matagal na rin ang comment mo pero ok pa ba yong share it smartbro mo gusto ko kasi yang smart shre it na yan ok ang signal dito kung gusto mo pwede mo sya benta sakin jus pm me in may yahoo acc. [email protected]

  82. shin says:

    Hi, im buying disconnected smartbro share it modem.. kung wala na kayong balak gamitin ito benta nyo nalang sa akin guys:) kesa naman dagdag kalat lang ito sa bahay nyo:)..

    sa mga interested PM nyo q sa YM [email protected]

  83. Molly says:


  84. Molly says:


  85. Harry says:

    Guys, ok ba talga ung share-it? smartbro user din ako
    ung canopy type for almost 4 years.. kaso ung canopy ko hndi na maka-kuha ng connection kc my naka-harang na sa LOS nito.. hndi na rin maka-change ng LOS Base sabi ng Smart tech support na bumisita sa bahay namin… like you guys, online games din hilig ko, at
    sa canopy connection ko i frequently experience DC,DC,DC,DC..madalas na DC tlga. now nagpapasalamat ako kc permanently discon na ako sa CANOPY ko dahil sa unavailable source na pwede ako ma-connect.

    Prob ko now is meju interested ako sa Smartbro Share-it na up to 2mbps max bursts speed. ngayon nga sana ako mag-apply kaso sarado wireless centers ng smart. and base sa mga comment nyo dito dami negative pero meron din positive.

    location ko within the city kc. ung smartbro plug-it ok naman ang cgnal sabi ng pinsan ko na katabi ng bahay namin.

    tanong ko po ano kaya maganda na internet connection? pwede kaya static IP sa Share-it? para solo ko ang bandwith.. pls. help..

  86. smartbro user says:

    maganda naman share it connection sa amin, depende lang talaga sa area yan, and also sa activity mo sa internet.

  87. botchoy says:


    wag nyo itry kasi ang bagal ng connection. Strength ng signal ko is excellent pero when i tried to perform speedtest result is equivalent to dial up connections. I recommend using the wired connection.

  88. Berto says:

    smart bro share-it, oh my….. very disappointing.
    sayang lng ibinabayad namin. 3 months lng nagamit then the modem router malfunction at need pa ipadala sa manila for repair. at un mga csr nila very inconsistent mga sinasabi paiba-iba ng statement di sila pare pareho ng sinasabi pag nagreklamo na bakit wala internet connection. ang alam nila sabihin ay gagawan ng report or observe ng 24 hours. pauli ulit lng ng sinasabi. nakaka praning sila kausap. need yata ipadala sa training mga csr ng smartbro pra may update sa knowledge nila. grabe n talaga to. syang lng pera namin dito.

  89. 3d2r1577 says:

    I also been using smartbro share it and plug it prepaid and postpaid since Dec 2009 at the start i got a little bit slow connection and disconnection I got only better speed starting feb of 2010 maybe until june of 2010 but starting july 2010 it started very slow connection and disconnection until now. In general i suggest not to get this suck thing, you will waste your money.

  90. SMARTBROKE ME says:

    Total waste of money… Dito sa Binangonan Rizal grabe bagal ng connection ko. First 2 months napakaganda ng connection. 1.5Mbps!!! 3rd month naglaro nalang around 50Kbps… 5th, no connection for 3 weeks. Full bar signals based on UI indicator, and i also tried 3g/hsdpa using smart sim, mas mabilis pa umabot ako ng 1Mbps 6th until 8th month (October 2010) nag tyaga ako sa 30Kbps maka pag bukas lang ng Email masaya na ko. NOVEMBER!!! LESS 1KBPS!!!!???? From NOVEMBER 10, 2010 up to NOVEMBER 23, 2010. DI MANLANG MAKA RETRIEVE NG EMAIL AT DI DIN MAKA CONNECT NG YM. Tonight mukang meron naman basta matyaga kang mag refresh dahil madalas timeout…


  91. poy says:

    I’ve been expecting that this smart brodband are realy good connection.. specialy in online games….
    but why every time ive play online game i experience dc.
    ive been playing many games… and all of them are the same result… always DC….
    and in 5pm to midnight… the network are toooooo… slow.. Like DIAL UP??
    what happen to your advertisement that youve said that this is a 300+mbps??
    is that a lie? or is there anything problem with your network……….?
    Ive been expcting that your have to fix this problem ASP.

  92. pinoy chefs says:

    kung mag 999 kyo sa smart. mag 1500 nalang kayo sa destiny cable, internet and tv cable na. i used to use globe broadband but galit na galit ako sa kanila. and like smart kung half of the month wla kang connection di naman half lang ang bbyaran mo e. I got sun wireless broadband later pero limited padin e pero di nawawalan ng net yun. then since I switched to cable internet immortal na tlga ang speed ko. never dies. always strong. and they say cable is even faster than DSL. sabi daw mas strong pa ang skycable kaso mas mahal. but other says naman na dsl is depending rin sa location pero mas higher risk ma DC dsl than cable.

  93. florence fermin says:


  94. beth says:

    hi to all i just read all the comments here maybe they are right depende sa area ang signal our neighbor used that kind of smartbro share it ok nmn po kaya nga naiinggit me kasi comfortable gamitin kung sino man po ang ayw na ng share it smartbro benta nyo na lang sakin just text me or call me 09097044242

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