5 Signs You Were Lonely Last Valentine’s Day

With the highlight event of February already done being celebrated last weekend, couples were scattered everywhere with their bouquet of roses and heart-shaped chocolates. In contrast there were also individuals that chose (or were just unlucky) to be alone during this day. Where did you belong? Here are 5 Signs You Were Lonely Last Valentine’s Day.

1. You checked your ex’s Facebook at least three times for the whole day (once after breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

If you noticed yourself clicking your ex’s profile at least three times a day last Valentine’s, then someone just hasn’t moved on yet (HINT: It’s not your ex). Yes, stalking her profile may satisfy your curiosity in finding out what she was up to, but what if you see her photo with her new date? Not so smart idea now, is it?

2. Uploaded a happy-but-secretly-sad post

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Sure, you posted a selfie and captioned it saying that you’re happier like never before and “you feel a lot more free” not being in a relationship, but your photo sure looks like you’re still in pain from whatever she did.

3. (Really) Active on Dating Apps

We recently gave you 5 Dating Apps to Get Your Flirt On and if you enjoyed swiping left and right so much that you just ended up being on Tinder the whole day then you might be a bit too lonely. Remember, what good are those apps for when you can only go as far as chatting with people online? Go out and meet someone!

4. Did Physical Activities

No, not that kind of physical activity you do when you’re alone. We’re talking about going to the gym and telling people that you’re getting ripped for #Laboracay, or riding a bike with friends just to have a reason to go out of the house and get her out of your head. Basically, you spent your Valentine’s Day by making yourself look better (love yourself more than anyone else as they say!)

5. Faked a “romantic” post

  Happy Heart’s Day! #repost   A photo posted by xmangunay (@xmangunay) on

Lastly, you definitely know you were lonely last Heart’s Day if you posted something that may seem to look like a sweet moment between you and your lover, but in reality is just a one-man effort.

Got more of these signs? Let’s hear ’em and all have a good laugh!

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  1. Avatar for Claire Claire says:

    Poor baby! No date last Valentines?

  2. Avatar for OnemanTeam OnemanTeam says:


    I couldnt agree more, this site being a tech site kept on posting irrelevant stuff that should be here in the first place, I am happily married but then again this is just way out of the topic. Paid Post just to get money man. Sucks to be them.

  3. Avatar for stoic stoic says:


    What does this article have to do with “Yugatech: Philippine Technology News and Reviews?”

    Enough with the cough syrup already..

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