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Are you an internet addict?

Do you spend more time online than you used to? Do you use social networking, online shopping, online games, online gambling, or blogging in excess? Let’s add online porn to the mix. If you answered yes to any of the questions can we say that you’re an internet addict?


Mapsofworld.com has recently released an infographic with the title “Is INTERNET ADDICTION Real?” that showcases details, statistics, characteristics, and effects of internet addiction. Included are the consequences of internet addiction according to the American Journal of Psychiatry:

  • Loss sense of time
  • Withdrawal when computer is inaccessible
  • Social isolation and fatigue
  • Tolerance, including the need for better computer equipment

Are you guilty of any of these?

Of course, the internet is not totally destructive unless abused. We all know that anything in excess is harmful especially when it starts to take a toll on your REAL social life, health, and productivity. Take a look at the complete infographic here and share your thoughts below.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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24 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING IS DANGEROUS! kaya dapat moderate lang… kaya sa mga parents dyan, try to control yung internet time ng mga anak.. ang very prone kasi dito is yung mga younger generation. nakakatakot sa masamang dulot ng internet kapag hindi na tama.. at sa mga majority na rin. may kapitbahay kami, kalo mo kung sinog friendly mag post/comments sa facebook, eh sa totoong buhay kung pansinin mo ni hindi nga kumikibo. napaka-plastik sa harap ng fb world. mas importante pa rin ang may human and personal touch… goodluck sa future ng next generation, bka puro sa online na lang magkwentuhan.

    • Shy says:

      Makapanghusga ka naman tol lakas! May mga tao tlgang super mahiyaan at yung iba nmn may fear sa social interaction due to several reasons. Kesyo ayaw kang pansinin, plastik na agad? Judgmental mo nmn

    • Jess says:

      hindi po. kakilala ko namang buo ung ma kapitbahay namin. ung tipong mag yaya ako sa kanila para pumasyal, etc, parang ang lamig kumibo etc. pero kung makipagharutan sa fb all-out. hehe

    • kapitbahay says:

      parang kayo ang magkapitbahay a.haha

    • ay says:

      actually, may tao talagang ganyan, may ibang personality sa personal at nagtatransform bilang bagong tao sa internet. pero di naman ibig sabihin na plastik na. pwede rin namang naeexpress talaga nila kung sino sila sa internet. gaya ko, sobrang mahiyain sa personal, pero sa internet sobrang kabaliktaran. share ko lang.

  2. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Funny, ’cause I don’t have a Facebook account, I have less than 100 followers on my Twitter account, I barely email anyone, I don’t chat with anyone, I have no credit card so I can’t buy anything online, I don’t seriously play any online games, I don’t even know where to gamble online, I don’t watch videos much because my internet is too slow and I don’t have a blog…

    …but yes, I AM an internet addict.

    Sometimes, I don’t even do anything – not reading anything, not watching anything – but I WANT to *be* online, doing nothing at all.

  3. Ryan says:

    Too much of everything is not good. Pro kung TOO MUCH HANDSOMENESS bad din ba? hehe

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      Try fending off a mob of horny, rowdy, ugly, fat chicks forcefully intent on being impregnated by you. Now do that every time you step out into a public place.

  4. grail0375 says:

    I think “Excessive Download Disorder” should be included in the list, because i am guilty of being one of those people who go through harddisks like pancakes every three to four months at a time. :(

    • Karl says:

      Ok lang yan. Sulitin ang binabayad sa telcos. Hehe :)

    • wilde says:

      We’re on the same boat :D

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      I decided to go the less-volatile route and went for DVD+R backups. I’m on my 2000+th disc this month. I literally have a cabinet full of binders filled with TV shows, movies, audiobooks, ebooks, games, manuals, comics and the category that eats up the most of my discs – documentaries. Going on my 6th binder for documentaries.

  5. Yong says:

    Can we consider people who are working online, such as Virtual Assistance stuff, an internet addict too?

  6. BernarDroid says:

    gani2 tlga sa pinas, adik sa Dota adik sa bold adik pa sa kabastosan

  7. Rob says:

    Yes I’m an addict. I stay up way past midnight surfing, chatting, watching porn and hooking up. I wake up lacking sleep and drowsy the whole day. I know I should not be sacrificing my work but I cant stop.

  8. wilde says:

    Why no category for web browsing?

    I use the internet more on reading, being informed with the latest news, researching, etc.

  9. ronjiedotcom says:

    I think the internet now is like cellphone and electricity; it is a utility. No one is an internet addict. There are only game addicts. Reading (blogs, books, etc.) addicts. Party (socialization) addicts. Gambling addicts. Video/movie/TV/radio addicts. And yes, add porn addicts to the mix. All of those are both offline and online. The internet is just another way to access them. Who is to say that the internet is not reality? It is real life.

  10. Boybawang says:

    I am a clear Internet addict though I have none of the stated activities above. No facebook or twitter account, No online shopping, No online games, No gambling, No blogging, No downloading. Just some Porn, but the majority of my time is online is spent reading on latest gadget tech headlines and flagship smartphone rumors! Maybe Im worst??

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  12. Bobby says:

    This is somehow true. From the moment I close my eyes at night to the moment I open them in the morning, the first and last thing I see everyday is internet on mobile. I get depress if I don’t have notifications or I only get a few likes for something I posted that I think is really cool. I admit when life is simpler, I was way happier. People nowadays tend to do nothing but brag, twitpic this, instagram that, check in here, youtube it out. I’ve tried not to go online for a month, I felt good, damn good! But the moment I went back on the internet, damn I was addicted once more! So should we say people in North Korea are somewhat lucky?

  13. aaron says:

    Internet addict aq?? Ou naman, mahilig magbasa ng reviews about sa phones sa ilonggotechblog, pinoytechblog, gsmarena, phonearena, gogi, powerbond seven, at syempre dito yugatech. Pag my load lang naman, sa phone ko na 2g lng, ni wifi wala. Hirap sa buhay pero mahilig tumingin ng phones nangangarap. Haha

  14. There’s definately a lot to know about this issue. I love all the points you’ve made.

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