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Fast Five: 2015 April Fool’s Day Tech Posts

It’s the first of April once again, and a lot of cool and fun April Fool’s Day tech posts are making the rounds in cyberspace. In this Fast Five edition, we take a look at some of the best posts and announcements you may find amusing, funny, or rather lame.


Pac-Man on Google Maps


Arguably one of the neatest Easter Eggs to land on Google Maps to date, the internet search giant’s maps website now features an option to convert any place in the world into a Pac-Man game — with all the streets being your itinerary for eating those pac-dots. We wish you all the best on avoiding the ghosts, as they prove to be a bit faster, and come in all directions.

Motorola Selfie Stick


Motorola thinks that a selfie stick is also a way of expressing oneself, so what more can the company do but offer it with an array of materials available to make it personalized just like the the Moto X. Be it covered in  leather, made in  metal, or carved from wood, there’s a lot of options one can choose to create their own personal selfie stick. I dig the leather one, for those bourgeois group photo moments.

Asus Zenfone Zero (AF401)


Asus went back to basics with the announcement of the newest addition to the Zenfone Family: The Zenfone Zero landline caller. It’s basically a classic telephone design upgraded with USB and HDMI ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a round touchscreen display, and SonicMaster audio on its handset. Who can’t resist upgrading their landlines with this one?



Are you at a loss for words to express just how you feel when you saw the news that your favorite band member left One Direction? Google makes it easier for everyone to share their thoughts on almost everything in cyberspace with the Chrome Selfie.

A self-photograph depicting your reaction to a particular website will be mashed up into a collage and shared to any of your social networks. Pretty much a cool idea for once, and we might see a startup company bring it to reality in the future.

MS-DOS Mobile


Microsoft wants to reinvent productivity as it revives its old MS-DOS software to cater to smartphones. Yep, that means you have to type every single command you need to do in the phone. Those monospace fonts can surely turn the geekiest of the geeks happy, but is definitely not the average user who were siphoned into the tap and touch revolution.

Special Mention: Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge: Chef’s Edition


While it didn’t make it to our list, I thought Samsung laid out a nice joke for once. After all the plethora of home technology it had unveiled the past years, it didn’t stop the Korean tech giant from invading yet another part of your home: the kitchen.

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge offers to be a secondary phone while still retaining the essential knife functionality — you can mercilessly chop ingredients while arguing with your spouse to release your anger, or unleash your inner artist and create stunning instagram videos of juice leaking out of tomatoes in slow motion. Sorry, there’s still no microSD slot available.

That’s it for the roundup of some of the best April Fool’s Day jokes around the world. Is there a post today that you think deserve to be in the list? Head down the comments section below.

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  1. Avatar for Adrian Adrian says:

    How about playstation flow?

  2. Avatar for EdiWow EdiWow says:

    I do like the Zenfone Zero. :)

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