Google lets you choose your side of the Force with Star Wars promo

Google lets you choose your side of the Force with Star Wars promo

To further hype the nearing release of the new Star Wars film, Google launches its “Choose Your Side” promo that turns your platform into a movie-themed experience.


If you still haven’t heard, typing “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” onto the Google search bar will turn the results to a Star Wars intro, crawling its way up on yellow font. That’s just a small slice of what Google has in store for the movie’s fans out there.

By visiting, you can choose which side of the Force you want to pledge your allegiance to. Depending on what you select, your browser and other apps  will be revamped whether you’re on the light or dark side.



I chose to stick with the latter and be well on my way of becoming a Sith Lord and below are photos of what it looked like when opening a new tab or checking my Gmail:


The theme will be integrated across other Google apps like Maps (your car becomes a TIE fighter/X-wing) and Waze (C3PO’s voice would be the one guiding you). If you’re a fan of the purchase, you shouldn’t be even finishing this article and start choosing sides already. It’s pretty fun.


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