How much did Gerry Kaimo got for

How much did Gerry Kaimo got for

I know this is an old news but recent chit chats with people in the know suggested that Gerry Kaimo could have gotten some cash settlement with PLDT for the domain

The story went public over at last April 2006 entitled Not a money settlement, PLDT says on domain name case:

Sources said that a non-disclosure agreement between the two parties was among the conditions of the settlement.

The settlement ends one of the longest-running domain and trade name disputes in the Philippines between the country’s biggest telecommunications company and an individual.


Kaimo is the registered owner of the domain name “” His original website now contains the message, “in line with some admin changes, this site will be moved to”

PLDT had filed a 1.35-million-peso lawsuit against Kaimo, arguing that he was violating the company’s intellectual property rights over the PLDT trade name.

I think the NDA gave it all away. What is there to hide in the first place with the settlement? My personal impression about the issue was that it was the first true test of consumerism advocacy in the country. What could have prompted both parties to agree on a settlement?

It’s just speculation but some people close to him say that Kaimo always had this *smile* when asked about the settlement and how much he got from it. Ahhh, the sign of a contented and rich man? Only the good Lord and Gerry knows. :)

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7 Responses

  1. ade says:

    MY GET-RICH-QUICK PLAN: Find an unused domain of another big company.

  2. Miguel says:

    No so fast. Gerry spent a lot on his legal fees. He posted it for the record sometime ago.

  3. Carlo says:

    It’s impossible that he didn’t get anything from PLDT hehe.. Pilipinas pa?!

  4. yuga says:

    Ahhh, Migs, at least he got all his lawyers fees paid up. :)

  5. mdhoward says:

    just read part of the article, and was bothered by the title-
    “How much did Gerry Kaimo got for” wrong grammar. it’s “get” = how much did gerry kaimo GET for just lettin’ you know…

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