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Microsoft gives you free 100GB OneDrive space when you switch from Dropbox

Here’s a really tempting Microsoft offer right now: They want to take away a share of Dropbox’s user base by giving away a whopping 100GB of free OneDrive storage space to those who move in from the said cloud service.


The only thing Microsoft requires you to get that sweet deal? Access to your Dropbox account. As soon as it’s authorized, Microsoft will add a OneDrive starting guide to your main folder, and will confirm that you now have the additional storage space.


The bonus storage has a catch though: The free 100GB will only last for a year upon activation, and this might be a bummer to those who are looking forward to use the service permanently. If you’re not down with that, Microsoft is still offering a larger space than Dropbox with 15GB of free starting storage than the 2GB currently available at the latter.

Click here to get that 100GB storage.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar for jyb jyb says:

    kung gusto nio nang pang matagalan na account sa onedrive na lang. . Ung iba jan mag sasara within 5 years. .

  2. Avatar for Jun Jun says:

    i need this for my photos and files on my pc

  3. Avatar for Paul J Paul J says:

    Dropbox works well for sync. But, I prefer Binfer when I have to send lots of file to someone. Some details here: http://www.binfer.com/features

  4. Avatar for charaught charaught says:

    yun.baidu na lang, 2TB free :)

    • Avatar for anonymous anonymous says:

      Nag search ako dyan sa sinabi mong iyan tapos may nakita ako na ginawa rin yan pero may nakuha din 32TB sa iba pang provider. Hehe.

  5. Avatar for Cool Cool says:

    Nakuha ko na free 100gb + 100 gb. Pag nagamit e di magsubscribe, pag hindi e di bye bye :)
    Thanks microsoft!

  6. Avatar for ren ren says:

    Igot 100GB at box.net for life.. :-)

  7. Avatar for jokab jokab says:

    I’ll take it! Lumia user here so this is a most welcome offer. i probably wont consume 10% of the space but hey, its free!

  8. Avatar for eric jay eric jay says:

    Yay! And another way to get another 100GB. The caveat though is just like stated above, valid only for a year.
    Got 240GB of storage.
    Almost a quarter of a terabyte. O.O


  9. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Nice try MSFT.

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