PH Internet - currently one of the slowest in Asia and entire world

PH Internet – currently one of the slowest in Asia and entire world

A report from Ookla Speedtest shows the different Internet speeds in all of Asia and around the globe. Without much of a surprise, Philippines is still at the tail of the list.


The rankings are published on which compares the consumer download speed globally between April 18 and May 17 of this year. The list is currently topped by Singapore with 121.81 megabits per second (Mbps) of download speed followed by Hong Kong with 102.63Mbps. As for the Philippines, it’s all the way down the line with 3.65Mbps for its average broadband speed. Do keep in mind that the average speed is at 23.3Mbps.

As for the upload speed, the average is at 10.59Mbps and we’re at an even slower rate of 1.53Mbps. What’s more disappointing is that we’re one of the countries that pays the most expensive for our connection with an average value of $18.18 as opposed to the global average amount of just $5.21.


Below is a list of Asian countries ranked with Ookla’s household speed index as of May 2015:

1. Singapore – 121.81 Mbps
2. Hong Kong – 102.63 Mbps
3. Japan – 82.12 Mbps
4. South Korea – 59.77 Mbps
5. Macau – 50.66 Mbps
6. Taiwan – 50.59 Mbps
7. Thailand – 19.82 Mbps
8. Mongolia – 17.92 Mbps
9. Vietnam – 17.70 Mbps
10. Bangladesh – 9.86 Mbps
11. Cambodia 9.04 Mbps
12. Nepal 8.63 Mbps
13. Brunei 7.99 Mbps
14. Bhutan – 7.82 Mbps
15. India 7.04 Mbps
16. Malaysia 7.03 Mbps
17. Laos 6.92 Mbps
18. Indonesia 6.68 Mbps
19. Myanmar 6.54 Mbps
20. Pakistan 4.00 Mbps
21. Philippines – 3.65 Mbps
22. Afghanistan – 2.52 Mbps

These reports aren’t new to our ears since there hasn’t been much of an improvement from late last year where we’ve been reported to have an average of 3.5Mbps. Our lawmakers have also done some investigations regarding this, but it looks like nothing’s still happening as of the moment.


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38 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    kakahiya! daanin nalang natin sa talent hahaha!

    • stimpy says:

      At sa pagboto ng mga walang kwentang politiko at marereklamo pagkatapos ng hahalan. galing ng pinoy!

  2. Abuzalzal says:

    mabagal nga pero top 10 naman tau sa mga taong nano2od sa pornhub nyahahaha onli in da pilipins

  3. Jenie says:

    disgraceful. we’re even topped by bangladesh, laos, nepal and vietnam. buenas yan!

  4. Mary Roselyn says:

    I will say sorry in advance if I seem so clueless about this.

    But what can the government/NTC/or the right people do to be on par with the other Asian countries in terms of internet connection?

    I want to believe that we’ll reach the day when we have faster internet speed with affordable prices. Or this is impossible to happen?

    • Cluebringer says:

      You do understand that the oligarchical nature of Philippine business, banning foreign businesses from even getting in as far as these things are concerned (especially telco), is the root cause of all this?

      Whatever competition these big players have is a joke. They ultimately have no need or desire to be up-to-date to 21st century internet speed standards that even war-torn countries somehow manage to attain. Result? High price, slowest internet.

      Even with PLDT’s recent touting of an “upgrade” to a baseline of 3.5mpbs, that’s just utterly laughable. That was baseline nearly two decades ago now. A decade ago baseline was already 8mpbs. For a fifth of the price PLDT and other ISPs in the Philippines want you to pay.

      No foreign competition = GG prices and quality.

  5. bern says:


    Telcos have already implemented the speed cap and still what we get for the average connection is this.

    Still worse is the speed that I always get here in Brgy. Pio (near pasay), Makati city most of the time is slower than 3Mbps.

    We are being gypped blatantly!

    • PeoplePowerInternet says:

      Internet and telco in general in the Philippines needs to be democratized. 1-2 big players slugging it out doesn’t make for real competition, especially when they get to keep the real players out. You essentially have spoiled, snobby execs running the show, their business and indeed entire sector protected by Philippine law, which they bought and continue to buy. Welcome to the Philippines: come visit if you like the illusion of freedom, democracy, and a free market.

  6. spbx says:

    and to think bpo industry is booming.

  7. yam says:

    Information superhighwayrobbery

  8. XTN says:

    Not to mention one of the most expensive. Google Fiber for example offers a one time fee of 300$(equivalent of around 14,000php, which can be waived) and a monthly bandwidth for $70( around 3000php) for 1000Mbps.

  9. ano kayang feeling ng 121.81 mbps tapos me capped na 3gb hahaha

    • boy bezel says:

      Syempre masaya mabilis internet speed.

      ano ba dapat maging ‘feeling’?

    • wapwap says:

      tinanggal na nila yan bago mag upgrade. natest ko narin yung speed ng singapore sa pagdodownload sa ibat ibang lugar dun.

  10. chris says:

    Then SMART, GLOBE and etc. are implementing FUP to users yet speed and bandwidth cannot even satisfied.

  11. AA says:

    Ganyan talaga pag monopoly. All ISPs have to pass through PLDT

  12. hahaha says:

    paano, nilagyan pa ng cap…. mga pinoy eh pag nakakaramdam ng pagbabagal ng internet.. test tayo ng speedtest.. eh usually naka cap na nun.. kaya ayan lalo pa bumaba.. napaka expensive na.. tapos mabagal pa.. ganid kasi ang mga telco tapos ang govt.. walang paki.. sana nga me pumasok na bagong player.. yung independent at di nakiki konek sa pldc

    • abuzalzal says:

      Nakakalungkot mang sabihin, gigipitin lang ang sinumang papasok na competitor, so wala ng pag-asa…unless mag abroad ahahah

  13. windowsphoneOS says:

    YESS!! Patuloy ang pag-yaman ng mga may ari ng ISP’s…hehehe…

    Habang kawawa naman ang mga users na nagbabayad ng wasto pero kulang ang bilis na nakukuha…hehehe…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am on PLDT DSL and am getting less than 1Mbps max right now.

  15. Crap says:

    MAY SOLUTION PA BA ITO????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • wapwap says:

      Meron, ang problema jan e. my pumipigil at gusto ibenta sa mahal na halaga at mabagal na connection.

  16. bern says:

    I cant believe that we have been edged out by some poorer countries. Shame!

    Telcos are continuously cashing in on us and we the common subscribers keep getting the short end of the sticks while they are enjoying their millions and sneering with our clamors.

    it doesn’t make any sense anymore!

  17. abuzalzal says:

    Oh My GOSH..Afghanistan levels na pala tayo LOL

    Si PLDT kasi mala- Kim-Jong Un ang pamamalakad, walang choice si consumer….so sad

    • mvp_matakaw says:

      Ganid sa salapi si MVP eh. Dapat talaga hindi pinapayagan ng gobyerno natin yang tao na yan na i-monopolize ang mga pangunahing utilities sa bansang ito. Meron na siyang telepono (PLDT), internet (PLDT), tv station (TV-5), diyaryo (Philippine Star) tubig (Maynilad), kuryente (Meralco), mga ospital (Makati Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Asian Hospital, etc) at marami pang iba.

  18. Mang Kanor says:

    di na ako magtataka kung pasabugin ng mga taong nagmamasid yang mga telco na yan. sana pasabugin mga tawer nila i hack ang system nila,at burahin lahat ng current subscriber info. nang mapilitan mga kumag na yan.

  19. abuzalzal says:

    Pero ganyan ka pursigido ang mga Pinoy, biro mo sa ganyang speed nakakapg Sal-sal pa rin sa Pornhub at Spankwire, hihintaying mag-buffer, then balik na naman

  20. NotaSheep says:

    The problem is not the telecom but the PEOPLE!!! they need to fucking say something otherwise the politicians (yes we have to use the politicians to do this because… you know… credibility and shit… yes we need politicians… sadly) aren’t going to do anything!

    COMPLAIN PEOPLE!! COMPLAIN!! the more we complain the more they will move! it’s a “Political Bait”!

  21. Milhouse says:

    And this is besides the fact that our internet connections are heavily capped.

    Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan are all ahead of us. Shame.

    • MiddleEastAfrica says:

      The Philippines is lagging behind even war-torn and politically unstable regions on average internet speed. PLDT thinks that raising the minimum to a paltry 3mpbs is going to change opinions overnight (it’s not even a 2-digit integer, PLDT. Get a fucking clue). That’s more than just pathetic and embarrassing. It’s almost a crime against humanity.

  22. Adrian says:

    3.65mbps with datacap :(

  23. Edwin says:

    Pwede ba amg class action suit sa Pinas? Kung si Pacquiao pwede sana dito din meron kasi hayagan na ang panloloko sa atin.

  24. wtf says:

    rant all we want, nothing will happen…government is beholden to pldt/smart (pangilinan/indonesian group) and globe (the ayalas)….especially now that the elections is coming up…let’s choose ways we access the internet but with minimal cost…hope there would be a petition by all pinoy internet users to the government to do their jobs and regulate the greedy telcos to provide better service – that means the assholes at dotc and ntc – fuck you…

  25. tmcr7 says:

    The best way towards progress and better services is if the congress approves the Constitutional amendment removing the restrictions to foreign business ownerships. As a country, we cannot afford to close our economy in the midst of the ASEAN Integration.

    • AllowForeignBusiness says:

      Precisely this. Allow foreign businesses to compete in the local market on the same grounds as these power-grubbing dynastic local telcos.

      Good luck with that though, they will throw all their money and influence at preventing anything like that from happening, just as they eat and buy up smaller local competition for breakfast.

      As crappy as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and COX are, they somehow look angelic compared to PLDT and SKYCable

  26. sunSubs says:

    Paano ba nmn malakas maglagay yang si manny Pangilinan sa mga senators para di ma ibatas ang dapat. . Kung gugustuhin lng tlga ng law makers lalo na yang si Bam Aquino, bibilis ang net.

    Isa pa tong pldt monopoly na ginigipit ang ibang telcos kc hawak nila ang telecom backbone ng pinas

  27. Leo says:

    Hahaha kung maka-advertise ang mga telco ng lightning speed nila kuno na internet connection..tatawanan lng ng ibang bansa.

  28. bruno says:

    PLDT talaga ang dapat sisihin. Feeling backbone, di naman talaga sya backbone at sobrang luma na ng technology nila despite sa mga “upgrades” na ginagawa nila.

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