Sen. Bam Aquino calls for investigation of slow internet in the Philippines

Sen. Bam Aquino calls for investigation of slow internet in the Philippines

Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aguirre Aquino IV expressed his dismay at the current state/cost of internet connection in the country on his official Facebook account and vowed that he will conduct further investigations to know why the Philippines is lagging behind other neighboring countries.

In response to the report published by ASEAN DNA, the 36-year old senator didn’t mince his words regarding the matter and even went as far as demanding NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) to provide a clear explanation as to why the internet connection in the country is more costly, yet comparatively slower, than in other parts of the globe.


“Kailangan ba nating magbayad ng mahal para sa mabagal at kung minsan ay hindi maasahang Internet connection? Dapat magbigay ng malinaw na paliwanag ang NTC ukol dito,”

On his Facebook Note, Senator Bam Aquino stated that an affordable, fast and reliable internet connection is crucial to sustain the economic growth in the country. Therefore, he is urging all those involved to figure out a way to improve the internet connection speed, and fast, considering that the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 is just around the corner.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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57 Responses

  1. Diorarat says:

    Sana may marating. I’ve been to other Asian countries tapos ma compare mo Bulok talaga sa pinas.

    Thailand free 1gb data per month kahit sa prepaid.

    Sa HK hspd+ is literally twice as fast download speed vs. lte dito.

    And kahit sa dsl walang matino sa pinas.

    Ntc wtf??

    • Hen-Sheen says:

      NTC is currently working under the table as we speak. Electronics and Weapons blend in nicely; if they have a dummy company/corporation with an A.I. type Supercomputer, they can rake in the greens 10 seconds flat! If i only know where the Renegade BPO’s are currently located, I will work for them for all eternity………..

  2. Mon says:

    Finally! and all it took was for the Philipines to be listed as having the lowest internet speed in SEA. =/

  3. densflo says:

    I agree, the only hindrance for me for being able to work from home is the slow connection no matter what provider I use to. It is so frustrating.. Kung mabilis lang connections natin, a modern day IT professional can be more competitive!

    NTC, and some government institutions are just incompetent. Gayahin nyo BIR. Which is just amazing in collecting Tax! :-(

    • Orange says:

      Sorry BIR is only amazing sa pagcollect ng taxes sa middle class. Pagdating sa big time tax payers, olats din sila. At dahil inefficient sila sa pag collect ng taxes, they’re proposing to increase taxes. Kawawa naman ang middle class na tulad ko. Amazing progressive taxation we have going here where only the middle class are penalized for being gainfully employed while the elite remain untouchable.

    • Hen-Sheen says:

      Indeed! Those guys should have never messed with the Philippine Medical Association; that commercial is one heck of a “Joyride”. The BPO industry is getting all of our Internet speeds! I might have mentioned this somewhere, Malaysia or Singapore might get those jobs from us one day…..

  4. fak says:

    ang bilis pa sumingil kahit walang matinong serbisyo… mga powtang walang hiyang globe at pldt! pak u powta sa mga may-ari sana kakanserin kayo mga ulol!

  5. kol says:

    pa bilion2x pa yung profit, kahit walang kwenta ang serbisyo! p0wta kayo mga ul0l!

  6. Noyex says:

    Di kasi natuloy yung NBN-ZTE deal kaya ganun. Dapat ibalik nila yung project na yun; at kung indi man, sana sa future wala nang kurakot kapag may bagong porject pra s ikakabuti ng telecommunications technology natin dito s Pinas.

    • jhepoyskee says:

      i agree with you. pag may National Broadband network tayo mas mag mura ang internet since the govt will have their own backbone. kaso malakas din siguro ang hatak ng mga telco dito sa mga tongressman at senatongs natin kaya hindi magalaw. Pinagexplain na din ni TG ang NTC before (which was influenced by Carlo Ople) sana may mangyari pero malamang explanation lang na naman to. parang pag may taas singil ang kuryente at gas spokesperson ang DOE.

  7. itachi1 says:

    A true lapse on our government’s agency for being in this status! If only they can spur increased competition, then definitely data services will be better and cheaper.

    However, IMHO, offering such service is geographically challenging for the 2 telcos and other who would-be providers. Unlike the US (vast but a continuous set of land) or Singapore (a little city state), RP is an archipelago. I would imagine a complicated setup of submarine cables, terrestrial cables and cell sites, among other things, to link places in our country. I imagine a company would invest heavily on infrastructure just to be in the business.

    Which goes back to increasing competition. Had our government attract other players to set up shop here, then perhaps it can change our present landscape.

    Again, I’m no expert, just putting my 2-cents.

    • telebubad says:

      as far as I know, PLDT already has a Domestic Fiber Optic Network that covers most part of the country.

    • Bamm says:

      PLDT has done the infrastructure already. Unfortunately, Globe is renting use of PLDT’s underwater network. This gives PLDT a virtual monopoly allowing them to dictate prices and Internet speeds.

    • IrateNetizen says:

      Kahit may infrastructure na ang PLDT kulang-kulang padin.

      Kita naman, nung napatid yung APCN biglang disgrasyado ang internet natin. Kung maayos ang infrastructure madaming redundancies so kahit mapatid pa yan very minimal ang impact.

      Pero magastos ang madaming redundancies, kukulangin ang perang ipangsusuhol sa NTC at kay NoyNoy.

    • arvinsim says:

      If being an archipelago is a hindrance, why does Indonesia have faster internet than us?

  8. Abrinor says:

    Sad reality, capping = better internet connection


    They should look into WHITE SPACE (frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service but not used locally) for broadcasting INTERNET across our archipelago. I heard that Microsoft is doing some tests in our country.

  10. Verbl Kint says:

    This is simply a case of a duopoly having their way with consumers.

    Kung may iba pang ISP, eh di makakapili tayo.

    In other countries, competition is fierce, prices are lowered, and the consumers get to choose the best possible plan.

    • Bamm says:

      It’s actually a monopoly because Globe pays PLDT for the use of its network to the Internet.

  11. anonymouse says:

    Ganito lang yan, yes totoong mabagal ang internet speed natin. Given na yun, pero sana merong disiplina ang mga tao din. Wag sanang sobra mag to**ent/download. Kasi kahit anong sabihin eh factor din yun kung bakit bumabagal net speed ng ibang tao.

    Improve infra+disiplina=ginhawa

    • jrmagtago says:

      well ano naman ang kinalaman ng pag download ng torrent sa speed ng internet connection? at saka kahit di tayo magdownload ng torrent eh still mabagal pa rin ang internet connection kung mabagal din ang speed ng internet connection ng bansa.

    • eric jay says:

      pag torrent negative agad.

    • ace says:

      @eric jay

      Mga sirs sa pagkakaalam ko po kasi ang torrent ang pinakamalakas humigop ng bandwidth.

      thru experience ko lang po ito ha. pag nasa isang network kayo tapos meron po isa sa mga users ang gumagamit ng torrent almost 80% – 90% ng bandwidth na aallocate po sa kanya. kaya nasabi po sa taas na dahil sa torrent. pero gaya po ng sinabi ko thru experience ko lang po ito di ko po alam kung ganun din sa iba ^_^

    • Sisihin ba naman torrent???talaga lang ahhh…kaya nga may internet connection para makapagdownload or upload..walang kinalaman ang torrent sa slow connection sa internet dito sa lang talaga ang connection na binibigay sa atin tapos overpricing for their business wealth. NTC / PLDT / GLOBE / PH Governemnt / PNoy / YOUALLSUCKS!!!!!

    • anonymous says:

      hindi nmn sa torrent yan eh…kasi khit mag download ka ng isang tambak n torrent files ang i-download mo kung reliable ang internet service mo hndi babagal yan..kaya nga may internet eh para sa uploading and downloading through WEB…kaya wag sisihin si torrent dahil inosente sya…sisihin nyo yung ISP nyo, negosyo na ni-negosyo pa…

      ISP here in the Philippines? its more Fun!..

    • Krypton says:

      Torrent = Nagpapabagal ng Internet
      @anonymouse = tanga lang teh?

    • Anon says:

      Hindi naman talaga dapat sisihin sa Torrent downloads yan eh… kaya lang nakakabagal ang torrents kasi shared bandwidth connections natin… kasi yung bandwidth na para sa 10 customers lang dapat ginagawa nilang pang 20! Kasi nga daw mahal bandwidth, ayaw din nila iupgrade network infrastructure.

  12. Kul says:

    Ano ba ang pinakamagandang bagay na nagawa na ng NTC?

  13. draudE says:

    Magkano daw bam para hindi ka na mag ingay….

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sana mapabilis ang pag solusyon dito. Kase kahit sino ang ISP dito talagang mabagal. T-T Kahit naka capped sa 1Mbps nagiging 0.10 nalang. :( Tas ang explanation nila pag nagrereklamo kame inaayos nila yung connection (E matagal na nilang excuse to). Looking forward na bibilis ang connection dito kasi hindi reasonable yung price para sa internet speed.

  15. Jorenz says:

    Sana matuloy ang San Miguel Corporation (SMC) to bid for the 10MHz 3G mobile licence that the government intends to sell (CURE, trading as Red Mobile)Para matapos na ang Duopoly ng dalawang dambuhalang telco. ng pinas at ng magkaroon naman ng talagang compitensya sa mga ISP ng pinas.

    • Mon says:

      I wouldn’t trust san miguel corporation to improve competition when it comes to internet service, as far as I know, san miguel’s wi-tribe was the first to implement the much hated data cap here in the Philippines :/

  16. roboto says:

    nais one! pogi points ito, sana may positive resultS ito.

  17. trashFUP says:

    The Fair Use Policy (FUP) is the “Solution” as mention by PLDT and Globe Telecom but it clearly proves that not only it never served its purpose but also it worsens the internet connection. Globe and PLDT, wake up! Don’t blame the internet connection. Blame yourself. If you got time to implemented the Fair Use Policy because you can’t handle too many users then use it to try to improve the internet connection, not the easy way that limits the connection that are paid by your users.

  18. hazel says:

    Matagal na tayong nagrereklamo tungkol dito pero binabalewala lang nila tayo, pero pag sila mismo yung nakakaexperience saka palang sila gagawa ng action…Ganyan dito sa Pinas…

  19. Kanin says:

    Eto din yung isang video sa Facebook na pinaliwanag ng maayos ang isyung ito. Hindi naman tama na ganitong kabagal ang internet ng Pilipinas. Narealize ng mga pinsan ko na luge tayo sa binabayad dahil sa video na ito. Hay nako, Pilipinas. It lacks competency talaga kaya dinidictate ang price. Ang mga tao, no choice kung hindi magbayad at sunod na lang sa pricing.

    Panoorin nyo itong video sa FB. Kahit nag message yata tong gumawa wala din ginawang action eh.

  20. Freeje says:

    One answer: corporate greed.

  21. none says:

    The infrastructure cost barely maters IMHO, its the lack of competition thats driving these prices and really low reliability of the service.

  22. kevin says:

    sana magbigay ang mga ISPs na hindi based sa Pinas, tulad ng comcast at magbigay ng affordable rent ng internet service(YOU REALLY GET WHAT YOU HAVE PAID FOR). PLDT Fibr 3,500php/month tapos 8 MBPS LANG? Wow. Putangina, walang rason ang Laos at Myanmar na malamangan tayo sa average speed ng kanilang internet doon, napakahirap ng mga bansang iyon kumpara sa Pilipinas.

  23. jimboy says:

    Idagdag mo pa ang Cambodia na hindi pa masyadong stable ang economy.

    Ayan, pwede every week may ganito tayo article para hindi mawala sa kamalayan natin ang pagiging gahaman ng mga negosyante dito sa Pinas lol

  24. moi says:

    masasabi ko,. palitan ang mga tao sa NTC, ipalit ung may sariling isip, tapos ikansela ang mga lisensya ng mga TELCOs na yan at magimbita ng mga dayuhang provider.. Sir Bam sana patunayan mo sa mga taong bomoto sa iyo na iba ka sa TRAPO’s na nandyan para pahirapan ang taong bayan.. Good luck and God bless u.

  25. Philippines, worst airport na, worst internet speed in SEA pa!

  26. James says:

    Ang mahirap kasi dito the telcos are not that transparent for their services. They will advertise “unlimited” then walang nakalagay na data capping. Malalaman mo na lang pag-bumagal na.

    Then when it comes to speed they are saying up to 3mbps but in my 7 years experience I never passed the 2mbps. 1mbps pahirapan pa.

    Dapat din tanggalin na yung lock-in period kasi minsan kahit de maganda yung service nila de mo pa mapa-disconnect kasi may pre-termination fee pa.

    Lastly, government should invest in Internet infrastructure para we will not be in the mercy of the telcos and at the same time ma-encourage yung mga ibang investors.

  27. Sekreto says:


  28. keteren says:

    Hindi bababa sa 3 mbps ang connection namin (tested with sa PLDT pero halos 2,500 pesos naman binabayaran namin buwan-buwan.

    Tignan mo nga naman, dapat mahal para bumilis ang internet? Sobrang kurakot na po.

  29. Triskelion says:

    Hmnn.. Isa lang ang solution diyan BUWAGIN ANG NTC.. wala kasing silbi! Gumawa ng bagong regulation at commission para talagang sapat na serbiyo ang makarating sa tao.

  30. Mackster says:

    aba active pa pala si BAM AQUINO, ika nga sa ONLINE world kala ko forever AFK na sya

  31. abner says:

    boycott the fuckers until they improve the infrastructure

  32. MariaMakiling says:

    Monopoly at its best

  33. xdarkx says:

    If he still didn’t get it that it’s all because of his Tita Cory’s “blessing” of enhanced protectionism, I’m gonna Rider Kick this idiot’s head along with his dumbass cousins… >.<

  34. Leikem says:

    Then please ensure that more players get to enter the industry; mandate shorter contract terms; impose sanctions where incidences of lags occur or where maintenance and upgrades were not undertaken by the company.

  35. Tristan says:

    Yaan nyo isa naman sila sa mga pinakamayaman sa Asya. Kung gaano ka bagal ng Internet ganun din kabagal ng service nila.

  36. joebulaw says:

    hindi lang mbagal ung internet pa wala wala pa. parang may rotational black out din… khit mbagal ang internet natin patuloy pa rin ang lalong pagyaman ng mga telcos. inutil kc ang ntc

  37. taylor says:

    kurakot tlga sa pilipinas. ang mahirap lalo nag hhirap , at ang mayaman lalung yumayaman.

  38. Reisha says:

    Ano na ang nangyari dito sa supposed investigation na to? Any updates? Ningas-kugon lang ata ito e.

  39. jerjer says:

    It’s already 2016 and where is the RESULT of this investigation lead by so called Senator Bam Aquino???

    Is this call for investigation simply done to attract PUBLICITY on the part of this senator or this investigation already started but never finished ( HERE IN PHILIPPINES, there is no such thing as ‘CONCLUDED’ investigation, investigations here meant to be only STARTED not FINISHED.

    Such a lousy move by this senator.

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