Playground Smart Watch Quick Review

Every now and then we get interesting gadgets to review like the Playground BS-200 Bluetooth Speaker and Playground PF100 which we reviewed recently. As a follow up, we received a new toy from the same brand and this time it’s a smart watch. Check out our quick review of the Playground Smart Watch below.

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Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Design and Build

At first glance, the Playground Smart Watch looks like an ordinary, inexpensive, digital watch. It’s got a reflective glass cover which mounts the small rectangular display and the small slot for the speaker. At its left are the volume / up-down buttons and the microUSB port. While on the right are a couple of buttons for Enter and Back, and a pinhole for the microphone. All of that are housed in a plastic body with a gunmetal finish.

playground smartwatch_3

Although it screams generic and inexpensive, the Playground Smart Watch is comfortable to wear thanks to its smooth rubber straps. It’s also light on the wrist which makes up for its chunky build.


As mentioned earlier, the Playground Smart Watch is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so it can wirelessly communicate with your Android smartphone. But before it can do that the Playground Smart Watch will require you to download a third-party application from the Play Store, in this case it’s the RWATCH.

playground smartwatch_4

Once that is installed, you can now pair your smartphone to the Smart Watch and customize settings according to your preference.


Like most smart watches, the Playground Smart Watch can receive and display notifications like SMS, call alerts, and app notifications from your smartphone. It has access to your inbox and call registry so it can display your messages and call history.

playground smartwatch_5

What sets this apart though, is that the Playground also functions as a dialer. Meaning you can access your phone book to make and answer hands-free phone calls which is the reason why this smart watch has a speaker and a microphone. In addition, you can also play your music files from your smartphone on the Playground Smart Watch but don’t expect great sound from a speaker this small.

List of features:
* Dialer (make / answer hands-free phone calls)
* Music player
* Read SMS messages
* Display notifications
* Clock
* Alarm
* Stopwatch


Overall, the Playground Smart Watch is an interesting piece of gadget as it not only functions as a regular smart watch that can display time and notifications but also works as a dialer. It’s a bit awkward to use in public though but if you dig this fancy feature, this smart watch’s got you covered.

playground smartwatch_1

Playground Smart Watch key specs:
Bluetooth 3.0
230mAh battery
50.2 x 48.2 x 10mm

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar for Sionnie Sionnie says:

    Can I use this smartwatch for iphone 5s?

  2. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    Are you seriously calling this a “Smart Watch”? It looks a child’s toy!

  3. Avatar for bulalourd bulalourd says:

    Oops.. the reply was supposed to be under Carl’s message.. hehe

  4. Avatar for Carl Carl says:

    Bad design! Look at that screen, what a waste of space!

  5. Avatar for Rainbow Rat Rainbow Rat says:

    I just wanted to ask if you were able to test the battery life of this smartwatch? How about water resistance?

    • Avatar for bulalourd bulalourd says:

      Comment above made me laugh. Was exactly thinking of exactly the same sentence on first glance of the picture.. until I saw his reply

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