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Featured Product: Playground PF100

Along with the BS-200 Bluetooth Speaker, Playground also sent us an iron-clad device called the Playground PF100, a 2600mAh powerbank that doubles as a flashlight and can also emit SOS signal that may come in handy in dire times.

Design and Construction

Unlike most powerbanks out there, the stainless steel make of the PF100’s cylindrical body gave us a sense assurance that it can withstand a fair amount of beating if and when the situation calls for it.

Playground PF100

A quick inspection of the PF100 reveals that it’s actually divided in three segments. The top part houses the PF100’s LED light and the On/Off switch which can be detached from the base if not needed to minimize the weight of the device.

The mid-section houses the PF100’s 2600mAh battery that looks very similar to the rechargeable batteries typically being used on vapes, albeit slightly taller. Meanwhile, the bottom portion holds the battery compartment in place, as well as the two USB ports (1x full-size and 1x Micro-USB) for charging the device and for charging other devices.

Flashlight and SOS functions

As mentioned earlier, the Playground PF100 also doubles as a flashlight and can flash red SOS signal thanks to its removable LED head.

PF100 philippines

The Flashlight is activated by pressing the On/Off button all the way down. Once it’s lit, users can half-press on the same button to switch from three different modes; Bright or Low flashlight and SOS. The Bright mode allows the PF100 to emit wider and more powerful beam of light, while the Low mode is meant for longer use as it consumes less power.

When on SOS mode, the PF100 flashes six (6) red LED lights that are rather faint but can still travel a fair amount of distance.


In times of calamities and/or power outages, having a device such as the Playground PF100 handy is definitely a life-saver. Not only can it charge your device, but it can also help you work your way out of dark places thanks to its flashlight feature.

Playground PF-100 philippines

Another thing we like about it is the fact that its 2600mAh battery is replaceable and you can swap a fresh one if and when the first one runs out of juice. Users can easily buy a spare battery on vape stores that are scattered all around the metro.

The Playground PF100 is available locally and can be purchased for Php1,990.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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