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This technology allows you to have sex with a robot

A Japanese company that makes sex-related products has created a technology called VR Tenga, that allows a user to have virtual sex with a robot. Yes, VIRTUAL SEX. So I’m going to put NSFW here to warn those who are tempted to read this in their office.

vr tenga

I’ll cut straight to the chase. Tenga, the Japanese company I was talking about earlier, connected their masturbator to a Novint Falcon, which is a grip-based, 3D haptic controller. What the user needs to do is put his manhood inside the masturbator, and the Novint, while guided by a special software, will do the hard work.

It’s not actually an attractive sight by itself, so the user will have to wear an Oculus Rift to see a visual simulation that is synced to the movements of the Falcon + Tenga. I think it’s better to watch the demo video below for a better understanding.

Currently it’s just a demo of what you can do with the Oculus Rift so it’s not ready yet for prime time.

Anyway, cheers to this one small step towards mankind’s obliteration. That is until the Terminatrix comes along and kills us all.


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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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29 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    When evil invades technology…

  2. countrymouse says:

    wow what a great leap for the mankind!!! lol

  3. Abdul Paja Cool says:

    This is why aliens won’t talk to us.

  4. Jango says:

    How much, where to order, and when can this be available? I want to order two of that.

  5. alazubaz says:

    tapang nung sumubok ng demo ah. parang live show lang hehe

  6. Obed says:

    I think it is better to put NSFW: or [NSFW] sa title mismo instead of putting the NSFW at the last sentence of the first paragraph.

    This would immediately warn the reader before opening the blog post.

  7. Ger says:

    Ayos pwede ka na makipag-sex kahit kanino na mga artista(virtual).

  8. fsdf says:

    STFU and take my money!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Volfield says:

    Now that I saw this materialized….

    I can’t wait for the NERVE GEAR featured in
    Sword Art Online!!!


    In 5 years time!

  10. roiji says:

    more like sex with an anime character hahahah

  11. daniel says:

    More articles like this please! hahaha

  12. mayhem says:

    I won’t get a boner with just this.:-( baka otaku nakaisip nito dahil nakalimutan yung physical aspect ng sex.

  13. mang kan0r says:

    buti na lang may jill rose ako

  14. Bartolo Colon says:

    mas gusto ko pa din yung love/sex doll kesa dito.

  15. Genocide says:

    Grabe!! Wala talagang tatalo sa mga hapon.

    Ung mga taong “FOREVER ALONE” lng ang bibili nito, tsaka bakit pa bibili e meron namang kamay at imahenasyon.. wahahahaha!!

    Peace.. :D

  16. lina gosbi says:

    wow, bakit always pang lalaki walang pang babae???

  17. snowden says:

    and when i hack it’s system and speed it up 1000 times it’s maximum speed, it’s going to really shrrrreeeeed some hard tissues to mush.

  18. Dolljunction says:

    Do I see the possibility of VR video chat?

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