Veho Muvi K2 Review

Here we are again with another action camera on our hands. After comparing the GoPro Hero 3+ and its look-alike the Php5K Playground Cam100, let’s take a look at what the Veho Muvi K2 has to offer.

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Build and Design

From the get-go you’ll notice that it doesn’t look exactly like a GoPro, unlike the Cam100. One major difference is the K2’s extra buttons and switches that are pretty confusing to users who are already well-accustomed to operating GoPros and other similar action cams. Let’s get into it.


Okay, so up top there are two buttons– one for photo mode while the other is a stop button for when you’re recording videos. There’s a power sign that points to both buttons and we have no idea what it means since the power switch is up front along with the Wi-Fi toggle. Moving on, there’s no universal capture button for the K2. Instead, if you want to take photos you have to press the camera button to go into photo mode. You’ll then need to press the same button again to finally capture.


For videos, on the other hand, you need to press the big red button on its face to go into video mode. Pressing it again will start recording. Again, if you want to stop recording, you’d have to go back to the button up top. How’s that for confusing? Not to worry though as it just takes some getting used to.


One more thing to add is that both the physical power and Wi-Fi toggles located up front are unreachable once you place the camera inside its shell – kind of a bummer for us. Before or after recording you’d have to remove the camera from its case, turn the switch for power and Wi-Fi, and place it inside again.


Thankfully there’s an included mount that lets you use the K2 without its case. Of course you wouldn’t have waterproof/shockproof protection by then, but turning the Wi-Fi on and off will be much easier and faster than when you do it in a GoPro – thank you, toggle switch!

Mounting System


If GoPro is all about slim profile, the MUVI K2 is in the opposite side of the spectrum. The camera comes with a rather bulky but tough housing that isn’t afraid to be noticed when in use. It’s bulkiness isn’t at all for show since it can withstand water pressure until up to 100m underwater. For comparison, GoPro’s case will only get you 30-40m down.


Its package only includes a handful of accessories unlike the Cam100 that is more generous with the bundled extras. The K2, out of the box, only offers an arm, a locking mount, two thumb screws, two adhesive mounts, and separate mounting attachments for both the camera and its housing.


One experience we had with its mounting system was that it tends to loosen up when attached to something that vibrates rapidly. In our case, it was set up on the tip of a longboard while running on cement. Even after tightening the screws, it still resulted to loosening up and slowly pointed up as seen on the sample video over at our Video Quality section at 01:08.

Muvi K-Series App

For MUVI action cameras, the company has a complimentary app similar to GoPro’s that lets users check the camera’s angles before shooting and play it back afterwards. The app pairs to smartphones and tablets through Wi-Fi. It comes free for both Android and iOS on their respective app stores.


Pairing them together was easy although you’d have to read the manual for the Wi-Fi password (which is 00000000). After the cam is in sync with the app you can now adjust the settings of the camera. Do take note that this is the only way to tweak its settings as there are no navigation buttons on the camera itself.


One feature we liked with the K2 is its ability to zoom in and out through the app. Although we doubt that we’ll be using it constantly, it’s nice to know that there’s that option if the need for it arises. Another thing that got our nod of approval was that it could send audio from the mic of the K2 to your smartphone. This allows you to listen to the sounds that the K2 picks up from a distance.

The box also suggests that the K2 has a timelapse function as well as a G-sensor camera movement activation function but we just couldn’t find it on the app. There’s only the burst shot that could take up to 8 continuous photos. We’re thinking a needed software update might help but just to be sure, we’ll update this review after we get information from the company.

Video Quality

Video quality is generally good, but there were times that the colors of the video changed. We’re betting it’s the auto white balance that’s getting confused as to what mode it should set the video in. You can see what we’re talking about on the sample video at 01:25 when the screws loosen and faces the sky.


Image stabilization is something that the K2 could use as mounting the camera on the board results to small vibrations seen on the output video. Colors from the raw footage are also a bit washed out but could easily be tweaked during editing. See it for yourself with the short video sample we’ve prepared just for you.



Its oddly-shaped battery that attaches to the camera like a jigsaw puzzle carries 1500mAh of power that lasted us almost 2 hours of continuous usage only. It’s quite understandable though as Wi-Fi was on for the entire duration with us checking our shots through media playback.



At Php13,995, we still consider this a bit pricey compared to the Php5K Playground Cam100. Video quality for both isn’t that far off, and you get more accessories for the Cam100. The advantage with the K2, though, is that it has Wi-Fi and a housing that can go more than three times as deep as the GoPro’s. As those are its strengths, it also has some shortcomings in terms of its mounting system and auto white balance. Plus, with GoPro set to announce a cheaper HERO along the HERO4, the Muvi K2 will surely have a new competition in the mid-range category for its Php14K price tag.

Veho Muvi K2 specs:
16MP camera with 140-degree wide-angle lens
Full HD video recording
MicroHDMI port
MiniUSB port
MicroSD slot (up to 64GB)
1500mAh battery
Price: Php 13,995

Shooting modes:
1080p video capture at 60fps
1080p at 50fps
1080p at 48fps
1080p at 30fps
1080p at 24fps
960p at 60fps
960p at 48fps
720p at 120fps
720p at 60fps
8MP photo capture at 3200 x 2400 resolution
12MP at 4000 x 3000 resolution
16MP at 4608 x 3456 resolution

What we liked about it:
*Tough, solid housing that can go up to 100m underwater
*Rugged design
*Wi-Fi connection
*Ability to zoom in
*Free app for Android and iOS
*Streams even audio through app

What we didn’t like:
*Confusing button layout
*Power and Wi-Fi are inaccessible inside the case
*Screws loosen up when subjected to rapid vibration
*Auto white balance produces wrong colors
*Camera settings only accessible through app
*Lacks image stabilization

The Veho Muvi K2 is available at the following retail stores at Php13,995 for 12months at 0% interest.

Switch Apple Premium reseller, Mega Exchange,ABC Store,Widget city,

PRG Photo shop ,Macy’s Camera Shop:

iStore Apple Premium reseller

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